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There was a very holocene controversy regarding the collected user data by Facebook. It collects a fantastic sum of data from every user bill in order to serve you with targeted advertisements .
therefore, flush if you do n’t know it, Facebook is keeping chase of your location or nearby places, IP address, and browsing history. fortunately, such information is accessible to you .
Stop questioning yourself how to trace a Facebook account location, check out all the effective methods in the article below .

How to Track Location of Someone’s Facebook Account?

Way 1: With Facebook Location History

The Facebook localization history is easily traceable with the help of the drug user data collected by the social media web site. here ‘s how to track Facebook user location :

step 1 : Go to “ facebook.com ” and log in to the Facebook account. then snap on the drop-down arrow at the top right field corner of the Facebook page .
facebook drop menu
step 2 : chatter on the “ Settings ” choice at the neglect menu. After that, click on the “ location ” choice. location
step 3 : In the be dialog box, you will see the choice “ View Your placement History ” ; click on it .
location history
footprint 4 : now, you will be asked for the password relevant to that explanation, character it in the box. last, you barely have to toggle in order to view the placement of previous days .
view locations on facebook
This direction you will have access to location history via Facebook and using that location history you will be able to track the localization. precisely be certain to remember that, the described routine is only available for personal computer and Mac device .
Limitations of Using This Way
Although this method of how to track someone on facebook seems very effective, it besides has its limitations :

  • First of wholly, you need to know the password of the Facebook account .
  • The location service for Facebook must be activated in ordering for this method acting to work. otherwise, Facebook wo n’t be able to upload locations .
  • The localization history can be deleted very well .

Way 2: With Facebook Nearby Friends

The Nearby Friends have of Facebook lets you share your placement with your friends. You will basically share it with each other. When you activate the said have, you are besides turning on the Location History, otherwise, this procedure wo n’t work. indeed, let ‘s have to look at how to find someone’s location on Facebook with nearby Friends :
The routine varies for io and Android devices therefore, let ‘s look into them individually .
For iOS Devices

  1. You have to turn on “ Location Services ”. then, you have to set the localization to “ Always ” .
  2. After that, tap on that 3 horizontal line icon at the bottom right corner of the riddle .
  3. now, suction stop on “ nearby Friends ”. You possibly have to tap on the “ See More ” option besides .
  4. Afterward, tap on the “ Gear ” icon at the circus tent correct corner of the foliate .
  5. hera, you will basically find the toggle switch switch ; you will be able to turn on and off the serve as per your will .

For Android Devices

  1. You need to turn on “ Location Services and Background Location ” .
  2. Tap on the picture that looks like 3 twin lines. You will find the said picture at the top right corner of the page .
  3. then, you can tap on “ nearby Friends ” .
  4. once on, you ‘ll see a list of Nearby Friends – those on your Facebook friends number who have besides turned on this feature of speech. ( This means you wo n’t see all your friends listed here ) .

You will be able to toggle this choice as per your prerequisite on your Android mobile. facebook nearby friends
Limitations of Using This Way Although, this is a identical advanced method acting presented by Facebook to partake locations between friends, the procedure is however can not be called perfective. There are a few limitations :

  • In orderliness to make function of this sport, you have to be on the friends on Facebook. As Facebook wo n’t let you track strangers .
  • The Nearby Friends have must be turned on in order to use it .
  • besides, the feature does not provide accurate placement ; approximate only .
  • This is a feature designed for mobile use. so, Nearby Friends is not available on personal computer or Mac computers .

tip off :
actually there is an eaiser means to track person ‘s location accurately, that is to use an on-line Facebook location tracker app. And we recommend KidsGuard Pro when it comes to such a app. It can track person ‘s current whereabouts on the map in real meter and see location history in detail. not merely tracking real number clock time location, the app besides lets you remotely monitor all the activities from Facebook. Just turn to Extra Tip part and check more details !

Way 3: With Live Location Sharing on Facebook

still hung up on, how to trace Facebook drug user location ? Well, besides those other methods there is another matchless available and it is besides very effective. In this operation, Facebook uses its Messenger app where you can share your location with your friends at will .
This is besides very convenient for users who cherish privacy. As alone the user at the other end of the conversation will be able to view your location and the Live localization gets turned off mechanically after a set time. so, here are the steps of how to see person ‘s location on Facebook via Share Live localization :

  1. Open up a old world chat conversation through Facebook Messenger on your mobile .
  2. then tap on the four dots icon at the bottomland leave of the screen and select “ Location ” .
  3. After that, tap on “ Share Live Location ”. Your friends will get to see your current localization and you can do the same on your end .

This is the way to plowshare the location on Facebook. If you are using an iPhone, you need to tap on the “ Always ” option for localization access in order to use live placement. now, if you want to stop sharing your location, you need to do the adopt .

  1. open Chats and you need to scroll down in ordain to view the message where you sent your live placement .
  2. then, fair tap on “ Stop Sharing ” .

share live location
Be sure to remember that ; this procedure is entirely eligible for io and Android devices as this method acting uses the Facebook Messenger app .
Limitations of Using This Way
This procedure besides has a few flaws which need to be discussed :

Way 4: With Hashtags in a Facebook Post

Hashtags lets person ‘s Facebook friends and followers know their placement by posting a condition and selecting the icon to “ add a location to post ”. The GPS or internet association attached to the device where the position was made determines the exact city and venue .
Although it is not 100 % effective, but if the person opts to add his placement to a post, you can see it on his Facebook Timeline or Page .
so, here are the steps of how to see person ‘s location on Facebook via Share Live localization :

  1. Browse to Facebook.com and log in to your history .
  2. Open the person ‘s profile by typing his/her Facebook ‘s appoint in the search banish at the top of the foliate .
  3. Check out all the posts that this person has been added a localization hashtag .

facebook location hashtag Limitations of Using This Way
here ‘re a few flaws which need to be mentioned :

  • The result will not be a guarantee because anyone can well choose a juke location address .
  • You may not be able to see all of the placement hashtags – what you can see depends on the person ‘s privacy settings, a factor over which you have no control .

Way 5: With Facebook Messenger

facebook messenger find  location
1 : You can get person ’ mho location from Facebook by using messenger. Open chat dialogue of the person you want to track location and tap on the four dots found at the lower left part of the blind .
2 : now tap “location” and choose “Share Live Location” .
3 : Your friends will get to know precisely when you ‘ll be arriving so in render they will share the localization with you and you can get an update on their current placement .
Limitation of using this way
Facebook Messenger ‘s new location-sharing feature makes it easier to keep chase of friends and bring people together. But it can not work when prey user disable placement sharing on Facebook Messenger .

How to Track Someone’s Location without Them Knowing

careless of the fact that Facebook has provided with placement tracking service which is only applicable to their users ; there are other much better, effective and accurate options available .
The same as How to track someone on facebook without being friends ? Take a look at KidsGuard Pro for Android – a professional cell telephone monitor app which is capable of tracking the location of the target device very discretely .

What Can KidsGuard Pro Location Tracker Do

KidsGuard Pro for Android takes advantage of the inbuilt-in GPS to provide very accurate location details. Since the location gets updated every few minutes, you will have access to its placement history and check the places visited in the past .
What ‘s more, the location information of the prey device, including accurate street name, longitude and latitude, time and date stamps will be displayed on the map .
fortunately, if the GPS of the target device is turned off, you will still be able to get the accurate localization via Wi-Fi logger feature ; deoxyadenosine monophosphate long as the device is connected to the Wi-Fi .
besides, this app provides a Geofence feature that creates virtual fences on the map and if it is crossed, you will be notified immediately. If necessity, you can besides avail this feature of speech .
In a password, here are the advantages why we recommend KidsGuard Pro to track person ‘s localization .

  • It provides the most accurate placement in real-time .
  • It ‘s a hidden Facebook location tracker app .
  • No necessitate to be Facebook friends or know the password of the report .
  • It ‘s not precisely for Facebook friends. You can use it to track the whereabouts of anyone around you .
  • It offers extra Wi-Fi localization track, location history, Geofence alerts feature of speech .
  • If necessary, you can track person ‘s activeness from Facebook, like incoming and outgoing messages, individual photos, videos and app notifications on the target device .

How to set up KidsGuard Pro for Android?

pace 1 . Click Monitor Now button below to sign up a KidsGuard Pro account.
Clickbutton below to sign up a KidsGuard Pro report. Monitor nowadays View Demo
footstep 2 . After registration, log in your account and go to My Products page, click on Setup Guide and follow the instruction to download KidsGuard Pro for Android onto target phone. This step only needs to take 3-5 minutes.
After registration, log in your account and go topage, snap onand follow the direction to download KidsGuard Pro for Android onto prey earphone. This step only needs to take 3-5 minutes. my products
step 3 . Don’t worry! The app icon will disappear from the target phone’s home screen and the app completely works on the background. Now you can go to the dashboard to view target phone’s real-time location and location history. Whatsmore, social media apps activities are also avaliable to check.
Do n’t worry ! The app icon will disappear from the target call ‘s home screen and the app wholly works on the backdrop. now you can go to the dashboard to view target call ‘s real-time location and location history. Whatsmore, social media apps activities are besides avaliable to check. kidsguard pro location tracking

How Can I Find Someone’s IP Address on Facebook?

An IP cover is a all-important piece of information that can be used to find anyone on social media. Facebook never reveals the placement of its users. If you are looking to find person ‘s IP address from Facebook, there is no indigence for any technical school skills at all. Fortunately, some of the methods can be done with just a few clicks and do not require knowing how the Internet works. In this section, we will discuss two such methods ; these include :
how to find ip address facebook

1. The use of an already made Facebook IP logger:

The IP loggers are tools that aid you reveal the IP address of Internet users. You can search Google for low-cost and effective IP lumberman. The IP Logger will reveal to you the IP cover of the prey exploiter when you click a URL they provide. The IP loggers work in stealth mode and it is designed in an indiscernible way. All that you need to get the drug user to click on a link. When the person clicks on the link, their IP address will be tracked from his request that you can access via a trailing code .

2. Creating a custom Facebook IP puller:

A custom-made IP lumberman is a web site that you can set up to keep track of users. It will store the IP address and browser information, such as the clock time spent on each page and what links were clicked from it. Setting up a customs web site will keep users ’ IPs from Facebook. One thing you need to know is that it should be more convincing. You will need a custom knowledge domain name and develop an app or write appealing content .

Extra Tip: How to Find Friends via Their Email Address on Facebook?

The answer to the interrogate “ how to track your friends on Facebook ” is not catchy at all. If you have is their electronic mail address, you can find them on Facebook with rest. You can use the Friend Finder or search cock to locate your friends on Facebook .
facebook search by email

Using search bar:

footstep 1 : In the search bar, type the person ‘s electronic mail address and cluck “Enter” .
dance step 2 : chink on the ask mention on the results page .
step 3 : now tap on “Add Friend” and send a friend request .

Using the “Find friends” feature:

pace 1 : First click the “Find Friends” button in the leave panel and scroll down to where it says “Add Personal Contacts as Friends” .
step 2 : Select your electronic mail service provider from the available list or click on “Other Email Service” .
step 3 : now enter your electronic mail address and password with his name. Click on “Find Friends” and locate his appoint. Tap on “add friend” and send a acquaintance request .

Final Thoughts

Facebook is equipped with all the right properties of being an excellent localization tracker. The developer even has implemented multiple methods of localization tracking but a few critical drawbacks make it undesirable for most of the users. Whereas, KidsGuard Pro works far better and much effective in terms of location track ! And thus it is highly recommend !

KidsGuard Pro for Android Features

  • Track cell phone location in real time and view location history
  • Check all incoming and outgoing calls & SMS
  • Spy on social media apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Viber, WeChat and more
  • Remotely access the files on the target phone, like contacts, photos, call logs, etc.

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