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Have you always waited for a Facebook acquaintance to come on-line so you can have a conversation with them, rather of having to break the conversation into pieces ? It ’ randomness quite frustrating on every social media .

get notification when someone is online on facebook
You can see the “ on-line ” condition of the user, but there is no way you can get a notification for the same. now, you can not open Facebook and wait for them to come on-line so you can initiate a old world chat. That will be besides time-consuming, plus there is no guarantee if they are going to log in to Facebook or Messenger at all .
People frequently look for shortcuts to know if person is on-line. What if we told you there is a way you can know if your supporter is presently active agent on Facebook ? Or, for how long have they been active on this social media ?
By the end of this station, you will know it is possible to get a presentment every time your friend comes online on Facebook so you can talk to them when you both are free to use Facebook .
Let ’ s get started .

unfortunately, there is no built-in feature that could tell you if person is active on Facebook or not. Facebook does not send you a telling when a person comes on-line and neither is there any built-in tool that can show you if a exploiter is on-line or not .
The only way to know that is by logging into your Facebook account and checking each exploiter ’ south score manually. Open your inbox and chatter on your chew the fat with the prey exploiter. There is a green dot along with “ online ” status right below their name if they are presently active on Facebook. If they are not, you will see “ offline ” or no status .
Let ’ s say you have a few users that need to check on Facebook. now, for each drug user, you are supposed to open their chats or profiles to know if they are presently on-line. If you have been using Facebook for a while, you already know how this method works.

The interrogate is “ can you get a telling if person gets active on Facebook ” ? That ’ south because you can not keep person ’ s chat overt for 24 hours just in the hope that you will know whenever they come on-line. Plus, no one has time to look at the screen all the time waiting for their favorite person to get active agent so they can start a conversation .
That ’ second where the third-party tools that send you a notification when person is on-line get into the painting .
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