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[ tps_header ] [ /tps_header ] alt="facebook quotes" yesterday marked the 10 year anniversary of the phenomenon we call Facebook. By now you ’ ve credibly watched the popular film The Social Network, and are familiar with the history of the avail and it ’ s controversial collapse.

If not, here ’ s the abridged translation : – Mark Zuckerberg creates a simple web site in his cramp Harvard dormroom – The web site, then called thefacebook.com, begins to grow in popularity amongst college students before hitting it bad when it ’ second publicly released – After cutting ties with some of his partners, Zuckerberg becomes the alone boldness of the brand and grows it to 1.2 billion users cosmopolitan. – Zuckerberg at 29 years old is now worth close to 29 billion. today, many of us can ’ thymine imagine a populace without Facebook.  It ’ south become a massive connection of family and friends and a means for people and businesses to communicate with large groups of people. It ’ s besides become an incredibly personal way to let your family and friends know how you ’ rhenium feel at any given time. If you ’ re one of those people who agonizes over finding the perfect quote or line to update your Facebook status with : expression no further. happy or sad, cute, cagey, fishy, or inspirational, this tilt covers a variety show of topics for every emotion .

Facebook Quotes: 63 Statuses You Should Steal

Funny & Hilarious Statuses :

1 ) On Human Stupidity : alt="funny facebook quote" 2 ) I don ’ t have a girlfriend. But I do know a charwoman who ’ five hundred be mad at me for saying that. – Mitch Hedberg 3 ) I wish more events in life involved dumping a cool full moon of Gatorade on people – Unknown 4 ) The back of every furniture assembly manual should have a coupon for couples counseling. – Unknown 5 ) I always take life sentence with a grain of salt …plus a cut of gamboge …and a inject of tequila. – Unknown

inspirational Statuses :

6 ) On achiever : alt="inspirational facebook quote" 7 ) Kiss French, drive German, dress italian, spend Arab, party Caribbean. – Unknown 8 ) To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable partially of happiness. – Bertrand Russell 9 ) The best manner to predict the future is to invent it. – Alan Kay 10 ) failure is the condiment that gives success its season. – Truman Capote

Love Statuses :

11 ) One “ The One ” facebook love quote 12 ) Anyone can catch your eye but it takes person particular to catch your kernel. 13 ) Love the person who deserves it, not the one who requires it. 14 ) I don ’ t have the prettiest face for you to see or the skinniest shank for you to hold. But I do have the biggest heart to love you with. 15 ) Love is patient, love is kind. love will make you lose your mind.