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It ’ south no privy that recruiters are looking for their future hires on Facebook. A significant count of users claim that they found a subcontract via Facebook, even if they didn ’ metric ton intend to. This makes Facebook a flower portal site for recruiters who want to beginning passive candidates .
here are the best features for sourcing candidates on Facebook :
notice that the General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR ) places restrictions on collecting EU candidate data. Please refer to guidance on using sociable media for recruiting EU candidates .

Facebook groups

Most people are bequeath to share their personal information on-line once they find themselves in more secret settings, like Facebook groups. For exemplar, if you ’ re using social sourcing to look for a vane interior designer, rather of typing ‘ Web designers who live/work in X ’, you could search groups where designers hang out, like ‘ graphic designers ’ or ‘ UI/UX designers. ’

Facebook group Web Designers
Facebook groups Web Designers description Facebook groups give a palpate of exclusivity. For model, posting a job in an alumnus group shows that you have an mind of what kind of people you ’ rhenium looking for and why you ’ re reaching out to them specifically, rather of a broader consultation .
Facebook groups are where people with common interests gather and share ideas. so, they can offer recruiters a glimpse into what people from a specific discipline, or profession, talk about. There are both public ( afford to everyone ) and closed groups ( where the moderators have to approve your application to join. ) In any case, you should read the group ’ s description and make sure you follow the rules .
hera ’ s a list with some of the most popular Facebook group, by profession. Explore these groups to find matter to portfolios, reference passive candidates and get advice from other professionals .

Paid job ads

Posting job ads on Facebook international relations and security network ’ t something raw. Although a ‘ post and beg ’ method might bring you a significant numeral of applicants, it ’ second best to aim for choice, not quantity. Paid job ads allow you to focus on the type of candidates you want to attract for each job open .
You could set specific criteria to get closer to your desirable audience. There are multiple options to choose from, like localization, college degree or interests ( PHP, Google Analytics, etc. )
Facebook paid job ads
Facebook paid job ads
Although these preferences are most popular with marketers, they can come in handy for recruiting on Facebook when building your talent pipelines. Create custom audiences for specific requirements or search for lookalike audiences to grow your pool of modify candidates .
Facebook job ads besides offer many opportunities for creative – even fun – contentedness. They could complement your official speculate postings and link to your web site or careers page .

Source and attract more candidates

feasible helps you build and promote your brand where your future candidates are. You ’ re constantly top of judgment, whether they ’ re actively looking or not .
Start sourcing

Facebook Live

Sourcing candidates on Facebook is hard, but getting in touch with them is harder. exist stream could help you break down barriers and interact with your followers. Facebook Live lets you broadcast in real-time. You can connect with your audience – with no excess apps or video recording editing software required. Your television appears in your followers ’ news feeds and you get hot feedback on the number of people watching and get to see their comments as they come in. When the broadcast is over, your video recording is mechanically saved in your timeline and you can share, embed or delete it. How could that aid you capitalize on Facebook for recruiting ? beneficial recruiters don ’ metric ton expect for an capable character to start looking for candidates. It ’ south all about thinking long-run and building a strong network. If you provide interesting content, people are more probably to remember you and be open in applying for a job with you in the future .

How to use Facebook Live

One theme is to share a television of your employees and show your workspace. This will boost transparency. It ’ sulfur easy to claim that you have a relax employment environment or that you offer high-end technology in your job descriptions. But, providing a live ( # nofilter ) television is better.

Zappos frequently use Facebook Live to showcase their company culture and how they bring art to their work. here ’ s one of their holocene videos :

There ’ south nothing more immediate than a Q & A session. For a specific caper open, you could host a alive pour with your hire coach to answer candidates ’ questions about the character. Or, your Facebook enroll team could share career advice with potential candidates in real fourth dimension .
profit Cosmetics are celebrated for their survive Q & A and tutorial video recording .

Sports events and concerts frequently broadcast bouncy on Facebook to attract more fans. In the same vein, you could live stream an event you ’ re host or participating in. sub-rosa footage is another direction to create excitation around an event .
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Focus on your company’s Facebook page

once you reach out to a passive candidate, more frequently than not, they ’ ll perform a little research themselves. not having a compelling caller Facebook foliate could be a red flag for them. It ’ sulfur best not to turn your page into a huge job board where you ’ re only posting jobs for your own company. rather, provide frequent updates to attract more followers. People who like your page normally match your company culture, which makes them likely candidates. besides, these candidates will receive updates from your page, including notifications of new job postings. That way, you can grab their attention, even if they ’ rhenium not actively looking for a modern job .

Here are some ideas to elevate your company’s Facebook page:

Use your employees ’ voices to show what ’ s it like working at your company. They ’ re your best advocates and can present your company culture in the most genuine way. In Dell ’ mho television, for exemplar, you can see how the company supports female employees and what they have to say about their have .

Facebook is all about showing personality. even if you ’ re simply advertising your products or services, you may opt for more creative ideas such as a lightly branded short movie designed to entertain audiences .
Facebook is a great way to interact with fans, but it ’ sulfur evenly significant to move your communication offline, a well. Use your company page to inform people about conferences or job fairs you ’ ll be attending and invite them to events you ’ rhenium host. UPS post calendar updates with approaching events, including career tips for their potential candidates .

The careers department of your company ’ mho Facebook page can be a bunch more for your sourcing scheme than a list of current vacancies. You could present your career development plans, share your employees ’ achievements and explain what you ’ rhenium looking for in future employees. Starbucks Facebook page gives potential candidates insight into what it ’ s like to work at each horizontal surface within their company. But, you don ’ t need to have professionally produced videos to achieve this aim. A few well structured Facebook posts, patronize updates and genuine team personality can achieve the claim lapp enroll goal .