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BTS ‘s Jimin becomes the first korean artist to cross 100 million streams on Spotify for 3 of his solo songs. One of the songs is ‘Filter ‘. Check out the mean behind its lyrics and sing along with the full lyrics in English .

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‘Filter’ is one of the most talked about songs on the record. Photo Kpopie

“ trickle, ” one of the most speak about songs on the record — and for good reason — but it ‘s besides getting a batch of care for the meaning behind it. BTS ‘ “ Filter ” lyrics in English show Jimin ‘s flirty side. “ I came up with this song ‘ Filter ’, ” he explained, in an interview with Spotify. “ Filters can be the things within a camera application, or sociable media, but it can besides mean people ’ s perspective or prejudice. ” “ I took these diverse meanings and expressed it into the song of how I want to present myself to the world in many different ways. ”

BTS ‘ Jimin has now become the lone korean musical artist to have more than 100 million streams on Spotify that besides for three of his solo songs, a record that is held by no other korean artist at show. The news was released by Chartdata who tweeted about the same each time the artist ‘s songs crossed more than 100 million streams on Spotify.

BTS‘s album, MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, includes 6 new solo songs: Jungkook‘s “My Time”, Suga‘s “Interlude: Shadow”, V‘s “Inner Child”, Jin‘s “Moon”, J-Hope‘s “Outro: Ego”, and Jimin‘s “Filter”. Each of these tracks tells a meaningful narrative about the members ’ thoughts, perspectives, and life experiences. Although Jimin is not credited with writing his solo ( “ Filter ” was co-written by 10 artists, including Bang Si Hyuk ), Jimin is the one who came up with its concept.

Check out the English lyrics to “Filter” below and try not to blush: Verse 1 That uninterested confront of yours, the bore peak of your toes Please, look at me now Put your telephone gloomy, don’t even think of turning your head away Let me know your type You can pick and choose me, yeah Pre-Chorus Oh, I cover your eyes with my hands Oh, get closer to the secret I ‘ll take you to a unharmed new world Yeah, open your eyes immediately, go Chorus Mix the colors in the pallete, pick your percolate Which me do you want ? The one to change your world, I ‘m your filter Overlay me in your heart Verse 2 Can you feel it now ? Is it still not adequate ? Girl, you have your prospect I can be your Genie

How ‘ bust Aladdin ? I ‘ll be anything You can pick and choose me, yeah Pre-Chorus Oh, I will embrace you like in your dreams Oh, it ‘s a covert specification For you, everyday I ‘ll be new It ‘s not fun for something to stay the lapp all the time Chorus Mix the colors in the pallette, pick your percolate Which me do you want ? To change your world, I ‘m your filter Overlay me in your center Bridge: search at me who has on the spur of the moment turned into a child The more I look, the crazy I get on how cunning it is Overcoming different tastes and standards You ‘ll be wanting only me Yeah, because you are the one who made me

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Photo Kpopie

These lyrics talk about how Jimin is trying to appeal to person, saying he can be anything they desire. He can be the trickle that will change their worldview, if they were to pick Jimin and hold him cheeseparing to their heart. This speaks on how our perceptions change once we meet the proper ( or improper ) person. It ’ s like person put a filter over it. In the end he switches tones and becomes more confident. Knows he is the right choice since he presented himself precisely as the other craved. This can besides be considered a comment of paragon life and how they try to appeal to what fans want. Always different outfits, haircolors, concepts.

“Let me know your type, You can choose and use me.” When I first heard Filter, I was confused. I couldn’t seem to wrap my head around the song; it didn’t make sense to me that it was a ‘Jimin ready to find love’ narrative, an idea that was eagerly presented by media sites. A friend of mine shared that Filter could depict Jimin’s journey in finding himself amidst what others perceive him to be. Taking into account the choreography, Jimin fluttering around a mannequin, trying on the different pieces it displayed — these actions instead emphasize the narrative that he is versatile and eager to try different things. “ I ’ ll take you to a brand new world. ” When we use filters on our selfies, the direction we look changes : a bleary effect, adding hearts to our cheeks, different colors, flowers, animal filters — you name it, you got it. This time, Jimin is taking your hand and leading you to explore. He is “ the one who ’ randomness going to change your world. ” Singing “ I ’ thousand your trickle, Cover it over your heart, ” Jimin allows us to explore a newly position : whatever you wish or hope for.

What fans say about ‘Filter’

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Photo Medium
Oma Park Without question one of the most sexy songs I have always heard. The latin beat gives it the sizzle. Jimin ’ second vocal stylus is very unique and sensual itself. They way he carries himself when he dances barely compels you to sit down and watch him move. He has such fantastic grace and elegance in his movements and manners. Bang Si-hyuk PD was one of the songwriters who wrote the sung with Jimin in mind. It is an accurate representation of how Jimin wants ARMY to view him. He wants ARMY to see him in whatever “ percolate ” best fits them and that is precisely what the song talks about. “ I can be your genie. How ‘ bout Aladdin ? girl, you have your chance. ” His performance in the on-line concert knocked my socks off, specially the quick-change part. He pulled that off faster than most quick-change artists. Jimin has an unconditioned ability to perform in many different facets and he has a natural allure and amorousness to him that most people aren ’ thyroxine born with. He is incredibly beautiful, he carries himself with enormous confidence ( even though he says he doesn ’ t always feel confident ), he straddles a argumentation with both masculine and feminine traits that merely make him that much more animal. All of these qualities are filters for which we see Jimin. Jimin is my ultimate diagonal because of his many qualities that make him who he is but “ Filter ” was never a better sung for him.

Anonymous on Quora When Jimin was interviewed about Filter, he made the comment that filters can be people ’ s perspectives and prejudices. He however, did not wish to be stereotyped, but preferably, he wished to present himself to the public, in different ways. You have to commend him on his percept, and his ambition on wanting to show us, he is more than merely a stereotype. I specially like both the lyrics and tune of Filter, and I think both achieved Jimin ’ randomness goal.
Eliza Schuyler It was cunning and flirty. You can either take the sung as him being a flirt and hyping himself up in his dichotomy or you can take it as a cry for help of constantly having to wear a mask to be the way fans want him to be. Aka “ Pick your trickle ”. personally, I distillery prefer Seredipidty, Lie, Promise, and then Filter in that ordain. His voice sounds amaze in all of them, but I look at the beat behind the music excessively