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Despite its convenience and a long list of features, is WhatsApp actually that bang-up ? If you ‘ve been thinking about making the switch for a while but ca n’t make up your mind, hera are 8 reasons to leave WhatsApp and look for an alternative. Without concern of being wrong, we can say that WhatsApp will never, always shut down, specially in certain countries where WhatsApp custom is the de facto moment messaging app. Having the lion ‘s share of a local market is one of the chief reasons why so many people are reluctant to migrate to other alternatives. After all, it is easier for users to find their friends on WhatsApp than on other blink of an eye message platforms. Despite the complicate tax of switching apps, Telegram offers a kind of discussion groups, does n’t care about your personal data, and has a cool sport to create polls. early apps even allow you to edit messages you ‘ve already sent. With that in heed, we ‘ve listed 8 reasons to help you quit WhatsApp .

In a nutshell: Main arguments against WhatsApp

1. Data protection is a disaster

It ‘s no manipulation complaining or resisting : WhatsApp ‘s datum protection is severe and this became clear in early 2021. An announcement of its new terms of practice triggered a series of queries, specially concerning the impel share of personal data with Facebook and its consociate companies.

Although this article was pushed spinal column from the original deadline in February to May, this motion by Facebook decidedly drew a lot of attention to data protection policies. To make matters worse, the discussion came amid changes in io 14.5 that championed greater personal data manipulate .
WhatsApp Data iOS

App Store lists all the information about you that is stored by WhatsApp / Screenshot: NextPit

The changes highlighted the total of information that millions ( or is it billions ? ) of WhatsApp users partake with Facebook. And it is not limited to just cookies or anonymous data, but besides your call number, localization, contacts, etc. Alternatives: Signal or Telegram A far more data-friendly alternative is messenger Signal ( Android | io ), which alone asks for your telephone count and … well, it does n’t belong to Facebook. If you look for drug user data linked to the AppStore, you ‘ll see a lot of empty space with only your call number being the only data used. Telegram ( Android | io ), on the other hand, collects more data than Signal, but such data is largely related to extra features offered by the app .

2. You can only use WhatsApp on one device at a time

Do you want to run WhatsApp on a pill ? Or log into a personal computer only once and then not have to repeat the process ? This tends to happen when you are split between a desktop at work and on a laptop at home ; where you remain log in once throughout the day ? If so, WhatsApp is not for you. WhatsApp is only active on precisely one device at any one time. And it should be a smartphone. A second smartphone, tablet or multiple PCs will not work at all. And WhatsApp Web is the biggest joke among messaging apps, but I will talk more about this belated …
telegram desktop update original

Telegram can be used on the PC independently of a mobile device / © NextPit

Alternative: Telegram, or even Messenger! Telegram, Facebook, and Hangouts are perfective examples of executing such an idea. These messaging apps can be used independently of the smartphone on other devices. They can besides be used on multiple devices simultaneously, now how about that for seamless productiveness ? In the shell of Telegram, you must besides enter your fluid number when logging in. however, you will not confirm the login by SMS or QR code, but with a code that is send via Telegram to all of the other connected devices for a better security verification process. once connected, all chats and even the draft of your next message will be perfectly synchronized everywhere .

3. WhatsApp Web is a bad joke

While other messengers offer a erstwhile QR code confirmation followed by enabling you to chat without a smartphone, WhatsApp Web annoys the heck out of you whenever possible. The Web service is not an app itself, but basically, functions as a outside WhatsApp version with your smartphone being the elementary device. If your smartphone is connected to mobile data, it will continue to work. otherwise, forget about it ! If your smartphone is out of battery, or even turned off, WhatsApp Web is disabled. The same happens when office saving features end up sending the WhatsApp Web service to sleep. If you are going home from exercise and want to use WhatsApp Web, you will need to completely re-authenticate yourself and sever the joining on your personal computer at work .

4. Rivals lack many features

If merely firm WhatsApp users knew what they are missing out on in terms of features on a mobile chopine. From polls to communities or tied the option to correct spelling mistakes in messages that have already been sent, the list is endless. These features can be found in apps like Signal, Telegram, and Threema, and about no one talks about them. meanwhile, WhatsApp continues with its behind updates of features. The company can even justify that it does n’t want to overload the millions of people who already use the avail, but it would n’t hurt to include some extra features that are helpful. particularly when the early messengers are equally practical and easy to use.

5. The backup system is a mess and prohibits platform switching

Did you come from an iPhone to Android, or are you planning to switch from Android to iOS ? then you can kiss adieu to your chew the fat histories. They can not be transferred from one platform to another. WhatsApp uses iCloud on iPhones and Google Drive for Android. Google ‘s service can theoretically be used on the iPhone, but the app does not take advantage of it : the WhatsApp stand-in that has been saved in Google Drive will not be available on iPhone. And let us not venture into the district for those who were ( and are.. ? ) hush on Windows Phone and use WhatsApp … This is another area where WhatsApp ‘s rivals show how one can offer cross-platform backups and ports in a far friendlier fashion. In Telegram, messages are not stored on the smartphone itself but encrypted on a server, which is slightly exchangeable to iMessage .

6. WhatsApp knows enough about you, despite having end-to-end encryption

WhatsApp may not even snoop your conversation histories, see your photos or listen to your sound recording recordings. But it knows when you ‘ve talked to whom. WhatsApp ( and Facebook ) has entree to your address book and can sync assorted personal data with the social network, resulting in a profile for each app drug user. Sharing your earphone contacts even carries legal gamble for you : this is because the terms of service for WhatsApp authorize Facebook to connect to different numbers. This creates a huge hazard for those who would want to keep some of their contacts private and confidential, aside from the prying eyes of the world. And you can not simply deny access to the app by limiting it to only parts of your contact list, it ‘s all or nothing. Alternatives: anonymous accounts and metadata encryption For actual anonymity, an app can not request data that can be attributed or related to you. however, WhatsApp has your mobile total and does not protect it from being accessed by early people. WhatsApp should not have the cognition about whom you chat with and when. This metadata alone can be used to extrapolate unpleasant assumptions about you should one of your contacts is connected to a crime investigation commission, for model .

7. You cannot edit your sent messages

While WhatsApp allows you to delete your station messages, but if you just want to fix a misprint – or worse, the spellchecker screws up, deplorable ! You will then need to copy the whole message, delete, paste, rewrite or make edits, and send it again. This is not only a fuss, but besides actually absurd. Some competitors like Telegram or flush Skype, allow messages to be edited easily after sending .

8. Poor group administration options

Groups on WhatsApp are created without a lot discretion, and the feature in the app is one of the worst in the commercialize. If you look at the tools found in other apps in the same class, WhatsApp loses by a wide margin, even to rivals without the backing of Facebook ‘s huge bank account .

  • There are no channels to subscribe to. Telegram offers a way to subscribe to public news channels, like RSS feeds
  • Instead, there are only groups where all members can see each other’s mobile number
  • There is only one administrator level. That is, administrators can override the rights of other administrators
  • Groups cannot be closed until all members (up to 256) leave or are manually removed one by one by the administrators
  • You cannot easily see which groups you participate in because there is no specific overview of your groups
  • By default, anyone can add you to a group, which displays your mobile phone number without your consent
  • If you change your mobile number on WhatsApp, members of the groups will be notified of your new number

All the drawbacks and shortcomings of WhatsApp culminate in the group chat feature. Despite its popularity, the tool is hush very inadequate in execution. To make matters worse, the group chew the fat features are not only deficient, but some features are besides an diss to your privacy .
slack app new

Slack manages groups adequately / © NextPit

Alternative: Slack A reasonable solution for group chats with complex requirements is Slack. several chew the fat channels, an effective message system, and professional administration options provide a far more streamline usage than WhatsApp or many other messaging apps.


There is only one aspect in which WhatsApp is clearly superior to other apps – the plain count of active users. once a product is so democratic and achieves critical mass, its makers do n’t have to worry anymore. evening if a perfective rival comes along, it will barely be able to surpass WhatsApp, unless Facebook makes a black decisiveness. This addiction is WhatsApp ‘s biggest advantage and unfortunately, is besides the reason why Facebook paid then much for the app in the first place. If you do n’t like this level of manipulate over your information, share this article with others and show other WhatsApp users how inferior the service is compared to its rivals. This article was updated by our editor program, Benjamin Lucks, in May 2021 based on fresh custom and privacy rules. previous comments have been retained .