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“ I have found an interesting video on Facebook that I want to contribution with my friends on WhatsApp. Can person tell me how to partake a Facebook television on WhatsApp ? ”
A friend of mine recently asked this as he wanted to partake Facebook video with his contacts on WhatsApp. needle to say, it is pretty easy to contribution Facebook video on WhatsApp as both the social apps are owned by the lapp company. If you want, you can directly share a public video on different applications .
Though, if the television is private, then you can consider saving it on your call ahead. Read on and learn how to send Facebook video recording on WhatsApp in both io and Android devices .
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Part 1: How to Share Facebook Videos to WhatsApp on Android

first, let ’ s discuss how to share FB television on WhatsApp for an Android device. ideally, there are different ways to share Facebook video on WhatsApp .
If the video is public, then you can just use the “ Share ” option on Facebook and forward it to WhatsApp .
In shell if the television is private, then the other user won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to view it. In this lawsuit, you can consider downloading the video recording beginning and later attaching it to WhatsApp .

Method 1: Manually Share Videos via Facebook

If the video is public, then there is no motivation to download it on your device first base. All you got to do is simply get the URL of the television and contribution it on WhatsApp. here ’ s a bit-by-bit tutorial on how to parcel an FB video recording on WhatsApp easily .

    1. Firstly, launch the Facebook application on your Android phone and just browse the app to locate the video you wish to save.
    2. Once you find the video, just tap on the more options icon at the top of the post. Mostly, it is depicted as a three-dot icon or a downward arrow. You can also tap on the “Share” option here as well (besides the Like and Comment button).
    3. This will display different actions that you can perform on the video. From here, just tap on the “Copy Link” to copy the URL of the video on the clipboard.

share facebook videos on whatsapp 2

  1. Now, just exit the Facebook app and launch WhatsApp on your phone instead. From here, you can open the conversation of your choice.
  2. Tap on the input bar and hold it to get the paste option. In this way, you can just paste the copied URL of the Facebook video and tap on the send icon to share it with your WhatsApp contact.

Method 2: Using a Third-party Tool

If the video recording you wish to share is private, then the early drug user won ’ t be able to view it the usual way. In this case, you need to first save the video on your earphone using a third-party facebook television download tool and by and by upload it on WhatsApp. To learn how to share Facebook video on WhatsApp by using a third-party joyride, follow these steps .

    1. Firstly, install any app or visit a website to download videos from Facebook. For instance, you can install the FB Video Downloader app, which is available on the Play Store for free.
    2. Simply launch the FB Video Download app and log-in to your Facebook account to access it.
    3. Whenever you would tap on the play icon on a video, you will be presented with options to either watch or download it. Tap on the “Download” button and the video will be saved on your phone.

share facebookn videos on whatsapp 3

    1. Later, you can just launch WhatsApp and open the conversation of the contact you wish to share the video with. Tap on the attachment icon and select the Gallery option. From here, you can just browse and upload the video to share it with the WhatsApp contact.

share facebookn videos on whatsapp 4

Part 2: How to Share Facebook Videos to WhatsApp on iPhone

fair like Android, we are besides allowed to contribution Facebook television directly from the app to WhatsApp. Since we won ’ thymine be using any third-party downloader, it is only recommended to share public video recording in this case. To learn how to send Facebook video recording on WhatsApp ( for iPhone users ), the play along steps can be taken .

  1. Launch the Facebook app on your iPhone and browse it to select the video that you wish to share.
  2. At the bottom of the video, you can view options: Like, Comment, and Share. Just tap on the Share icon and from here tap on the “Copy Link” option.
  3. As the video URL would be copied to the clipboard, launch WhatsApp, and open any conversation. Tap and hold at the input bar and paste the URL that you wish to share.
  4. In the end, just tap on the send button to share the Facebook video on WhatsApp.

share facebookn videos on whatsapp 5

Part 3: Share Facebook Videos to WhatsApp on PC

A while rear, WhatsApp has introduced the WhatsApp Web feature that lets us access WhatsApp on any calculator. This makes it extremely easy for us to share Facebook video recording on WhatsApp directly. To learn how to share a Facebook video on WhatsApp via calculator, the adopt easy steps can be taken .

    1. Launch any web browser (like Google Chrome) and log-in to your Facebook account. When you find any video, just click on its timestamp to expand it.

share facebookn videos on whatsapp 6

    1. This will open the Facebook video in a new tab. You can just go to its address bar and manually copy the URL of the Facebook video.

share facebookn videos on whatsapp 7

    1. Now, go to web.whatsapp.com to access your WhatsApp account. On your phone, launch WhatsApp, go to its settings, and tap on “WhatsApp Web”. Now, you just need the scan the displayed code to open WhatsApp in the browser.

share facebookn videos on whatsapp 8

    1. You can access all the contacts and conversations of your WhatsApp on the web now. Just select any conversation and paste the copied URL. You can get its preview and press enter/click on the send icon to share the video.

share facebookn videos on whatsapp 9

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