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When it comes to wishing birthday to two people at the same time, it does require some skill to pitch the right words. And this is the reason for writing this post. here you will find tons of Happy birthday both of you wishes along with the images. Feel complimentary to parcel them and the images besides .

While you two have the birthday on the same day, but I am going to demand two separate birthday bashes, separate parties and outings from both of you. now make design accordingly because I have let you know my desire. Well, glad birthday to both of you !
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going ; but not you two ! Lol ! You guys are glad to have me as your friend ! Kidding ! I am beaming excessively have you in my life besides ! happy Birthday Guyz ( or Girls ). Let the party begins tonight !
A very happy birthday to both of you ! Its a dreamlike that you both share the birthday on the lapp sidereal day. I am glad to have both of you as my friends. Lots of love to both of you !

God surely made you guys unique ! While you two look lapp, your personalities are far extreme. But I guess you two enjoy some amaze dynamics. Hehe ! happy birthday to both of you .
Seeing your thoughts and perceptions towards many things, its difficult to imagine that you guys are born on the lapp day. God surely works in unique ways. But glad to have you both as my friends. felicitous birthday to both you people .

To twins — Happy Birthday to both of you

I don ’ triiodothyronine know whether to be glad for you two today or be covetous because I don ’ t have a gemini ! Its amazing to have person who is wholly similar to you. besides it allows you to blame it on early when both get caught. Hehe ! many many returns of the day to both of you !
Its a cosmic experience to have a buddy ( or sister ) yield with you at the lapp meter. You guys not only have a brother ( or baby ) but a supporter for the life justly from the here and now of creation. I don ’ t know what it is other than the bless of the godhead ? A very felicitous birthday to both of you .
Lucky are the parents on whom the divine bless the twins. You both are the apple of my eye and I hope I will have you both for the eternity in all my lifetimes excessively. glad birthday to the cut, smartest twins. May you always be felicitous and goodly !
To my dearest counterpart Boy and Girl. It is so perplex that the Almighty give me the best gladden in life in individual pregnancy only. I know that you two will fulfill our wishes, which is to be always glad, healthy and affluent. A very felicitous birthday to both of you. Lots of love from your Mommy and Daddy

For Wife and Son

Isn ’ t it amazing that the apple of my eye shares the lapp date of give birth as that of the love of my life ! You both have given me ample of reasons to stay vigor, joyous and calm. May our family constantly remain knit for eternity. A very happy birthday to both of you .
Dear Son ! There is nothing in this world that makes my center more alive for in this earth other than you and your mother. I must surely have done some great deeds in my past life to have got both of you. Stay blessed and a identical felicitous birthday to both of you !

For Wife and Daughter

I do not know much about my Wife ’ s childhood but I do got a glimpse of it from that our daughter ’ sulfur ! Its a lucky charm that both the pretty woman of my biography share the same birthday. Tons of happy Birthday to both of you wishes. You two are my life !
There are less than 5 % girls who share the lapp birthday as of their mother. Its a double joy to have on a individual sidereal day. And I am credibly one lucky man to witness this. God bless both of you and a very glad birthday !

For Husband and Son

today is one of the limited days of my life. It is besides thus easy to remember it since the birthdays of both of you fall on the lapp day. A very felicitous birthday to both my conserve and Son. Super excited for nowadays !

dearly husband ! The merely thing you did amazing in all these years was to make me think our Son sol that he shares the lapp birthday with you ! And Son, don ’ t exuberate the banter for your don ! You partake his birthday and you surely contribution his habit excessively ! Lol ! happy birthday to both of my cute boys !

For Husband and Daughter

They say that a beget and daughter always plowshare a limited bond. well, this attachment is more than special. glad birthday to both my conserve and daughter. Life is a paradise because of you two !
This day makes it therefore comfortable for me to prepare a single especial meal for two birthdays ! What else a wife wants more ! Lol ! Many many happy returns of the day to my fine-looking husband and gorgeous daughter !