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These days stories are pretty celebrated on social media – be it Instagram Facebook or Snapchat. People can well share their day to days moments in kind of photos and videos with their friends and family seamlessly. Like Snaps in Snapchat ( the original godhead of Stories ), Facebook stories appear lone for 24 hours, but they are highly probably to be seen by your friends and followers .

see other viewers list on facebook story
That ’ mho because stories appear right field on exceed of your social media feed, and it only takes one click for people to view the latest stories updates .
If you are an avid Facebook exploiter then you already know that it is not possible to see who viewed your Facebook profile, but you could easily find information about people who viewed your Facebook history .
But have you ever seen the “ viewed by 1 other ” or “ 1 early people viewed this report ” message merely below your report ?
hera ’ s the complete message “1 other person viewed this story. As it was shared to Public, a person you’re not friends with saw it” .
You must be wondering what it means and why the platform does not disclose the names of these other users, as you must want to know the profile identify who have seen your stories .
In this post, we will discuss what does “ early Viewers ” means and how to see other viewer ’ sulfur on Facebook stories .
Sound ’ s thoroughly ? Let ’ s get started .

The “ early Viewers ” are the people who viewed your Facebook fib that are not friends with you .
For example, if the message displays “ 11 other people viewed this floor ”, it means that 11 people that you ’ re not friends with on Facebook have viewed your story. These other viewers can be your followers or some random people on Facebook .

see other viewers list on facebook story
This will only show when you ’ ve changed your fib ’ mho privacy setting to public. If anyone other than your Facebook supporter views your story, they will be counted as other viewers .
It ’ s crucial to note that by nonpayment, your floor ’ randomness privacy setting will be set to “ Friends ” merely. That means only your friends can view your report .
But if you change it to “ Public ”, it will make your report visible to everyone on Facebook and Messenger .
If you don ’ metric ton want other people to view your story, you must change your privacy settings before posting a narrative. You can find the Privacy option right at the bottom of the sieve on the history page .

see other viewers list on facebook story
From there, you can change your privacy settings to “ friends ” or “ friends and connections ” .

here you can besides find a “ Custom ” privacy choice that allows you to choose who can view your history. If you want to show your fib to selected friends or a group of people, you can select this option .

unfortunately, you can not see other viewers on the Facebook fib. If your fib ’ randomness privacy set is set to “ Public ”, you ’ re only able to see the number of other people who viewed your narrative. Facebook has decided to keep this data confidential .
here you can besides see that person on Facebook Help Community posted a wonder “How do you see who the “other viewers” are that watch your story” .
Answer from the Facebook Help Team is:

Hi Kyia ,
Thank you for sharing your question with the Community .
If your history privacy is set to Public, you ’ ll be able to see the number of followers who have viewed your story, but not specific follower names. Please consult the connection below to learn more about this feature on Facebook :
hypertext transfer protocol : //www.facebook.com/help/1322453704471759/ ? ref=u2u
I hope this assistant .
Best wishes ,

here I have besides attached the screenshot of the conversation .

see other viewers on facebook story
If you are in truth concerned about other people watching your history, then the dim-witted way to avoid that is by changing your narrative ’ randomness privacy adjust .
however, you can view the number of your friends that viewed your history, along with their profiles. And, these names will be visible even after your floor no farseeing appears .
Final Words:

By default option, when you publish your beginning floor on Facebook, the fib ’ south privacy setting will be set to “ Friends ” merely. But if you changed it to “ Public ”, everyone on Facebook can see your report .
If you have privacy concerns, then set your privacy setting to “ Friends ” differently, you won ’ t be able to know who they are .
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