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The problem with Facebook is that your group of “ friends ” actually consists of precisely about everyone you know including your family, relatives, friends, sour colleagues, professional contacts, etc., etc. Yes, you can create lists and group people into them, but it ’ s a hard to find feature that no one actually ever uses it. however, I ’ ll hush mention how to use lists in Facebook in case you actually want to organize your ally list .
sol what ’ s the best room to hide your Facebook status from one person or a specific set of friends ? The best way in my opinion is to use the privacy controls while you are actually creating the condition update. In this article, I ’ ll show you how to control the privacy of a single condition update and all future condition updates excessively .
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    Single Status Update

    Since you ’ ll probably merely be restricting your status updates some of the meter, the simplest solution is to click on the little privacy control button at the bottom proper of the condition update window.

    facebook status update
    The privacy master will be set to whatever is your nonpayment option for who can see your Facebook status updates. In my case, my default option fructify is lone Friends. If you want to change this for a detail post, go ahead and click on the polish arrow .
    status update privacy controls At the top, you ’ ll get three independent choices : Public, Friends and Only Me. Below that you get more options like Friends except Acquaintances and then Custom. Below those options, Facebook will give you some custom lists that it creates on its own .
    In my case, it gives me options for friends who live in certain areas, my family, conclusion friends, friends who ’ ve gone to the same school as me, etc. If you already have a list and you want alone those people to see your status, good select the list and you ’ re good to go .
    In order to exclude person or an entire list, you have to click on Custom. This will bring up the Custom Privacy popup window .
    custom privacy facebook
    here you can edit precisely who you want to share or not share the condition update with. In my example above, everyone will see my post except the people in the Family number. You can type in individual names or cream from your lists. Click Save Changes and you ’ rhenium effective to go .
    therefore is there any way for person to find out that you hid a post from them on Facebook ? Well, Facebook does not let the person know, unless you happen to tag them ! thus make certain you don ’ thymine tag a person you are trying to hide your condition from.

    In addition, even if the person you tagged is friends with a person you hide the post from, the latter will not be able to see it on the erstwhile ’ randomness wall or in their own newsworthiness feed. From a technical point of view on Facebook, the exclude people will have no way to know that you posted the condition update. obviously, if person mentions it outside of Facebook, you might be in trouble !

    Future Status Updates

    once you change the jell inline while posting a status update, Facebook assumes you ’ ll want to continue doing this. If you go to post another status update, you ’ ll see it still says Custom rather of any it was earlier. You can besides check this setting under the privacy settings in Facebook. Go ahead and click on the little lock icon at the top right .
    who can see my stuff
    then click on Who can see my stuff? to expand those options. Under who can see my future posts?, go ahead and click on the box and choose Custom. In my case, it was already set to Custom since I had equitable posted a condition update with custom-made privacy settings .

    Create Facebook Lists

    The pre-created lists created by Facebook are useful, but sometimes you need to create a list that is for a specific set of people not already in a list. To do this, you have to go to your independent News Feed and then hover your mouse over Friends in the leave sidebar until you see More .
    facebook friends more
    nowadays you ’ ll see all of your lists. At the top, you can click on Create a List .
    create a list
    Give you list a name and start typing names to create the number. Click the Create button and it ’ mho arsenic simpleton as that !

    new list facebook
    now you can use this list in assorted settings across Facebook that allow lists. hopefully, this helps you control the privacy of your Facebook status updates. Make certain to read my other posts on about Facebook like how to hide your on-line Facebook condition, update Facebook condition via text message, and how to hide from one Facebook acquaintance from another. enjoy !