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On your birthday I pray to God that may our friendship continue to grow with each passing class. Wishing you a very felicitous birthday. Dear friend, wishing you fantastic day. May God shower his stallion bless upon you. happy birthday ! today one more candle is added to your cake. May the years ahead be filled with lots of happiness and may you get all that you have ever wanted. Wishing you a very happy birthday. You have been a fantastic person. today, I wish you improve and shine like a leading in issue forth years. happy birthday !

May the year bring you peace, hope, gladden, and good health. many many glad returns of the day. glad birthday ! A especial message from a special supporter. May your day be filled with happiness and rejoice and may the years ahead bring you lots of success and prosperity. felicitous birthday ! No count how low I feel, it is your beautiful smile that brings a spark in my life. happy Birthday, Dear ! You have grown a year old today, but do not count the years. Just look back at the years you have lived so far ; they are filled with lots of love and rejoice. happy birthday ! I can not wait for your birthday party to get over, for then I would get a find to unpack your birthday gifts. happy Birthday, Brother ! Another year of opportunities and venture has begun. It is fourth dimension to celebrate your turning a class aged and wise. Wishing you a very happy birthday. You are one of the best person that I have met sol far. May God ’ s blessings be always upon you. Wishing you a very glad birthday. Birthdays come equitable once a year, so care for each and every here and now of this fantastic day. Wishing you a identical happy birthday. nowadays my little son has become an adult. sol glad to see you turn 21 today. glad Birthday, Dear ! Don ’ metric ton find sad that your adolescent years have passed. The exciting times have just begun. A very happy twentieth birthday. Look towards the future with hope and positivity but besides hold onto the pleasant memories of the beautiful times that have passed. felicitous birthday ! With you about, there is so much positivity and happiness in the air out. Wishing a very happy birthday to the loveliest person in the worldly concern. May your birthday be a bright as the stars in the flip. Wishing you a identical happy birthday. Have lots of fun. Do not feel deplorable that I am not physically around on your birthday ; good look deep within your heart and you would find me there. glad birthday ! One day in a year, you become a star and that day is today. felicitous birthday ! You are rightfully a giving ; you constantly bring joy and happiness to the people around you. felicitous birthday ! Your life has just begun, the future is bright and will bring many good things. happy birthday ! May good fortune be always on you side. Wishing you lots of happiness and achiever. happy birthday ! You are the most amazing person I have met in my entire liveliness. I hope that you constantly stay as the lapp fantastic human being. Wishing you a very felicitous birthday. Wishing a very felicitous birthday to a witty, felicitous go golden and sensitive person. Enjoy the day ! Blessed was the day when God sent you in this populace. You have spread happiness and positivity all around you. Wishing a very happy birthday to the most amazing person. nowadays is a very special day because it is the birthday of the most amaze person in the populace. Wishing you tons of happiness. Enjoy the day ! Thanks for helping out in times of trouble. You are truly my best acquaintance. Wishing you a identical happy birthday. indeed, you have grown a year old today. Have fun and thank God for the endowment of life. felicitous birthday ! Birthdays are occasions of rejoice and fun, but they are besides a reminder of the fantastic life we have led so far. happy birthday ! Another candle gets added to your birthday every yer, but the lighter emitting from those candles besides increases. so, keep on spreading happiness and rejoice in the lives of others. glad birthday ! God sent you in this world to spread happiness and cheer all around. Wishing a very happy birthday to the most amazing person on earth. Thank God for sending you in my life. You ahem truly changed my populace for the better. happy birthday ! A very glad birthday to an amazing person who keeps on spreading cheerfulness all around. Wishing you a birthday filled with lots of happiness, rejoice and of course delightful sweets and cakes. happy birthday ! God sent you in this world with a purpose and that was to spread joy and happiness all around you. Keep up the good work and happy birthday ! Wishing my dearly friend a very happy birthday. May you get lots of friends who would always stand by you in times of want. It is time to set newfangled goals and achieve them. Wishing you a very happy birthday. May you get all that you have ever desired for in your life. Wishing you a very happy birthday. May your birthday bring you everlasting peace and happiness. happy birthday ! Thank God for sending you in my animation. You ahem very changed my populace for the better. glad birthday ! A very glad birthday to an amazing person who keeps on spreading cheer all around. On this fantastic day, I wish you good health, happiness and prosperity. happy birthday ! Have lots of joy and playfulness for the best day of the class has come. felicitous birthday ! Wishing you tons of happiness and adept health on this extra day of yours. happy birthday ! Your birthday is a very special sidereal day for it reminds us that you came in this world on this day to bring gladden in our lives. happy birthday ! Look up to the future and try to achieve all that you have ever dreamed of. happy birthday ! May your every wish come dependable nowadays. felicitous birthday ! Sending you a lot of smiles, loving hugs and good wishes on this special day of yours. glad birthday ! May every here and now of the day be filled with lots of joy, happiness and laughter. Wishing you a very glad birthday. I barely want God to make my wish come truthful today. May you have a long and healthy liveliness. happy birthday ! On this especial day, may you be overwhelmed with presents and lovely wishes. felicitous birthday ! true friends like you are invaluable. May our friendship continue to grow stronger with each passing year. felicitous birthday ! good friends make life meaningful. May you have batch of fantastic friends in your life. felicitous birthday ! May you always remain unseasoned and chirpy. Wishing you a very happy birthday. I have a little wish for you and that is may all your dreams and desires come true. happy birthday ! May you never feel lonely. May fantastic people and loved ones always be there in your biography to support you and make you happy. Wishing you a very glad birthday ! today you have turned 21. It is fourth dimension you become responsible. felicitous birthday ! Hey boy, you are 13 nowadays. Welcome to the adolescent years. happy birthday ! Keep on smiling and spreading rejoice among the people you love. glad Birthday, Dear ! today you have moved one step closer to adulthood. May God consecrate you and wishing you a very happy birthday. May every wish that you make arrive true and every desire be fulfilled. happy birthday ! today is a special day. It was on this day that you were brought into the populace to spread happiness among your love ones. glad birthday ! I have a simple wish for you. May all the wishes you have made come on-key on this day. felicitous birthday ! You have filled my life with so much happiness and rejoice. May you get much more in reelect. felicitous birthday ! I was eagerly waiting for this day. Let us celebrate and enjoy the day. felicitous birthday ! May you continue to spread happiness among your love ones. happy birthday ! May your day be full of smiles, hugs and fantastic gifts. felicitous birthday ! today is a extra day. so forget all your worries and just have playfulness. Wishing you a very happy birthday. It is your birthday, so have fun all day long. felicitous birthday ! Life has equitable begin. There is a distribute to do and achieve. happy birthday ! May each and every moment of the year bring you extreme happiness. Wishing you a very happy birthday. You are the most precious person in my life sentence. May your day be filled with joy and happiness. glad birthday ! Wishing the sweetest mother in the worldly concern a very happy Birthday. May your day be blissful and filled with love. happy birthday ! May each and every consequence of the year institute you farthermost happiness. Wishing you a identical happy birthday. You are the most precious person in my life. May your sidereal day be filled with rejoice and happiness. glad birthday ! Wishing the sweetest mother in the universe a very glad birthday. May your day be blissful and filled with beloved. happy birthday ! Was in truth looking forward to this day. So let us all connect in the festivities and make this cover girl day truly memorable. felicitous birthday ! Sending you a bag full of hugs and dependable wishes on your birthday. glad birthday and enjoy the sidereal day. Dream big and with full moon vigour try to turn those dreams into reality. happy birthday ! The birthday male child has grown a year old. May the future bring you lots of happiness and lucrative opportunities. felicitous birthday ! May this adorable day bring happiness and new opportunities in your liveliness. happy birthday ! Wishing my lamb buddy who is besides my best acquaintance a identical felicitous Birthday. You are the most amazing person that I have met in my liveliness. May you alway remain as you are. felicitous birthday ! May this fantastic day bring lots of happiness in your life. glad birthday ! Let us cut the patty and celebrate this particularly of yours. Wishing you a identical happy Birthday. Having good friends is an ultimate consecrate of God as you have person to create and contribution moments with. thoroughly friends are extremely hard to find then if you have one then you are highly lucky. Best friends are the one who will be there in any situation for you, take a good care of them. Birthdays are the perfective days to express to them how much they mean to you. thus, on this birthday of your best friend make their day special by sending the best words. It is the birthday of your love sister and you are looking for ideas what to do ? Well, there is no motivation to panic as the most beautiful thing you can do for her is express your care for her. Send her the most singular and love words to express how amaze she is and how much she means to you. You can directly send from the messages given below- Choosing a perfect birthday give for your Mr. Perfect can be actually boring. You can make you better-half feel very special on his big day by sending him a amatory message. No matter he prefers bum or bare wishes you can find them all here. All you need to do is plowshare the best birthday wish with your conserve and make his birthday memorable. For a fantastic wife who has been with you as a partner in this travel of life no give would appear adequate. You can send her a fantastic birthday message ; your citation and care will be rightfully appreciate by her. then, show her your love and give her extra attention this birthday. Children are the most special people in life. They complete the travel of life. Looking spinal column at the day when your child was born makes one feel very particular as the rejoice felt at that time was unusual. If it is the birthday of your son and you are looking for some unique ways to adore him and cherish all moments of the past attempt to give him the right words. Send him the words which show that you care and you embrace the changes appearing in him. Make him feel truly limited by sending him an amazing birthday wish. Having a fantastic daughter is one of the finest blessings of God. It becomes actually difficult to find something a amaze as your daughter on her birthday. You can send beautiful words to your daughter which can make her feel highly adored on her birthday. so, choose the arrant birthday wish and send to your daughter to make the day memorable. Birthdays are the days on which you think of unique and special ways to express your love for your loved ones. And if it is the birthday of your girlfriend it becomes more difficult to express love and care for your sweetheart. Well, what can be more fantastic than sending the most unique and admiring words to your beloved on her birthday ? Send her the most amatory, bum and odoriferous messages which will surely make her day memorable. If it is the birthday of your boyfriend the best birthday endowment for him would be spending clock time with him and making him feel adored. well, to adore him the best manner could be sending him a perfective birthday wish. We have enough of well-written wishes which you can send to your boyfriend and make him feel extremely extra on his birthday. Send him an perplex quote today. Having a fantastic guidebook or mentor can be actually amuse as he is the one who helps you in work through his wisdom and experience. In order to appreciate the contribution of boss one should thank him/her frequently. The most perfect occasion to do therefore is to send the most actual and dear wishes on his/her birthday. indeed, send the best one to him/her nowadays and contribute in making his/her sidereal day extremely special. Expressing best wishes on person particular ‘s birthday have never been easier. To make it a little less unmanageable for you we have tried to compile a solicitation of messages which you can send to your loved ones on their birthday. so, do n’t get tensed over what to write or what to send ; just look for a singular wish and hit the air clitoris to make the birthday of your love one in truth limited by quoting them unforgettable words which will surely make their day .

  • On your birthday, I pray for your long animation and good health.
    felicitous birthday !
  • Your birthday is the best day of the class because you are the concentrate of attraction.
    felicitous birthday !
  • With each birthday you tend to become a fiddling more mature and perfective. May you continue to grow more knowledgeable my supporter.
    happy birthday !
  • You are the best person that I have ever met in my liveliness and I am golden to have you as a ally. glad birthday !
  • so, you have turned 13 and entered the much cherished adolescent years. Let the party begin. glad birthday and enjoy the day.
  • A childlike wish from a beneficial ally. May you achieve all that you have always desired for and may your life be filled with lots of gladden and happiness. happy birthday !
  • Birthday is one of the most particular day in a person ’ s animation. then, it should celebrate in a special way .
  • birthday can be celebrated best with acquaintance ’ second caller, therefore, we are here to wish you a capital birthday dear .
  • You are my blue crayon which I use enough to color my flip …. Love you, my love … happy birthday ! !
  • May you continue celebrating your birthday for a thousand years.. glad Birthday my dearly supporter ! !
  • Wishing a identical happy birthday to our little cutie munchkin … Stay blessed my dearly ! !
  • It ‘s God grace that you are turning 40 this time and you hush look like you are 25. Stay blessed by costly. Wish you a very glad birthday ! !
  • Life is an venture with you darling. Praying to God for giving us many more years in concert. felicitous birthday !
  • My center and soul belongs to you wifey. so glad to have you in my life.
    happy birthday ! !
  • You give me MUCH gladden ! … The kind of joy that comes from besotted squeezes, and kisses and smooches and cuddles … What a pleasure … happy Birthday my beloved son
  • Couldn ’ thyroxine have survived in this crazy universe without you … sending best birthday wishes to my best buddy
  • This year I promise you more fun, freedom, and happiness … Happiest birthday to you, my darling daughter ! ! ..
    Keep glitter bright ! !
  • Your birthday gives me the honor of posting your atrocious pictures and chilling smiles wholly ! ! ….
    felicitous Birthday, bestie ! !
  • felicitous Birthday Mom ! Wishing you many years of happiness, love and joy.
    Have a fantastic day .
  • dance with fairies, swim with mermaids, chase the unicorn cause ‘ it ‘s your day darling ! ! ….
    felicitous birthday ! !
  • Birthdays are not a reminder that we are getting a year elder. Rather, they make us remember all our success, achievements, and joy that we had in the past year. Wishing you a identical happy birthday !
  • May you get many more starry nights, lots of friends, prosperity, gladden, and peace of beware. Wishing you a identical felicitous birthday .
  • May God fulfill all you dreams and hopes and may you continue to climb the ladder of success. A very happy birthday !
  • The best sidereal day of the year has arrived. It is time to celebrate the day with lots of joy and happiness. happy birthday my dear supporter !
  • happy Birthday to the most adorable and noteworthy homo being on this Earth.
    Love you the most ! !
  • The older, the better you are ! ..
    Happy Birthday my loveliest wifey ! !
  • Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or orange … You are going to like it ! … because it ‘s your birthday cake honey ! ! ! ! ….
    glad birthday ! !
  • Wishing you a year wide of achievements and no regrets.
    felicitous Birthday my beloved ! !
  • never get tire, always bunco hard to achieve your dreams. Love you, my baby.
    glad birthday !
  • Your birthday constantly reminds us how much you loved celebrating your birthday. We all miss you a fortune .
  • felicitous Birthday to my bestie, Ilu a draw and can never miss your birthday. therefore, here I ’ m to celebrate it. Let ‘s rock
  • happy birthday, I wish you spend a spectacular and sunning year ahead. Live the life to the fullest and enjoy it completely .
  • A very glad birthday to the one who always stay charming and then much talented and constantly remind me about myself .
  • Some friends are so special in your animation that once they enter can not be erased easily. you ‘re that acquaintance, H, Bday .
  • once in a year a special day come where you can ask anything from me. nowadays is that day, how can I miss
  • Every day is a grace that we receive then I am here to wish the like for you for the rest of your life .
  • I wish you on your big day that you constantly smile, remain cute and kind and so many early things .
  • Birthday comes and to tell forget diet, and to eat more and more coat, sexy ! !
  • Forget the past, enjoy you confront day and year and wait for the future what better is to come. glad birthday ! !
  • Love and happiness is doubt but when I look around myself and around you the life becomes more beautiful and day becomes more limited .
  • May this fresh year brings everything you dream of and want in your life and much more ! glad Birthday
  • Your no birthday is complete without my wish, so here is my wish for you. glad Birthday my sweety .
  • When we were near, I used to wish you with a coat, now we are far, so, I wish you with this message ‘ happy Birthday ’
  • ‘ felicitous Birthday ’, this wish may seem little to you, but does not go on words, u know my find .
  • On this birthday, I fair wan na say, stay blessed and keep smile, happy Birthday my sweet beloved .
  • today is your birthday, and on this especial day I wish you a hanker life along with good health .
  • today you have not just turned a class erstwhile, but have besides become a bite more fresh. Wishing you a identical happy birthday. Have a bang-up day .
  • With every passing class of your liveliness, I wish you to grow as a person and spread your charisma. happy birthday
  • Your birthday is a reason of happiness for all of us. Thanks for becoming that reason ! happy Birthday beloved .
  • With lots of roses and gifts holding in my hand, I wish you the most special happy Birthday .
  • Roses are crimson and flip is blue, on this special day, I wish my friend glad birthday to you .
  • Your each birthday is a milestone and I want to celebrate it with all readiness, love you and happy Birthday .
  • No feel should hold the guts of hurting you. On your birthday, I wish God give you all military capability .
  • I never wanted to miss your birthday, but, it happened. Forwarding all my love to you on this special day .
  • I have never arranged a perfect birthday party for you, but your every birthday is a moment of celebration for me ! glad birthday
  • How can I forget your birthday ! It is not fair a date, but a day of celebration. HB ’ day
  • Pretty flowers, candle lights, aphrodisiac trim and chocolate patty, all from my side on your birthday .
  • To you, the biggest Birthday party makes no sense, when my wishes are not there. Sending you the same .
  • On this birthday, I wish long-long life to you and you remain my supporter all through your life. HB ’ Day
  • You have turned 25, this year I want to celebrate your Birthday as your 1 birthday one. Come home !
  • Hey buddy, you have turned a year erstwhile and it is time to celebrate. Let the party begin. Have a fantastic year ahead. glad birthday .
  • Every year on this day, I recall the memories of becoming mother of you, all again and you as my neonate .
  • age does make any difference in my sleep together for you. You are still my pamper ! Love you sweetheart
  • Every birthday, we used to fight to cut the bigger coat. On this birthday, I am sending the biggest one for you .
  • Your birthday was the celebration day for me, coz I am with you nowadays, sending you lots of wishes .
  • I love you my sweety, and wishing all the happiness for you on your this especial day ! H.B ’ Day
  • You are my life support ; I wish you the best travel and a very hanker life ahead ! glad birthday
  • A big birthday wish to you on this particular day, I wish all your dreams for this class become true .
  • Your every birthday is particular for me, but this one is the best as we are together, HBday
  • You can forget your birthday, but not me. For you, it is fair another day and for me it ’ s a day when got you .
  • When I first hold you in my hands, I decided, I will make all your coming birthdays extra. Sending wishes with a give .
  • With this message, I want to say, u have been so special to me and I can never forget u, felicitous Birthday .
  • On this birthday, I wish, your happiness, Laughter and blessings multiples with the number of years you have grown today .
  • No worries should ever surround you, this is the wish I want from God for you on your birthday .
  • Words are not adequate to describe how felicitous I am to celebrate another year of life with you .
  • It ’ south your day and you inactive look beautiful, actual and caring as the day I met you. Hbd dearly ! !
  • happy Birthday, may the godhead bless your life and give you all that you desire in the orgasm time .
  • I know you have many desires to fulfil. On your birthday, I wish God to give you all the strength .
  • You are never late to learn something newly. therefore welcome to another chapter of life sentence .
  • never count the candles, count the memories we have made so far. glad birthday ! !
  • A great friend is what I need and a great day I wish for uracil. thus hbd lamb .
  • I hope this boastfully sidereal day is filled with lots of laugh, happiness and memorable moments of your life .
  • Every day is special but today is extra particular because its your day. happy birthday dear ! !
  • The life of a person is not measured with years, but the footprint that he leaves in others ’ lives. Have a lovely birthday ! !
  • The best giving I give you today on this special day is love, laugh, a peaceful center, a especial dream, a joy forever and after .
  • No matter how much far you are from your approach ones but you always receive a effective and heart touching words on your especial day .
  • here comes the day when you born and world got the most expensive endow from God. Appreciate yourself and celebrate your day ! !
  • Live your liveliness happily, satisfied and worth life. so with this wish I cheer you on your big day ! !
  • Let ’ s celebrate the happiness, sleep together and memories together. Forget all the by worries and praise for the best come class of your life .
  • Our friendship is the true match and example for many. Wishing long years of togetherness on this special day .
  • felicitous birthday my dear supporter I wish all your cherished dreams, desire, heat come true on this special day .
  • Don ’ t desire to do lone great thing in life, do small things with bang-up heart it will make everything great glad birthday and observe .
  • On your birthday I wish, you get a circle of incontrovertible people, lots of good acquaintance, good health and prosperity .
  • Another class has been added in your life sentence, live it well and do whatever you want to live it to the fullest .
  • good like every year, this year besides I am the first one to wish you your birthday, happy birthday .
  • On this birthday I wish, God gives you all his blessings that he has kept the for some extra people .
  • today you have entered the a lot cherished adolescent years. so, let the party begin. Have a fantastic birthday !
  • Birthdays are the time to reflect on the things that we have done until nowadays and besides what we want to achieve in the future. A very felicitous birthday and keep on moving fore .
  • Sending you lots of hugs and smiles on your birthday. May your day b filled with lots of joy and laugh. happy birthday !
  • Keep beamish and have a rock birthday, though I am not there to wish you but I can see your happiness .
  • The by to give experience, therefore on this birthday do not remember your past sorrows rather take example and move ahead .
  • What can I gift you on your birthday, except the wish that all your wishes come true .
  • When I see uracil growing as a person, I feel very gallant. On this birthday, I would say you are my princess .
  • If you always feel cipher loves you, merely remember about me I am the one will always love you the most .
  • Keep all your worries, tension and influence aside and celebrate your birthday like this is the foremost one .
  • On your birthday I want to wish that no vault comes in your way, and you climb the path of success everyday .
  • Come on, this is your birthday, be cheerful, be happy, enjoy it the fullest, happy birthday beloved .
  • Wish you a very bombarding happy birthday, on your birthday I pray to god to fulfill all your wishes .
  • today, I want to wish you a very-very particular felicitous birthday, because you are the most special person of my biography .
  • You are constantly the first person to wish me on my birthday. so, hera is my first wish to you on your birthday .
  • May God give you all the sunlight, laugh, happiness, beloved and affection of people around you, I wish this on your birthday .
  • This is a special day for you and I want to make it more special by wishing you happy birthday .
  • God has added another year in your life, I pray to god to add hundreds of years in your life and uracil celebrated it with vehemence .
  • Hey my sweetness small bubbly friend, today is your birthday and I want to say that I am your biggest fan .
  • This is the tenth birthday of my sweet little cutie proto-indo european. I am sending the cutest birthday message, happy Birthday my doll .
  • I wish idol add hundreds of birthday in your liveliness calendar and give you all strength to celebrated it with enthusiasm .
  • This birthday I pray to God to give you effective health to enjoy each moment of your life to the fullest .
  • Having a friend like you is a joy and I want to wish this is special ally a great great happy birthday .
  • I wish God gives you bundles of love, affection and care from all your beloved one on this birthday .
  • You are fabulously amazing in all ways. Congratulations for being another degree better … felicitous Birthday, Dear ! !
  • I hope your day goes ampere sweetness as the patty and I wish happiness follows you throughout the year …
    Happy Birthday Dear ! !
  • Birthday is one more milestone you have achieved, take a resolving power and follow it till your next birthday, this will improve uracil .
  • I do not want to give you cake, flowers and gifts on your birthday, because these are mortal, rather I say I love you .
  • Celebrate your birthday and have fun this is the message from hera that I can send. happy birthday ally .
  • Again the day has come and has given me the opportunity to give lots of blessings, hugs and cheers .
  • May god give you all the achiever in this year equally well, and wish you celebrate may successful years ahead .
  • I know you are waiting for my messages, then here it is, cheers and celebrate your birthday with full ardor .
  • Hey ! … It ‘s your birthday which means today there will be lots of food, gifts, and celebrations ! ! ! …. Enjoy !.
    happy birthday ! !
  • It ‘s your birthday today … .. ! ! ! ! …
    Lots of hugs, kisses and good wishes for you dear ! … .
  • Roses are loss and sky is blue, on your birthday I want to say a very happy birthday to you .
  • You cut the cake and toss the wine, no matter I am with you or not, but you are mine .
  • You are looking fabulous as you are growing older. sol, glad Birthday, love ur maturity, age is merely a number .
  • I pray to God for your dependable health, success, and prosperity. Have a very glad birthday, dearly acquaintance .
  • Fun times are back, as your birthday is around the corner. Let ’ s lionize with lots of rejoice and gaiety. Wishing you a very happy birthday .
  • You have turned 40 today, but for me you are still the same chubby pull the leg of that I became friends with in school. happy birthday wishes from an old supporter .
  • Wishing my cover girl sister a very glad birthday. Sorry, I was unable to get a day off from work and so would not be able to be with you on your birthday. But, your portray is surely on the way. Have a fantastic birthday .
  • happy Birthday sweetheart, wish this birthday of yours remain as particular and amaze as you are .
  • felicitous Birthday to the loveliest and sweetest person I know. Celebrate your birthday and make it spectacular .
  • Age is just a total, you look beautiful still, enjoy your birthday like you enjoy every year. happy birthday stay amazing .
  • Life became particular when you entered in this world. May all your coming day in animation filled with sleep together and happiness .
  • Enjoy your birthday like teens, after all you are more young and beautiful then you imagine .
  • On this birthday take a settlement that you will forget ur past grudges and will focus on future goal. glad Birthday .
  • I love watching you growing every year and develop as a positive personality. wish for health, wealth and happiness .
  • Dear son, you ‘re the most adorable person for your mother and father, always remember this. Enjoy your birthday and fulfill all your wish
  • ultimately the day has come when this pretty angel landed on this earth. Wishing you glad birthday from deep of my heart .
  • glad Birthday my gratifying little daughter, you complete my life, and I am in truth grateful to you
  • today my commitment to you is I will constantly be there on your birthday, I think this is the best endowment 4u
  • On ur birthday I wish everything remains odoriferous and light, and you enjoy a rock birthday night .
  • You are a endow to us … felicitous Birthday darling daughter !