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FB status with temp videos is one of the recently added features that most of the users are liking. According to your temper and juncture, numerous television condition can be uploaded on your Facebook profile. This feature of speech is alike to Snapchat or WhatsApp stories. however, the number of people who watch your Facebook statuses is a lot higher than other platforms. Nowadays, the options of FB status in Punjabi are getting viral because of their vibrant graphics and mind-blowing music. You must besides be sharing such kind of condition is on your profile but most of them are forwarded by person else .
If you want to keep your profile up-to-date every sidereal day with a classifiable Facebook status in Punjabi, we recommend downloading from YouTube or other trending on-line pour platforms. immediately you can download an outright number of FB statuses in Punjabi, Hindi, English and any early linguistic process with the serve of a revolutionary app called Snaptube. We will let you know about its potent features in the points below .
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List of some top trending FB statuses in Punjabi

Steps to download FB status in Punjabi

Step 1. Download and install the app

First of all, visit the official web site of Snaptube and download its latest version in beta or stable format. we recommend beta adaptation for those who want the most boost features but it may besides have some instabilities. Once the app is downloaded, tap on it to install by allowing a third party initiation process to your Android device .

Step 2. Explore Facebook statuses

After initiation, open the app and explore your desire message through the search for random videos appearing on the home sieve. Sign in with Google account to get the number of all subscribed channels on the home screen .

Step 3. Download the file

once you manage to find the desire FB status new in Punjabi, pat on the download button, select a solution and save the file. multiple statuses can be downloaded in a course by pressing + button on the thumbnail of every video
Start with some of these top trendings options of FB status in Punjabi sad, attitude, rejoice, beloved, and respective other genres. once you start, new suggestions will mechanically appear on your family sieve .

Some important features you should know before installing Snaptube

  • Get personalized YouTube videos

You can use Snaptube without requiring any personal explanation. All features will be accessible but they can be enhanced by signing in with your existing Google account. once you enter the Google idaho and password in Snaptube, it will provide the latest feeds according to your previous watch history on the home screen. for example, if you have searched Facebook condition in Punjabi previously, all railroad track results according to year research history will appear automatically .

  • Seamless online streaming

If you want to enjoy a video on-line, there is no need to explore it through YouTube. Snaptube is a great alternative because it provides ad-free entertainment without charging any amount. For this feature, you have to pay monthly subscription charges as a premium YouTube exploiter. In accession, to improve your viewing experience, Snaptube is besides and has to with the latest features like picture in word picture manner and colored mode .

  • Productive home screen

At beginning glance, the home screen of Snapdeal looks like a typical browser. however, if you look close east to the elements available, there is a batch of stuff to explore. If you want to download FB status in Punjabi position or sad theme, there are multiple ways to explore the same content. The most convenient direction is searching it in the search bar by entering URL or relevant keywords. You can besides add a bookmark of a web site providing the latest Facebook statuses. After browsing frequently for once or twice, the latest television related to your search history will be mechanically shown on the home plate filmdom .

  • Multiple resolutions downloading options

a exploiter can download a individual video recording in multiple resolutions with this amazing app. When you start downloading, it asks to choose the choice in which you are bequeath to download a file. The maximum video recording resolution downloading choice can arrange is up to 4K. however, the downloading quality depends on its actual resolution uploaded on the YouTube chopine. For the best potential entertainment feel, use terms like 4K and Ultra HD with every search.

  • Video to audio conversion

not only for FB status in Punjabi sad or joy themes but this app besides shows an on-line converter. Videos that you can stream on-line on Snaptube are easy to convert into sound recording files. presently, this app is supporting MP3 and m4a file format conversion from any video format. If you are a music lover, YouTube is the chief informant to find your coveted soundtrack. Once you manage to find it, download it by converting it into an audio file with a high bitrate .
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