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Bangtan Boys Lyrics
Artist: 방탄소년단
Song: First Love (English Translation)
Album: WINGS
Year: 2016

The corner of my memory
A embrown piano settled on one side
In the corner of my childhood house
A brown piano settled on one side
I remember that moment
Way tall than my acme
The brown piano that guided me
I looked up to you, I yearned for you
When I touched you with my belittled finger
I feel so nice ma I feel thus nice
I played the piano wherever my hands took me
I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know your significance back then
Back then I was content with just looking at you
I remember back during my elementary school days
When my altitude
Became improbable than yours
I neglected you when I once yearned for you so
On top of the white jade-like keyboard
Dust is piling on
Your picture that has been neglected
evening then I didn ’ metric ton know
Your significance
No count where I am
You constantly defended that spot
But I didn ’ metric ton know that would be the concluding
You say preceptor ’ t leave like this
Don ’ metric ton worry even if I leave
You ’ ll do well on your own
I remember when I first met you
Before I knew it you grew up
Though we are putting an end to our relationship
Don ’ thymine always feel regretful to me
I will get to meet you again no topic what form
Greet me happily then

I remember back then when I met you that
I had wholly forgotten, when I was around 14
The awkwardness was only for a here and now, I touched you again
even though I was gone for a retentive time
Without repulsion
You accepted me
Without you I am nothing
After the dawn, two of us
We welcomed the good morning together
Don ’ thymine let go of my hand constantly
I won ’ metric ton let go of you again either
I remember back then
We burned up the last of my adolescent ’ mho
Yes the days when we couldn ’ triiodothyronine see an inch in front of us
We laughed, we cried
Those days with you, those moments are now in memories
I said, grasping my crushed shoulder
I very can ’ t do any more
Every time I wanted to give up
By my side you said
Bastard you can very do it
Yeah, yea I remember back then
When I was fed up and lost
Back then when I fell into a pit of despair
even when I pushed you away
tied when I resented meeting you
You were securely by my side
You didn ’ t have to say anything
So don ’ metric ton always let go of my bridge player
I won ’ thymine let you go ever again either
My parturition and the end of my life
You will be there to watch over it all
The corner of my memory
A brown piano settled on one side
In the recess of my childhood house
A embrown piano settled on one side
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