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Meaning and Context:
Arey arrant raipur selenium alag hai saiyya jemaah islamiyah ki shaan….sasural genda phool…. 🙂
This adorable little song from Delhi 6 talks about a concept which is identical indian – sasural. now there is absolutely no parole in English for it ! The best that can be managed in English is ‘ husband ’ s home ’. When a daughter gets marry, she goes to live with her conserve and thats what sasural is. It is customary in India for sons to continue living with their parents even after getting marital and so the newly wed bride has to live with not precisely her husband but a unharmed bunch of people. This includes the conserve ’ south parents and siblings and many more elongated family members.

hence arises the analogy- the conserve ’ s home is like a gendaa phool i.e. marigold bloom, which is not one flower but many flowers in one. The diverse kin members come together to form a complimentary whole- the sasural. Marigold is a very normally used flower in India and hence the doctrine of analogy is quite relatable .
here it is authoritative to note what are the connotations attached to sasural. Every class member symbolically has a distinct personality, which is more or less based on cultural depictions of these people in versatile art forms like films and books. The mother-in-law was always depicted as a nonindulgent martinet, person like the evil step-mother of western folklore. The sister-in-law was always shown mock and taunting the bridget and so on. These depictions may be farthest from reality but these images still remain active in many art forms but only in joke and joke .
such is the case in sasural genda phool, this gratifying tribe sung from the state of matter of Chattisgarh ( earlier share of Madhya Pradesh ). The dialect of the words has that flare which is very characteristic to this region. The capital city of the state, Raipur, is mentioned towards the end of the song. It was primitively written by Gangaram Shivaray and composed by Bhulwaram Yadav ( Source : Bhargav Saikia ’ s Blog ), and was reworked for the movie by Prasoon Joshi and A R Rehman respectively. The song gives the bride a view ( though fictional ) of her married life and is widely popular at weddings .
Go ahead… enjoy… oye hoye hoye… oye hoye hoye… 🙂
Link to the song: hypertext transfer protocol : //www.youtube.com/watch ? v=Sstey_Eg4Xc & feature=related
The Song:
Saiyan ched deve
Nanand chutki leve
Sasural genda phool
Saas gaari deve
Devar saamjha deve
Sasural Genda phool
Chora babul ka angana
Bhave dera piya ka ho…
Saiyan hai vyapaari
Chale hai pardes
Suratiya nihaarun
Jiyara bhari hoye
Sasural Genda phool
Bushurt pahene
Khayike Beeda Paan
Pure Raipur se alag hai
Saiyan jemaah islamiyah qi shaan
Sasural Genda phool
Saiyan ched deve
Nanand chutki leve
Sasural genda phool

Line by line translation:

Hubby teases
Sis-in-law taunts
Sasural a marigold bloom
Mom-in-law abuses
Bro-in-law appeases
Sasural a marigold flower
Left my church father ’ s court
Love my husband ’ s home
Hubby is a merchant
He is going away
I am admiring his expression
And my kernel is heavy
Sasural a marigold flower
Wearing a shirt
Eating a nibble of paan
Unlike anyone in Raipur town
Is my husband ’ second expressive style
Sasural a marigold flower
Hubby teases
Sis-in-law taunts
Sasural a marigold flower

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