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friendship is one emotion that Tamil cinema has never failed to celebrate. correct from heartfelt childhood reminiscences to crazy ‘ buddy ’ playfulness, we have it all in our films. With bright and unconventional depictions of college ties, gangster pals, platonic intimacies and inspirational bonds, our filmmakers have never failed to surprise us with their takes on this simple yet complex emotion. today, even after hundred years of indian film, friendship remains one of the most normally explored cinematic theme .
In this post, we take a look at the Tamil songs that have memorialized ‘ friendship ’ in all its glory and mania ( In no especial order )
1. Mustafa Mustafa – Kadhal Desam (1996)

top-nanban-films-mp--kadhal-desam--vineeth--abbas--tabu (1) Arguably, the first sung that comes to mind when you talk of friendship to anyone even remotely connected to indian film. Featuring in one of the most democratic romanticist musicals of the nineties, this song composed, rendered by AR Rahman and written by Vaali was a raging stumble of those times and continues to be the celluloid immortalisation of ‘ college bonding ’ constantly .
‘ Mustafa Mustafa ‘ celebrates the blooming free-spirited relationship between a small-town orphan and a highbrow guy born with a silver spoon. The best, ever!
2. Kaattukuyilu – Thalapathy (1991)

1a29c28c-32b0-408d-9b7b-461675b3f88fWallpAutoWallpaper2 This epic number features in the ‘ Godfather ’ of friendship movies ‘ Thalapathy ’, which by the way happens to be Mani Rathnam ’ sulfur bright adaptation of the Karnan episode of ‘ The Mahabharata ’. “ Kattukuyile ’ skillfully penned by Vaali and brilliantly composed by Ilaiyaraja happens a sidereal day before Pongal on the occasion of Bhogi, when people discard old and creaky things and concentrate on fresh things causing transformation .
The early stages of the bond sprout between Rajini and Mammooty is depicted in the background of cheery so far emblematic festivities. ‘Awesomeness’ is the word.
3. Andha naal nyabhagam – Uyarndha Manithan (1968)

Uyarndha Manidhan An absolute delight for the senses, this song is will to the capabilities of two legends- TM. Soundarajan and Sivaji Ganesan. Sivaji ’ s blowy portrait of the helpless ample valet gnawed by guilt, reminiscing about his good old educate days with his childhood friend is nothing short-change of classic .
The passage from Sivaji panting and TMS taking over is seamless and you couldn ’ t state that TMS is now singing and Sivaji is simply equitable going through with his emotions. Why don’t  they make such songs anymore? 
4. Nanbanai paartha – Ninathaile Inikum (2009) 

Ninaithale-Inikkum_b A beautiful tune composed by Vijay Antony for the remake of the Malayalam amatory thriller ‘ Classmates ’. Penned by Annamalai, the song talks about the charming of college life and the odoriferous memories associated with it .
The sung succeeds in conveying the elusive emotions, dreams, convictions, scandal. responsibilities and distractions of the college student. fantastic performances by Prithviraj, Sakthi and Priya Mani make this an enjoyable experience. An adorable song, that every youngster can relate with .
5. Thozha Thozha – Pandavar Bhoomi (2001)

Pandavar_Bhoomi_DVD_Cover This song conceived by Cheran depicts the platonic friendship between a guy and a female child. The supporter is an engineer, who comes to befriend a girl at his place of sour. The female child played by Shamitha firm believes in the universe of an entity called ‘ just friendship ’ between the opposite sexes .
Drafted by Snehan and beautifully composed by Bharadwaj, the sung goes on to talk about the nobility and integrity of friendship, while at the end contradicts itself with the protagonist arguing that ‘ A best acquaintance will decidedly be a good lover ’. An evergreen beauty!
6. Taxi Taxi – Sakkarakatti (2008)

sakarakati-jun7-2008-004 AR. Rahman weaves charming in this ‘ rappy ’, bouncing number where he indulges in batch of supernumerary sounds and strong rhythm method of birth control. Brimming with department of energy and energy, this youthful celebration of friendship is certain to strike the correct chords with the Generation Y. This is more of a song that goes like ‘ A well friend would come and bail you out of jail, while a true ally will be sitting next to you saying “ Damn, that was fun ! ”
Crooned exceptionally well by Blaaze, Benny Dayal, Javed Ali, Viviane Chaix, this track experiments a draw with a bizarre mix of English and french lyrics by Blaze and Tamil lines by Na. MuthuKumar. The ‘rockstar’ among the friendship songs!
7. Manasellam Unnidam – Kulir 100° (2009)

kulir-100-degree-1630-tamilsong-eu-images The sung starts with a dedication ‘ ‘ To everyone who miss their friends. This is how it feels ! ” and proceeds to shock us with its profound emotions on the loss of a lamb one. fierily composed by Bobo Shashi and bewitchingly sung by Simbu, the track hits right at the deepest chords of the human beware .
The track takes us through a virtual memory lane, where every individual memory, good and bad, come echoing spinal column. Leaving you with a heavy heart and with damp eyes, this one is a keeper .
8. Nanbane Enadu Uyir Nanbane – Sattam (1983)

main-31810 Spiritedly spill the beans by the veterans SP. Balasubramaniam and Malaysia Vasudevan, this celebrated song of the early eighties saw Kamalhaasan and Sarath Babu play the inseparable best friends who do not question each early about their careers. While one is a patrol officeholder who nabs criminals, the other is a lawyer who bails them out .
Featuring in the remake of the original “ Dostana ’, the song composed by Gangai Amaran speaks about how bang-up friends are unmanageable to find. Harder to leave. And impossible to forget. A star-studded tribute!
9. En Frienda Pola Yaaru Machan – Nanban (2012)

nanban_13226425233 Remember how back in college our friends were our lives ? Through thick and thin. During those heedless years of youthful angst, nagging parents, and cramming for exams, we had our friends by our sides and that was all that mattered. Things start to change after the good old college years. We have our life to worry about, and we want to make certain we do what it takes to make it a big one .
here, a couple of friends go in search of their long-lost ally, steer and philosopher back in college. Composed for Shankar ’ s remake of ‘ 3 idiots ’ by Harris Jeyaraj, this song which talks about the indispensability of true friends, was penned by Viveka and sung by Krish and Suchith Suresan. A mellifluous eulogy!
10. Kizhakke Paarthen Vidiyalaai Irunthaai – Autograph (2004)

images This song explains the rewarding friendship between two like-minded people, albeit of the opposite sexes. Written by Snehan, the supporter here talks of his particular girlfriend in life sentence, a constant beginning of support and encouragement, a shoulder to cry on or a bang on the face when overreacting to life !
Cheran creates a very matter to female character, who doesn ’ metric ton want to get romantically involved, yet challenges the protagonist who is not living up to his own standards and helps him take the big steps in life. An absolute ‘heartwarmer’!
11. Oru Nanban Irundhal – Enakku 20 Unakku 18 (2003)

689878900 Yet another friendship song from AR.Rahman, this meter for a movie which seemed to eulogize both friendship and sleep together. A physically and emotionally buffet supporter returns home plate to the comfort of his friends, where he recuperates and comes to terms with life .
The birdcall for the most share, talks about the good and virtues of friendship and insists on it being blind to the arouse of the individual. Pa. Vijay ’ mho lines were sung by SPB. Charan, Venkat Prabhu and Chinmayee. A glossy inspirational number!
12. Manasae Manasae – April Maadhathil (2002)

April_Maadhathil This heart-touching farewell birdcall illustrates in shocking world, the pain of eight airless friends who are in the verge of separation after graduation. The track plays out as a relay number where the friends take turns to sing their hearts out on stagecoach .
The lines conveying the agony of an ineluctable rift, ‘ The most I can do for my acquaintance is just to be his friend. We ’ ve gone our own ways and I know it ’ randomness for the best, but sometimes I wonder will I always have a acquaintance like you again ? ’ leave the necessitate punch. Penned by Pa. Vijay and sung by Karthik, this one is super-emotional stuff!
13.  Dosth Bada Dosth – Saroja (2008)

saroja_xlg A brash road song with friends, is what this lead basically is. Director Venkat Prabhu teams up with his cousin Yuvan Shankar Raja and Vaali to give us a ‘ no holds barred ’ playfulness song which follows the travel of four young men, who travel from Chennai to Hyderabad in a avant-garde to watch a cricket match .
The guys sing, dance, wallow and relive their friendship roots as they take the road slip of their lives. Rendered with youth and energy by the far-out team of Haricharan, Naveen, Rahul Nambiar and picturised on the evenly far-out gang of Shiva, Vaibhav, SPB Charan, & Premji Amaren, this one is total fun .
14.  Eswara Vaanum Mannum – Kannethirey Thondrinal (1998)

kannethireythondrinal This track featuring in Ravichandran ’ s romantic drama talks about two friends Prashanth and Karan from the lapp college. They start out as arch rivals and then proceed to become best friends. The sung gained attention flush before the release of the movie and went on to become an extremely popular song in college culturals of those times .
Written by Vairamuthu, this song was composed by Deva and was sung by Udit Narayanan, who is ill-famed for his strange Tamil wording. A not-so-serious ‘cool’ song!
 15. Yaaro (Friendship version) – Chennai 600028 (2007)

Chennai600028 A real muffin of a song composed by Yuvan and rearranged by Premgi Amaran for Venkat Prabhu ’ second debut sports play. The film which is based on gully cricket, focuses chiefly on themes of friendship and love .
Ten characters hailing from a Chennai suburb go on to become close friends and teammates, and this song reflects their closeness, their sacrifices and their manner of biography. Its Vaali ’ randomness words so far again, to which SPB.Charan and Venkat Prabhu do the honors. A soulful euphony!