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    Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:

  • cyberpunkjock
    cyberpunkjock ( @ cyberpunkjock ) reported

    @ oliverosmr7 @ Facebook Inbox me now I can fix it

  • kayhymore
    katherine ( @ kayhymore ) reported

    Why international relations and security network ’ thyroxine there more spill the beans about the predators involved in the # Epstein case ? We knew # GhislaineMaxwell was going down but who else ? Also- why did everyone forget when @ Facebook and @ instagram blacked out on us they were out ’ five hundred ?

  • kurtxxreyes
    : / ( @ kurtxxreyes ) reported

    Thousands of accounts are being disabled for no argue @ Meta @ Facebook please address this issue asap

  • Sophie07293185
    Sophie ( @ Sophie07293185 ) reported

    @ Kizmazz @ Facebook Why do n’t you try this ace # isaac_tech.224 on Instagram he helped me when I was having the same issue why do n’t you talk to him and see if he can help you excessively .

  • Drox28296264
    Christopher Wilson ( @ Drox28296264 ) reported

    @ Kizmazz @ Facebook Yeah, I get Into the same fix some time ago, but I got avail from @ NINTHPRO on Instagram, he was able to help Reliable and legit

  • SpongeBhav
    Baibhav Anand Jha ( @ SpongeBhav ) reported

    @ WhoisAasis @ Facebook @ Meta I will let you know if I come across any way to fix this mess. I can understand how nerve-racking it would ‘ve been for you american samoa well. I besides lost an important page and sadly I wo n’t be able to get the lapp username, if it stays this way .

  • agbabiakaoluw15
    MISTRESS KIN DON ( @ agbabiakaoluw15 ) reported

    @ Bibekghimirech1 @ Facebook Luckily they recommended @ hsbbits for my banned account and he help me fix my explanation is immediately working absolutely hopefully he can help you excessively .

  • HemantJ84394166
    Hemant Joshi ( @ HemantJ84394166 ) reported

    @ SpongeBhav @ Facebook @ Meta Ues bro, iodine think facebook did mass suspension of accounts. many of my friends as well are facing such problems. I was besides once restricted without any violation for no reason

  • AkocPaksMond
    Dexter💰 ( @ AkocPaksMond ) reported

    Facebook removing dummy/troll accounts. it took down score created from 2008 to 2009 @ Meta @ Facebook please respond to contact support

  • kurtxxreyes
    : / ( @ kurtxxreyes ) reported

    @ Meta @ Facebook please the mass disabling issue # WeWantOurAccount # facebookdisabledme

  • omgitslexiy
    omgitslexiy ( @ omgitslexiy ) reported

    @ nauman_bader @ Facebook I actually had this lapp accurate consequence and it ‘s so frustrating when you keep complaining and instagram just ignore you or occupy you with automated texts like you don’t even matter, not until I got recommended @ Eazyhack7 who fixed it for me

  • Adrieljanjan
    Adriel Jan bautista ( @ Adrieljanjan ) reported

    It ‘s already 24 hours please @ Meta @ Facebook fix my report 😭 # facebookdisabledme

  • hipstermeyer
    Nathan Hippenmeyer ( @ hipstermeyer ) reported

    You guys. I have been chatting with @ Facebook Support since JUNE about the lapp consequence and it still is not resolved. This has to be a world commemorate .

  • madebymarco
    Marco Rosales ( @ madebymarco ) reported

    @ fbsecurity My account has been hacked on @ Facebook and there ’ s no room of reporting it bc hacker violated t+a, and I can ’ t even login to my account. Where do I get help ?

  • wbdnewton
    William Newton ن ( @ wbdnewton ) reported

    I chose not to scroll down, like, or pilfer refresh when I open the @ Facebook app, so it ‘s been showing me the same mental picture every clock I open it. presently approaching 3 days .

  • LovesRedWine
    ☾ 𝕁𝕠, 𝔸𝕔𝕥𝕦𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕪 ☾

    ( @ LovesRedWine ) reported

    Hey, @ Facebook, or @ Meta or whatever. possibly you can help me. I haven ’ thymine been able to post on my pages for well over 24 hours, and I have no estimate why or for how retentive this banish will continue. I have reported the problem on a phone number of occasions. Please can you advise .

  • guiller82
    Osito ( @ guiller82 ) reported

    @ vaxreports1 @ stkirsch Terrible. possibly @ Facebook obey its masters .

  • AaronBesecker
    Aaron Besecker ( @ AaronBesecker ) reported

    Hey @ Facebook @ Meta. I reported a terror three days ago but I have yet to get an recognition or a reply. Your “ Report a Problem ” function needs some influence. How do I get this addressed ? sincerely, A working journalist

  • RhondaW56788660
    Rhonda Wolfe ( @ RhondaW56788660 ) reported

    @ dougware57 @ Facebook Contact @ hsbbits for your account I had same issues some weeks ago dm immediately to rectify your account his an technical .

  • princessKloakzy
    db_king 👑 ( @ princessKloakzy ) reported

    @ kunalkishor321 @ Facebook @ Meta Worry no more agent111hacker on instagram can fix the issues message him

  • agbabiakaoluw15
    MISTRESS KIN DON ( @ agbabiakaoluw15 ) reported

    @ ilyrodriguez2 @ Facebook Luckily they recommended @ hsbbits for my banned report and he help me fix my account is nowadays working absolutely hopefully he can help you besides .

  • RomarioPardede
    Romario Pardede ( @ RomarioPardede ) reported

    @ WhitmoreJazmin @ fbsecurity @ Facebook My account got like similar problem.. i contacted patronize services but they wouldn ’ triiodothyronine help me … I got referred to ( ethical_pro24 ) and they were so helpful and authentic. They can help you .

  • RomarioPardede
    Romario Pardede ( @ RomarioPardede ) reported

    @ Visshalpunjabi @ Facebook @ Meta My score got lapp exchangeable problem.. one contacted support services but they wouldn ’ t aid me … I got referred to ( ethical_pro24 ) and they were then helpful and dependable. They can help you .

  • b9b7ff045747458
    Crazyinfos.com ( @ b9b7ff045747458 ) reported

    @ Facebook @ facebookapp @ Meta From yesterday evening no as such activities where done by me on this social media handles .But Today in dawn when one tried to login into my instagram report a message popped up on my screen showing that my instagram account is been disabled .

  • Mehnaaz81494844
    @ yasmine26330744 ( @ Mehnaaz81494844 ) reported

    from Mumbai Suburban, State of Mahārāshtra
    @ Facebook why I am not able to send any likes or comments on my friends posts besides I am not able to report my issue on help and support Please reply What is the trouble besides I am ready to answer any questions regarding this trouble Thanks

  • WhoisAasis
    Aashish Jung Kunwar 🇳🇵 ( @ WhoisAasis ) reported

    @ SpongeBhav @ Facebook @ Meta sad to here brother ! I already faced this rather problem. two of my accounts were besides disabled. &, iodine left as the admin of NEH to remain aside from this problem think that reason is mass report. iodine had thrilling memories there .

  • PulpedRadioNet
    PulpedRadio.net ( @ PulpedRadioNet ) reported

    We get shut down on Facebook as a legitimate license business, but spammers are release to roam using stolen and talk through one’s hat information. Wonder how much money scammers pay @ Facebook to keep their profiles active … 🤔 # FacebookFail

  • KennyCamposNYC
    Kenny Campos ( @ KennyCamposNYC ) reported

    I very hate @ Facebook sometimes. I get put in “ Facebook Jail ” for commenting on a friends position “ 4. Burn The House Down ”. After him posting a picture of a ugly *** spider. obviously my comment was sarcastic. I have seen worst **** then this and they let it be. Your AI is an ***

  • VIIsampson
    “ B€ “ ( @ VIIsampson ) reported

    @ chirrup with its selective censoring and sht I guess they had a trouble with me participating in the brusque extort @ TwitterSupport I won ’ thyroxine always get answers either never thought I would say @ facebook has a more average censoring process

  • Guyhan_

    ( @ Guyhan_ ) reported

    @ Meta @ instagram @ facebook ad support is a big disappointment.They respond to queries very promptly, but with something which is not relevant. I have been repeatedly saying the same issue to n number of agents for three days now. not lone it is even not attended on third.. 1/3