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The Facebook social network app has become the primary metier to communicate with anyone around the worldly concern by sitting in any corner of your board. It is one of the most exploited social media apps that has changed the direction people interact with each early efficiently and faster by commenting, sharing, liking, tagging, and even updating how one feels with the habit emoticons, emojis, smileys and the raw animate stickers. It is not just that ; you can angstrom well get a draw of early features like :

  • Seeing what friends are up to
  • Streaming and shooting live videos
  • Getting notified when friends like and comment on your posts
  • Playing games and use your favourite apps

recently, Facebook added a new feature that allows users to insert stickers on the status and even comments. many users have already started using this new feature on their timeline and comments, while some others are hush wondering how they can use the same feature of speech. – ad –

The consumption of Facebook animated stickers in posts is so boil these days that it is closely impossible to see any of your friends make a post on their timeline without using this excite feature of speech. Trust me ; it is no big deal. The new Facebook stickers have become familiar to express what you feel whether you are deplorable, happy, annoying, lovable, aghast, silly, diffident, or angry .

This feature is entirely available on Android and io, not on desktop soon, but we expect it to come to that soon. Each Facebook exploiter starts out with the default option set of stickers packs, including the emojis. You can besides do the traditional textbook smiley emoticon like “ 🙂, 😀, and 🙁 “ in your condition and they will show up adenine little faces on your condition, deoxyadenosine monophosphate good. But that is the old model .
The basal purpose of this tutorial is to guide you through the procedures to follow in other to insert stickers on your Facebook posts and comments. In other to get handful of this feature, you need to download the latest Facebook app from Google play Store. however, if you want to take a closer count at how to do it, here is the template below :

How To Add New Stickers or Emoji On Facebook Timeline Posts/Status

  • Log in to your Facebook account if you are using the app for the first time
  • To make stickers appear at the top of your status, tap on “”What’s on your mind.”
  • Type in your status update, then tap on the yellow smile icon as seen in the image below

  • Select “Feeling/Activity” on the list as seen below

  • You will be taken to a page showing feelings emojis, select the “stickers” menu option – the first one listed will be the default emojis, but you can download more at anytime using the ”plus” button.

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  • Select any of the stickers from the list, and it will appear above your composed status update.

  • After you have selected this and inserted it into your post, you can add any other text you like as well. Click the “post” button at the top right corner when you’re done to publish.

How To Add Stickers To Facebook Comments

  • To make stickers appear in comments, tap on the tiny happy face icon at the bottom of the comment box, just to the right of the camera icon.

  • You will be shown a list of “stickers” that you can browse through by swiping the screen left or right.
  • Tap on the sticker you want to use from the list, and it will be published automatically

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Note – unlike in status updates, gummed label combined with textbook can not be used in comment sections, you can either choose any of the two.


It can be trickier to add stickers in Facebook posts and comments because the sociable network doesn ’ t offer a graphic guide to do this. The trick is simple, though. It ’ s a batch easier to use stickers in Facebook posts and comments, as this basic tutorial explains .
Do have any questions regarding how to add enliven stickers to Facebook posts and comments ? Drop your questions in the comments box .