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You ’ ve got to be proactive. If you want to be successful, you can ’ thymine ride back and wait for customers to come to you – reach out to them. so where are they ? Facebook. Facebook is the largest social network in the world, with more than 1.70 billion people logging on daily to spend an average of 58.5 minutes on the platform.

That ’ mho insane. If you sell products on-line and you don ’ t have a Facebook shop, you ’ re missing a huge opportunity. The Facebook patronize feature international relations and security network ’ metric ton merely available to major retailers – anyone can get in on the action. For ecommerce store owners, it ’ south one of the most no-brainer ways of using social media marketing. Plus, Facebook now allows you to set up a mobile-optimized store for people to access on both Facebook and Instagram. Its new feature, called Facebook Shops, makes it easy for users to discover, browse, and purchase your products on the platforms they use casual to enjoy new experiences. In this article, you ’ ll learn everything you need to know about the new Facebook Shops sport. We ’ ll then show you the traditional way of creating aFacebook patronize and how to integrate your Shopify store with Facebook. Plus, make indisputable that you stick around until the end to learn how to tag your products in Facebook posts .

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Facebook Shops is a recently introduced feature that aims to ease the disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It allows you to showcase your products on your Facebook page and Instagram profile in a way that offers a native denounce experience. Facebook Shops give you the ability to create custom collections by grouping items from your inventory, making it easy for customers to discover your products. Plus, you can present a discrete stigmatize and shopfront by customizing the layout and colors of your Facebook shop class.

With full-screen images and customizable design, Facebook Shops lets you create a trade name identity across Facebook and Instagram. facebook shops little businesses typically struggle to move their business on-line, and right now, many of them are worry about the state of their storefronts. As people are being ordered to stay at home, they are having a hard prison term staying assailable and making enough money to stay in business. With Facebook Shops, smaller retailers have an opportunity to weather the COVID-19 storm and gain even more customers than earlier. After using Facebook Shops, customers will be able to access your store and see your collections from your Facebook business page, Instagram profile or Instagram Story. And just like when you ’ re in a retail shop and offer support to electric potential customers, you ’ ll be able to connect with people through Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram Direct to answer questions, provide tracking updates, and more. Facebook besides said that in the future customers will be able to view a clientele ’ Facebook store and buy products mighty within a new world chat in these communication channels. Meaning you ’ ll get more opportunities to make sales via upselling and cross-selling. facebook shops for small businesses

Facebook Shops for Shopify Merchants 

Shopify has been working with Facebook since 2015 to provide sellers with the best multi-channel commerce solutions. now the ship’s company has partnered with Facebook to bring the newly, mobile-first shopping feel to Shopify merchants. here ’ s what you can expect : If you ’ re already selling products on Shopify, Facebook Shops will become available to you as an extra sales transmit and you ’ ll be able to use it to create a brand shopfront on Facebook and Instagram. After publishing your patronize, you ’ ll besides be able to customize it a good as curate intersection collections directly inside Facebook and Instagram. And with Shopify ’ randomness integration, your inventory and items will stay in perfective synchronize with your ecommerce memory, so you can manage your business from one place while providing an omnichannel customer experience. Shopify and Facebook Shops product checkout will besides be powered by Shopify for shop owners, with the company besides offering Instagram Checkout to some merchants experimenting with the modern sport. Facebook Shops is expected to roll out to every merchant in the adjacent few months, but you can get a drumhead start by adding a Facebook channel on Shopify. Keep read to learn how to set it up and how you can sync your existing products through the channel so you can customize your Facebook Shop once it becomes available .

Before Facebook Shops, the only way to create a Facebook shopfront was to use the “ Shop ” yellow journalism on your Facebook page. Although a small numeral of businesses that use the Facebook Shop tab key will be migrated to Facebook Shops, the majority will still need to wait for a global rollout. Meaning that if you ’ re based in a country where Facebook ’ second features are dense to reach, you will have to take the traditional path to set up a Facebook denounce. Shop is a tab which you can configure on your Facebook page to promote and sell your products directly to Facebook users on the platform itself. here ’ s an example of a Facebook memory from Shopify drug user Best Self Co : Facebook Shop Example When Facebook users click on a product, they ’ ll be shown an boom intersection page. On this page, they can see intersection pictures and videos, and read the product description. Facebook Shop Product Page Example

Before we look at how to create a Facebook shop, it ’ s authoritative to understand precisely how a Facebook store can help you grow your ecommerce busines mho. here are the three main benefits of having a Facebook store, traditional or mobile-first :

once you have a Facebook workshop set up, you ’ ll be able to start tagging any of your products featured in your images. This ensures that everyone who views your posts will become mindful of the products you have available. In the model below from Nike, you can see intersection listing thumbnails under the head “ Products shown. ” Facebook Shop Product Tagging Plus, poster how each intersection in the image has a price tag icon ? When users hover their sneak over the picture, intersection information is displayed. here ’ s the best part : once you ’ ve set up your Facebook shop class, tagging products in posts is quick and easy. More on that in a hour .

People hang out on Facebook. Remember, the average daily user spends closely an hour on the platform every day. By using Facebook Shops or adding a Facebook Shop tab key to your page, you can capitalize on the way users engage on Facebook. Unlike your web site, when people view your products on your Facebook memory, they can Like them, save them for late, share them with friends, or leave a gossip asking a wonder or sharing their thoughts. Social Selling besides, if you ’ re in the U.S. and have checkout enabled, customers can place an order without having to leave the platform. Each of these actions will help to expose your trade name to new people in the best possible way – through a supporter. These engagements work as a powerful form of social proof – meaning that people are heavy influenced by the opinions and actions of others .

You want to make it a easy as possible for people to purchase your products. The more hoops you make customers jump through, the more likely they ’ ll give up or get distracted and not complete their buy. Simply put, a Facebook storehouse makes liveliness easier for Facebook users. They can browse your products in the same window they ’ re using to chat with friends. Plus, they can add products to their handcart and then check out on the chopine, or head to your web site to finish purchasing your products .

unfortunately, the Facebook Shops sport international relations and security network ’ thymine presently available in all countries. So, which countries can access the feature ? estimable doubt – no theme. Facebook international relations and security network ’ t superintendent helpful in this attentiveness, saying only, “ Shops are being rolled out to businesses who sell with Instagram Shopping, a Facebook Page workshop or both. We ’ ll transport you an electronic mail when yours is ready. ” Faceboook shops roll out What ’ s more, even if you can entree the Facebook Shop yellow journalism feature, Facebook lone provides a shopping haul and checkout service for sellers in the U.S. And once again, we don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate know when other countries can expect access to this feature. however, it ’ s not all bad news. If you ’ re not based in the U.S., you can still use a traditional Facebook denounce as a sales channel to hook in new customers and send them to your web site to check out by using the call to action, “ Check Out on Website. ” Check Out on Website Okay, now let ’ s expect at how to set up a Facebook shop with Shopify. then, we ’ ll take a look at how to create a standalone Facebook store using the Shop pill on a Facebook page .

We recommend this road for good sellers ( and for existing Shopify or Oberlo users ). Why ? first, you ’ re in dominance – your business won ’ triiodothyronine be wholly dependent on the whims of future Facebook policies. You ’ re besides able to utilize Shopify ’ s potent ecommerce management software. # Win Plus, Shopify allows you to integrate multiple sales channels. This means that you can sell on your own web site, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Amazon, eBay, and more, all from one dashboard. In other words, it will make your life sentence way easier. Shopify Facebook Shop Integration Okay, ready to get to work ?

Step 1: Create Your Shopify Store

If you don ’ triiodothyronine already have a Shopify shop, head to Shopify.com and create an account. Shopify Sign Up thankfully, Shopify offers a release 14-day test, so you can test it out before committing. however, to create a Facebook patronize, you ’ ll need to sign up to one of Shopify ’ randomness plans, which start at just $ 29 per calendar month. When you ’ re done, you ’ ll be taken to your new Shopify dashboard – A.K.A. the command center of your future ecommerce empire : Shopify Dashboard At this point, Shopify will prompt you to add a product, customize your composition, and add a domain name. It ’ second best to get your storehouse set up immediately – for more serve, check out : How to Set Up Your Shopify Store . besides, if you don ’ t already have a Facebook page for your business, you ’ ll need to set one up before we can continue. For help, read our guide, 19 Easy Steps to Setting Up a Killer Facebook Business Page . act ? Awesome !

head to your Shopify dashboard, snap “ Sales Channels, ” and then click the asset icon to add Facebook as a fresh sales transmit. Add Facebook Shop to Shopify once you ’ ve done that, click “ Connect Account ” to connect Shopify with your Facebook account. Connect Facebook and Shopify Facebook will ask you to allow Shopify to “ manage your Pages and print as Pages you manage ” – suction stop “ OK ” to continue. adjacent, use the drop-down menu to select the Facebook page that you want to create a Facebook workshop for. Once you ’ ve done that, click “ Connect Page. ” Connect Shopify to Facebook Page At this point, you ’ re asked to read and agree to Facebook ’ s Seller ’ second Terms and Policies. Make certain to read these before clicking “ Accept Terms. ” All done ? Okay, it can take up to 48 hours for Facebook to review and approve your storehouse. In the meanwhile, let ’ s break down what you ’ ll do once you get the green light from Facebook. once Facebook has approved your memory, you ’ ll necessitate to sign up for one of Shopify ’ mho plans and chink “ Enable ” before you can start selling through your Facebook store. Enable Facebook Shop

immediately that you ’ ve linked your Shopify store to your Facebook page, it ’ s time to set up your Facebook shop class. To add products to your Facebook store, click the “ Products ” yellow journalism in your Shopify dashboard and select the products you want to add. following, snap “ Actions ” to open the legal action menu, and then click “ Make products available. ”

Shopify Product Management

A popup window will ask you which sales channels you want the products to be displayed on. Check the box next to Facebook and chink “ Make products available. ”

Make Products Available on Facebook Shop You can besides add collections to your Facebook denounce in the same way. Just click the “ Collections ” check in the Shopify splashboard and repeat the march. immediately, to edit how products are arranged in your Facebook store, head to the “ Publishing ” tab under “ Facebook ” in the sidebar. here you can add, remove, and arrange collections of products shown in your Facebook shop. Shopify Product Management once you ’ re done, head to your Facebook page and you ’ ll see a new “ Shop ” pill featuring your products and collections. here ’ s an example from Shopify user KKW Beauty : Facebook Shop Tab If you ’ d like to change the ordering of your Facebook page tab, read “ Step 1 ” of the following section. Congratulations, you ’ ra now the proud owner of a Facebook shop class !

In this section, we ’ ll work through how to set up and manage a Facebook shop using only the chopine itself. again, if you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate so far have one, make surely to set up a Facebook commercial enterprise page before continuing. Okay, let ’ s startle in .

Step 1: Add the “Shop” Tab

Navigate to your Facebook page and chatter “ Settings. ” You ’ ll then be presented with a huge menu of Facebook page options. now, chink “ Templates and yellow journalism ” so that we can add the Facebook patronize yellow journalism. Facebook Page Settings This will show you all of the tab key you ’ re presently using. Scroll to the bottomland of the list and chink “ Add a Tab. ” Facebook Shop Tab now, find “ Shop ” and click “ Add Tab. ” Add Facebook Shop This will add the workshop yellow journalism to your Facebook page. If you ’ d like to rearrange the order of your tabs, merely click the three horizontal lines and drag your tabs into your prefer placement. Facebook Shop Tab however, when doing this, make certain that your shop class pill is in the top three. This will ensure that it ’ second inactive visible when your tab key list is shortened by the “ See more ” connect. Facebook Shop Tab

If your workshop tab key international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate displaying correctly, drumhead back to “ Templates and tabs, ” click on “ Settings, ” and make indisputable “ Show Shop tab key ” is on. Facebook Shop Tab once you ’ ve done this, head back to your Facebook foliate and click on “ Shop. ” To continue, you must agree to Facebook ’ s Seller ’ sulfur Terms and Policies. Make certain to read these through before agreeing and clicking “ Continue. ” Set Up Facebook Shop adjacent, Facebook will ask you how you ’ d like people to purchase products from your workshop. Anywhere outside of the U.S. has two options : “ message to buy, ” or “ Checkout on another web site. ” Facebook Shop Checkout Method If you live in the U.S. you ’ ll besides be given the option to accept payments directly from your Facebook page by linking your bank or Stripe account. ( Click here to learn how to do this. ) once you ’ ve chosen your requital method acting, it ’ s fourth dimension to add products to your Facebook shop ! step 3 : add Products to Your Facebook Shop To start, head to your Facebook shop tab key and pawl “ Add Product. ” Add Product to Facebook Shop next, upload your product photos and videos. then, type in your merchandise mention, price, and include a compel product description. In this model, I opted to send buyers to a web site to complete their buy, so I would need to add the web site ’ second URL for this specific merchandise. Facebook Shop Add Product now, Facebook has detailed guidelines and recommendations for product listings. Let ’ s take a quick search at some of the most important points .

Facebook Product Image Guidelines

You must :

  • Include at least one image for each product list
  • The prototype must be of the intersection itself ( it can ’ t be a graphic representation )

ideally, you should use images that :

  • Show all of the merchandise
  • Show the product up close in a well-lit plant
  • Have a resolution of 1024 adam 1024 or higher
  • Are in the square format
  • Have a white background
  • Showcase the merchandise in real-life situations

Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate use images that check :

  • Text ( for example, calls-to-action or promo codes )
  • offense content ( for example, nakedness, denotative speech, violence )
  • advertise or promotional material
  • Watermarks
  • Time-sensitive information ( for example, limited time offers )

Facebook Product Description Guidelines

Your descriptions shouldn ’ metric ton include :

  • HTML ( Rich text entirely )
  • earphone numbers or e-mail addresses
  • long titles
  • excessive punctuation
  • All the letters capitalized or in lower case
  • Book or movie spoilers

ideally, your descriptions should :

  • merely provide information directly related to the product
  • Be concise and easy to read
  • Highlight unique merchandise features and benefits
  • Be grammatically decline and by rights punctuated

When you finish, make certain to click the toggle to enable share and then click “ Save. ” At this decimal point, you ’ ll necessitate to wait for Facebook to review and accept your products. This normally takes a few minutes and Facebook will notify you when processing is complete and your products are visible. once your products are approved they ’ ll look like this : Facebook Shop Product Page then, plainly repeat this process until all of your products are added .

Step 4: Manage Your Products and Orders

To manage your products and orders, click the “ Publishing Tools ” check at the top of your Facebook page, and click “ Shop ” near the bottom of the sidebar menu. Facebook Shop Management If you ’ re based in the U.S. and opted to allow users to checkout on Facebook, you ’ ll get a telling each time you receive a raw order. You besides have an addition tab under the “ Shop ” menu to manage your orders. following up :

Let ’ s promptly run through how to tag your products in Facebook posts. beginning, contribution a new Facebook post or bring up an old position sport products that you ’ d like to tag. now that you have a Facebook workshop yellow journalism with products on it, there ’ ll be an option to “ Tag products ” future to the usual “ Tag photograph ” release. Tag Products Facebook Shop Simply snap “ Tag Products, ” select the intersection you ’ d like to tag and click “ Finished Tagging. ” That ’ s it ! now, whenever a drug user views your post, they ’ ll be shown thumbnails of your Facebook shop class merchandise listings alongside the image. Facebook Shop Product Page


A Facebook store is an incredible opportunity to place your product offerings inside the most popular social media platform in the world. Whether you create one through Facebook Shops or using the Shop check on your Facebook page, you ’ ll get the opportunity to :

  • Capitalize on Facebook ’ s incredible social battle to expose your brand to friends of shoppers
  • Tag your products in Facebook posts to boost sales
  • Reduce friction in the sales process by allowing users to shop for your products without leaving the web site

If you ’ rhenium good about selling on-line, it ’ second best to create a Facebook store using a serve like Shopify.

This way, you ’ ll retain complete control over your business while besides getting access to a cortege of features designed entirely to help you grow your penetrate occupation. If you ’ re based in a nation without access to the Facebook Shops, don ’ thymine worry – it ’ s on its way. And in the interim, you can set up a Facebook Page shop and take advantage of other features like Facebook Stories and Facebook Live to grow your shop. Do you have a Facebook storehouse ? Let us know about your experiences in the comments below !

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