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FB Status examples that spread joy
Are you matter to in learning how to use your FB condition ?
This post is about how to make people happy with your Facebook post status .
Facebook can be a source of frustration. For example, bloggers, attempting to use Facebook to promote, get flagged as spammers and estate in Facebook Jail .
This post is about how to find gladden with Facebook despite the disadvantages of using the locate.

December 2020 Update: even though Facebook ’ s algorithms party favor Facebook groups over the Facebook newsfeed, these Facebook users chose to update their FB status to help others by sharing their newest Facebook status, uplifting quotes .
November 2020 Update: For exemplify, in November 2020, people used their FB status to rejoice over Joe Biden ’ sulfur election as President of the United States when Vice President Biden was declared President-Elect Biden .
My daughter asked me an interest interview the other day .
Am I addressing the Coronavirus on my web log ?
We talked about how to travel during the Coronavirus .
We held a web log party in which we offered positivity .
We told people, “ You matter, ” during the holidays .
We reminded people that happiness still exists by reviewing our great vibes quotes .
Is it enough ? I think not .
You will frequently find uplifting Instagram quotes. however, not everyone uses Instagram. many people who could use uplifting during this unmanageable prison term of shelter in invest during the Coronavirus use Facebook .
This post is about how to use your FB condition to help spread convinced thoughts .
I asked content creators to plowshare how they use their FB condition to spread uplift thoughts .
Are you ready to hear how each one uses the Facebook mail condition update to bring people happiness ?
Let ’ s honkytonk in and learn how to use our FB status to spread cheer .

There are many advantages to using Facebook. For model, Facebook users use their FB condition to share what is fresh or ongoing in their lives .
A Facebook condition is normally short and enables Facebook users to partake updated information with their Facebook friends .
This is an advantage of social media sites: They enable you to stay in touch with people you don ’ thyroxine see regularly. This is specially crucial during the Coronavirus while people shelter in place in their homes and can ’ metric ton see each other in person .
many Facebook users have used their FB condition to share sentiments on the Coronavirus .
Although the Coronavirus is a terrifying pandemic, many people use their FB condition to parcel positivity and Facebook question statuses .
“ Facebook Status ” has another mean vitamin a well. When people want to know if Facebook is down or working, they inquire about the Facebook condition, in early words, the status of Facebook .

Facebook Not Loading

If Facebook is not loading, you need to know if the trouble is on your end or if Facebook is down .
What you need is a devour detector. A Facebook down detector tells you if Facebook isn ’ metric ton working .
here you will find a Facebook down detector that answers the motion, “ Is Facebook down ? ”
You need to know the Facebook status of whether Facebook is working before you can proceed posting a new FB status on your wall .
Facebook for Business Status
Another instrument exists to help you know if Facebook for Business Status is down or operational .
This tool tells you if there are any problems with Facebook Ad Manager tools .

FB statusPhoto by cottonbro on Pexels.com
If you want to make people happy with your FB condition, consider using love quotes .
A love citation for Facebook is an amazing Facebook status everyone will like .
Where can you find the contentedness for your love post for Facebook ?
As your source for quotes to put in your Facebook status that will get likes, I recommend the following resources:

  • Brainy Quotes
  • Instagram
  • Goodreads

When searching on Instagram, make certain you use hashtags like # LoveQuotes to find your love citation for Facebook .

If you want to bring gladden to your Facebook consultation, try wowing them with cute Facebook statuses. Be certain to include an image to show people what you consider “ cute. ”
think of the appeal of short popular videos on TikTok for inspiration. Some of my favorites are watching puppies .
People love seeing images of puppies and new children .
If you are looking for the “ cunning ” agent, these cunning ideas .
unblock tools help you place the images along with your cute Facebook statuses .
This post generator offers free tools you can use to place images on Facebook .

Facebook Question Statuses

February 2021 Update
many Facebook users put questions as their FB status. I know this first-hand since I see them regularly .
Examples of Facebook Question Statuses:
“ How did we meet in one give voice ?
You could have funny questions, questions for friends to answer, and you can even play 21 Questions in your FB Status .
The game 21 questions fee-tail people trying to guess by asking merely Yes or No questions. A supporter of mine played 21 questions in his Facebook status where we had to guess the movie he was thinking of.

FB Status Excerpts with Positive Attitude

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Facebook users Sheltering-in-Place shared these as their FB Status:
1. “There’s been getting back to basics, comfy sweats, amping up technology, strength, leaning on friends, reuniting, praying, positive vibes and so much love.
Trying to take it one day at a time. I’ve set the bar low—as long as everyone is alive, then I’m winning.”
source :
Lainie Gutterman
My Instagram cover is @ lainieofleisure. I am a ma with 2 special needs kids and a husband who was diagnosed with lymphoma in March and my 97-year-old grandma is hospitalized with Covid-19 .
I am journaling for a possible reserve : Kicking Butt While Conquering The Two Big C ’ sulfur, ASD and a Dup .
2. “One day, in the not so distant future, there will be a day when we all walk outside together.
When we’re heading to meet our friends and, on the way, we smile at the old man at the bakery and wave to the neighbor’s kids playing in the street and then we find our friends and hug and clink our bottles together at this reunion for which we have waited for so long and talk and talk into the night.
That day is not here yet. But soon. And imagine how that day will feel.”
3.  “Not all heroes wear capes. But I’m excited for the next Marvel movie about the superhero in scrubs.”  
4. “We can save the human race by lying in front of the TV and doing nothing. Don’t mess it up now, you’ve been practicing your whole life for this.”
Although it wasn ’ thyroxine region of her FB Status, Anna added, “ Who would have thought all those hours in front of Netflix could have prepared us so well to save humanness ? ”
reservoir :

  • Name: Anna Barker
  • Company name: LogicalDollar

Who would have thought all those hours in front of Netflix could have prepared us so well to save world ?Click to Tweet
FB Status Positivity Booster
5.Lockdown will Knockdown Coronavirus. ”
6.Coronavirus can infect Humans but not Humanity. ”
7.The Virus may be pandemic for days but Humanity is forever. ”
reservoir :
My list is Sampark Ray and I run this health and health web log ourpositivestory.com. I am living with and fighting against chronic hepatitis bacillus for the last 20 years and nowadays I am spreading positivity and awareness about chronic illness through my web site .
I’m a big believer of sharing positivity quotes like these:
8. “Be strong because things will get better, it may be stormy now, but it never rains forever. ” ~ Evan Carmichael
source :
Smitha Katti, hypertext transfer protocol : //www.smilingcolors.com/
9. “Start A Movement. Save Our Planet. One Bead, One Bracelet, One Action At A Time.”
source :
Bead the Change
FB status
Image Credit
10. “Roses bloom in the rain. So can you.”
FB status
Image Credit
11. “Be strong because things will get better. It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever.
I ’ ve always regularly posted links to positive updates on all my social media : positivist quotes, captioned photograph I ’ ve taken, I ’ ve created crossword puzzle puzzles, and have asked people to contribution their glad thoughts ( Thankful Thursday ), besides have included links to events, videos, and articles .
generator :
Noreen Lace

Facebook Filibusters
12. “Too Glam to give a Dam.”
13. “I don’t sweat; I sparkle.”
14. “Goals are dreams with deadlines.”
15. “Be a fruit loop in a world full of Cheerios.”
16. “People are arseholes; don’t be their toilet paper.”
source :
Brett Downes hypertext transfer protocol : //harohelpers.com/
17. Sherrie Dunlevy sent us this video to make us all smile, guaranteed!

Sherrie uses her Facebook group to spread positivity. From doing inquiry for this post, I learned many administrators use their Facebook groups to spread cheer during this chilling time, and throughout the year .
beginning :
Sherrie Dunlevy hypertext transfer protocol : //www.facebook.com/groups/inspirationista/
Gail Trauco on FB Status Positivity
18. “Have a rough day?
Place your hand on your heart.
Feel that. That’s called purpose.
You’re alive for a reason.
Don’t give up.
19.Once a man was asked: “What did you gain by regularly praying to God?”
The man replied, ‘nothing… but let me tell you what I lost: anger, ego, greed, depression, insecurity, and fear of death.’ Sometimes the answer to our prayers is not gaining, but losing; which is ultimately the gain.” 
20. “ When they announce we are safe from COVID: I will never forget the little things in life I take for granted: like church, coffee with a friend, and hugs from friends and family.
source :
Gail Trauco hypertext transfer protocol : //www.frontporchtherapy.com/
21. “Inspired by Heather Gerker (and the fact that I put out a podcast episode a few weeks back about how we need to get rid of the idea of the guilty pleasure, go look up episode 3 of the Choose Your Struggle podcast to hear it)…
Here’s my list of 10 things I love even though society tells me they’re not for me or liking them is silly. Fuck you society! I like what I like.
1: The pops styling of Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Kesha, and the like….
2: Getting super deep into Star Wars (novels and kids cartoons included!)
3: Pokemon Go
4: The Elder Scrolls Video Game Series (Skyrim, Oblivion etc.)
5: True Crime (Podcasts, books etc.)!
6: Collecting tchotchkes (Funkos, Action Figures etc.)
7: Trading cards and Through the Mail Autograph Requests
8: Fishing
9: Talking about Mental Health and Addiction!
10: Eating raw onions.

I could go on. But basically, embrace what makes you happy and fuck what other people think. Don’t let them jack your happiness!
Spread Love and Choose Your Struggle!”
22. “Philanthropy Friday!
Looking for a few good suggestions of who to support during this tough time.
Last five I’ve given to:
Direct Relief
No Kid Hungry
Camp Joy
SAFE Project
City Harvest

Who are you supporting?”
source :
My diagnose is Jay Shifman. I am an addiction and Mental Health Speaker, Writer, Consultant, Coach, and Advocate and the host of the Choose Your Struggle podcast. hypertext transfer protocol : //www.jayshifman.com/
FB Status
FB status Facebook
FB Status Instagram
Image Credit
This appeared on Elizabeth ’ sulfur Instagram score and not her Facebook. however, she liberally offered to donate her Instagram posts for our template about how to spread cheerfulness with your FB Status .
source :
My appoint is Elizabeth Louis and I am a positive psychology counselor. hypertext transfer protocol : //elizabethlouis.com/

More Ways to Use Your FB Status to Help

Look at this example: While reading your FB condition, people can get informed about how to avoid the Coronavirus !

Facebook Status That Will Get Likes

Facebook Quotes

If you want your FB status to get likes, follow the spark advance of the people in this interview and post inspirational quotes. Everyone likes good vibes quotes. Post positivity and people are indisputable to click the Like button .
As your source for quotes to put in your Facebook status that will get likes, I recommend the following resources:

  • Brainy Quotes
  • Instagram
  • Goodreads More information about how to find inspirational quotes at Goodreads can be found in this Mostly Blogging article about how to promote your book on Goodreads.

If you want a Facebook status that will get likes, consider posting fishy Facebook content. For case, you can post funny story Facebook quotes and memes .
Image Credit

What NOT to put in your FB Status:

What can come back to haunt you in a job interview.
For example, one of the respondents used profanity. If you believe this could adversely affect you when applying for a potential job, use caution in what you share in your FB status .

UPDATE: October 2021
FB status was affected adversely on Monday, October 4 when Facebook went toss off for six hours, the worst outage since it went down in 2008. People took to Twitter to discover the FB condition ; since # FacebookDown was trending, Facebook users could learn information .
In the past when Facebook went down, they announced on chitter when the site was back on-line. More information about Facebook ’ second outage can be found here : Facebook Keeps Stopping .
May 2021 Update
FB status
Wouldn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate this make your friends happy when you use this as your FB condition ? If you want to give this message to a detail friend, when you post this graphic as your FB status, tag your supporter .
This graphic was found and modified using PosterMyWall. You can find instructions and a tutorial here : Poster My Walls tutorial .
January 2021 Update 1
Although the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election is over, many Facebook users put political opinions in their newest Facebook condition .
This much leads to heated discussion resulting in Facebook users landing in Facebook jail .
Make sure whatever you put in your new Facebook status won ’ thyroxine be viewed as incendiary. Err on the side of caution. If in doubt, don ’ thyroxine put it in your Facebook status. A farseeing ban won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be worth the Facebook condition update .
January 2021 Update 2
here are inspirational quotes for your newest Facebook condition .
Blogger Hazlo Emma posted clientele quotes that would be perfect to motivated entrepreneurial minded thinkers. You will find good vibes quotes for business people here .
January 2021 Update 3
The week of January 17, 2021 people were unable to post to their Facebook wall to update their FB condition .
evening days after the bug occurred, Facebook users were ineffective to get back in to their accounts to update their FB status .
Since I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate personally experience being locked out of my history, I am hearing about this second-hand .
Facebook users reported the frustration in the Facebook Reddit subreddit. Redditors reported scams were being perpetrated since scammers offered to get Facebook users ’ accounts back in change for their login information .
October 2020
social media users don ’ metric ton barely use their FB status to boost morale. In fact, Tumblr followers function Tumblr angstrom well as more mainstream sites like Instagram to inspire .
For exemplify, a police student devoted her Tumblr account to sharing divine guidance about recently Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg .

FB Status: Frequently Asked Questions

Although “ best ” is subject to opinion, the Facebook users I interviewed believe the best Facebook status post update brings people rejoice and lifts their spirits

A Facebook condition is normally shortstop and enables Facebook users to share updated information with their Facebook friends .

Wrapping Up: FB Status

In close, this post explained how to use your FB condition to spread joy. Use your Facebook condition to cheer people up now and constantly .
Reading each respondent ’ s FB status filled me with perspective. I hope you experienced gratitude for the dear things in life while reading them equally well .
I look forward to your views in the comments section : This station shared 25 examples of how people used their FB status to spread uplift sentiments. What was your darling FB status ?
Readers, please plowshare so early people filled with despair and isolation experience the gratitude reading the FB statuses enclosed that I did and I ’ molarity certain thus many others did ampere well .
Janice Wald Mostly Blogging MostlyBlogging.com Janice Wald is the founder of MostlyBlogging.com. She is an ebook writer, blogger, blogging bus, blogging judge, freelance writer, and speaker. She was nominated as the 2021 and 2019 Best Internet Marketer by the Infinity Blog Awards and in 2017 as the Most Informative Blogger by the London Bloggers Bash. She ’ mho been featured on Small Business Trends, the Huffington Post, and Lifehack .

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