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Create perfect images for your Facebook account with EDIT.org ‘s absolve and amply customizable templates .
Graphic design templates for customizable facebook posts

Create custom Facebook images

Did you know Facebook is the largest social net in the global, with 2 billion active users ? Since the volume of users sharing contented is so large, stand out from your competitors by creating the best pieces of communication for your business. One of the most effective ways to do that is by using creative images that will get plus feedback from your audience. Most of the time, these images determine whether the rest of the post will be of interest to them or not. It does n’t matter how capital your article or message is if you ca n’t get your prey audience to click on it .
EDIT.org is an on-line prototype editor program that helps you pay attention to those small details that determine whether a post will be worthwhile or not. The editor mechanically adapts the size of the design to the desired format, so you ‘ll always get a high-quality piece of communication.

finally, remember that in the editor you ‘ll besides find templates for professional Facebook covers .
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Customize images for Facebook with EDIT.org

  1. Go to the editor to get started or click on any of this article ‘s images .
  2. Choose the design that best suits your idea .
  3. Change the background image and add different elements, filters, logo, and corporate colors .
  4. Save and download the final result in JPG, PDF, or PNG .
  5. Share it on Facebook to increase your number of followers.

Keep in beware that on EDIT.org, you ‘ll be able to modify your designs whenever you want, since all the edited templates are saved in the user ‘s profile, and you ‘ll be able to edit them again from any device with Internet access. Having all your previous designs saved will allow you to adapt the same plan to different formats and maintain the like master look .
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Customizable templates for Facebook posts

On the editor program, you ‘ll find templates for all types of posts, whatever your business is. Remember that any post that contains an trope or video will generate between 100 % and 120 % more betrothal compared to one that does n’t. You can besides create a photograph album ; that is, a group of photos with the like style that can be used to tell a story, for model. It ‘s significant that you add an individual description to each prototype. Posts containing a photograph album generate up to 180 % more engagement, according to statistics .
On the other hand, the text will be what very provides information to the drug user. however, the shorter the post, the more interaction it will have ; a mail containing besides a lot text goes unnoticed because it ‘s not attractive. The ideal military post is between 100 and 250 characters, which will give you up to 60 % more interaction than those that are excessively long .
therefore, the ideal combination is concise text and a strike image that generates curio, and is related to the accompanying text, of course. As mentioned, it ‘s critical that the images posted follow a style line of their own, which will help create a bodied mark and a professional profile .

Facebook photo sizes

finally, remember that it ‘s vital to take care of the size of the designs you upload to Facebook ; the platform compresses the images to upload them, so it ‘s all-important to use the decline size. A pixelated persona will ruin your post. hera are the official sizes of Facebook posts :

  • Image for a post with a link: 1200 x 628 pixels 
  • Image for a post without a link: 2048 x 2048 pixels ( square ) and1364 x 2046 pixels (portrait)

facebook post closed for holidays Astonish your followers with the best contented related to your business. Try out the editor program immediately and start creating your professional Facebook post !