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Over the past match of years, Facebook has been hinting at the fact that it will become a chiefly video-oriented platform. The passage is well afoot, which is reflected in all the different video sizes Facebook supports nowadays and respective video formats you can upload on the chopine. Although it might take a while before Facebook ’ s transformation is complete, quite a few novelties have already been deployed .
back when Facebook first launched, you entirely had one newsfeed, and people would primarily post statuses, photos, and links to their favored songs. immediately, the newsfeed is split into four unlike categories :

The Watch yellow journalism is quite evocative of YouTube, in that you can find a short ton of video content there from all kinds of different brands and users. Facebook will recommend both the popular video, viewed by thousands of people all over the world and the more curated ones, according to your likes and search history .
This is just the most noticeable of late changes, but it surely isn ’ t the lone one. You besides have Stories at the top of your newsfeed on the Home tab key, just like on Instagram. Facebook has picked up a few tricks from streamlining platforms like Twitch and has introduced subscriptions as well .
By the looks of it, Facebook is gradually becoming some sort of an amalgamation that includes bits and pieces of other social media platforms. What does that mean for you as a content creator or a business owner ?
If you make videos and share them with your target audience on the platform often, you’ll be glad to know that Facebook now lets you monetize your video content. 
There are a few ways to do thus, and we ’ ll go over each one and provide you with a bit-by-bit template so that you can turn your Facebook page into a gross current .

Different Ways To Monetize Facebook Videos

It ’ sulfur no secret that Facebook is making a long ton of money off of ads. While most people are at least reasonably companion with the concept of Facebook ads, not many are aware of the ability to monetize their videos on the platform. This is chiefly due to the fact that Facebook television monetization is a fairly new concept and, until recently, was only available to a limited number of Facebook partners .
The “ screen run ” was a huge success, judging from the fact that Facebook implemented all the different monetization options they had planned. In hindsight, Facebook ’ mho decision makes perfect sense, given that the demand for video capacity is increasing quickly and that video has proven to be a knock-down marketing instrument .
Facebook ’ s independent goal is to provide brands with a hard rationality to continue using the platform and dump more money into ad. At the lapp clock, they want to keep as many active users as possible, which has been a bit challenging in holocene years with people migrating to other platforms, chiefly Instagram .
Video monetization lets Facebook “kill two birds with one stone,” so to speak. On the one hand, it gives brands the opportunity to advertise their products and services in a completely new way. On the other hand, video monetization is a powerful incentive for content creators to post consistently, which inevitably leads to higher levels of user activity on the platform.
hera are the three ways in which you can leverage Facebook video monetization :

  • Brand Collabs Manager
  • Fan Subscriptions
  • In-Stream Ads

Brand Collabs Manager

Brand Collabs Manager is a program Facebook launched with the intention of bringing together brands and influential content creators. It functions similarly to influencer market in that brands can pay content creators to pitch products and services to their followers .

Facebook Brand Collabs Manager
Facebook Brand Collabs Manager

If you ’ re a “ big fritter ” in your recess, then finding and securing a sword deal is one of the best ways to make money on Facebook .
technically, anyone can sign up for the Brand Collabs Manager, but there are quite a few rules, guidelines, and conditions you have to meet beginning. We ’ ll go over everything here, so you know precisely what you need to do to qualify for this form of Facebook video recording monetization .
first gear, it ’ sulfur crucial to understand that there are two sides to the coin here—brands and content creators .


From an advertiser’s (brand’s) perspective, the process is rather straightforward—you pay to have a content creator promote your products and services. 
Of course, there are enough of options that help ensure you spend your ad budget wisely. The screen process for subject creators is rigorous, so you ’ ll know that everyone who ’ s a part of the Brand Collabs Manager broadcast is reputable and has a bombastic enough following to make it worth your while .
On top of that, you can browse different contentedness creators by niches and will have insights into the performance of each branded television they post. This program is an excellent way to extend your scope and get your commercial enterprise in front of thousands of people who are truly concerned in what you have to offer .


From a creator’s perspective, things are a bit more complex. We ’ ll cover the basics hera, but if you ’ ra interested in unlocking the money-making potential of your Facebook page, we advise you to read through Facebook ’ south Branded Content Policies and Partner Monetization Policies thoroughly .
At a bare minimum, to become a member of the Brand Collabs Manager broadcast as a capacity creator, you will need to have a Facebook page. Regardless of how many friends or followers you might have, you can ’ t sign up with a personal Facebook profile .
Whether you already have a Facebook page or are creating a new one from scratch, you will need to meet the following criteria to become eligible for video monetization:

  1. comply with the policies mentioned above
  2. Have a minimum of 1,000 followers, plus converge at least one of the surveil goals :
    1. Reach 15,000 post engagements
    2. Have 3,000 hours of watch time in the past 60 days
    3. Have at least 30,000 one-minute views for three-minute videos in the past 60 days
  3. Be a Page admin for the page you ’ rhenium submit for monetization
  4. Be in a Brand Collabs Manager eligible nation

once you successfully sign up for the plan, most of the exploit is done on your side. You ’ ll have to wait to be discovered and approached by a post and hash out a manage that works for both sides before you can start making money from your Facebook video .

Fan Subscriptions

If you don ’ metric ton want to promote other people ’ second gorge but would still like to cash in on your large come, Facebook gives you the choice to enable subscriptions for your page .
here, Facebook took a page out of Patreon ’ s script, allowing you to put a part of your message behind a paywall. The idea is simple—if you have a large fan base that frequently watches and interacts with your content, Facebook gives you an opportunity to separate your audience into regular followers and subscribers and make money along the way.

Facebook Fan Subscriptions
Facebook Fan Subscriptions

The slippery part with the subscription-based monetization model is finding that perfect balance. You hush have to provide a bunch of engaging capacity to even viewers, meaning you ’ ll have to think of something “ extra ” for your subscribers. This can be any type of exclusive content, including: 

  • Subscriber-only posts
  • Locked polls, votes, and quizzes
  • Behind-the-scenes message
  • Supporter-only Q & A

The goal is to keep creating unconstipated content, but besides to create something particular for your subscribers, a well as give them an opportunity to interact with you immediately and participate in the decisions regarding the type of capacity they wish to see on your page .

technical Aspects of Facebook ’ s Fan Subscriptions

You’re free to set the price of the subscriptions, and Facebook will not be taking any fees. For online transactions, you’ll receive 100% of the money, while for transactions received from the App store, you’ll get 70%, with the other 30% going to the mobile provider. 
For comparison, Patreon takes 5 %, YouTube takes 30 %, while Twitch takes 50 % of all the money you earn from subscribers. With that in mind, Facebook is offering content creators an excellent cover with its Fan Subscriptions model .
As with the Brand Collabs Manager program, you first need to meet certain requirements before enabling the subscription option for your Facebook page. The eligibility requirements for Fan Subscription are :

  1. complaisance with Facebook Monetization Standards, Fan Funding Creator Terms, and

    App Store Guidelines for Subscriptions

  2. 10,000 followers or more than 250 return views, plus one of the stick to :
    1. More than 50,000 mail engagements in the past 60 days
    2. More than 180,000 minutes of watch meter in the past 60 days

If you ’ re uncertain whether or not you meet these requirements, you can constantly check by navigating to Facebook ’ s Creator Studio and selecting Monetization. 

How To Set Up Subscriptions for Your Facebook page

apart from meeting the eligibility standard, there are quite a few technical details you need to take care of before you can start receiving money from your Facebook subscribers. We ’ ll scout you through the stallion serve, assuming you already have an eligible page .
Here are the steps you need to take to set up subscriptions on your Facebook page:

  1. navigate to the godhead studio
  2. Select the page you want to enable subscriptions and suction stopStart Setup
  3. Read through and agree to the Terms & Conditions
  4. Set up your payout account—link an existing trust or PayPal account to the Facebook page
  5. Select which benefits your subscribers will receive
  6. Choose the subscription price—we advise starting off with $ 5
  7. once your request is approved ( you ’ ll be notified ), clickActivate Subscriptions

The important thing to note here is that Facebook will require you to select what kinds of benefits your subscribers will receive. They ’ ll all get supporter badges by default option, but it ’ s up to you to determine what other goodies you ’ ll bestow them with upon subscribing .
It ’ sulfur best to take the prison term and create a scheme, and possibly even put together a contented plan before enabling subscriptions. The last thing you want is for your subscribers to get disappointed by the character or sum of exclusive content they ’ ll receive after giving you their hard-earned money .

In-Stream Ads

In-stream ads are another great way to make money from your Facebook videos. 
The terminus “ in-stream ” refers to the fact that the ads are played during a video—as the content is being “ streamed. ” The video don ’ thymine have to be live. In fact, ads aren ’ thyroxine played during alive streams but can be added subsequently, when you publish the recording of a populate television on your page .
In-stream ads function similarly to YouTube in-stream ads , in that they are placed within your videos and run automatically.
The only thing you have to worry about is monetization eligibility and creating prosecute, long-form content that will keep your hearing concerned enough to sit through the ads before continuing to watch your videos .
Facebook will provide you with detail insights regarding your content ’ second performance and will give you control over the different categories of ads that will be included in your videos .

Types of Facebook In-Stream Ads
Pre-roll ads ad that play before your video starts
Mid-roll ads ad that play at specific intervals during your video. You can choose automatic placement or determine the placement yourself .
image ads static ads that are displayed under your content—below your television, not over it

To become eligible for video monetization via in-stream ads, you must:

  • comply with Facebook ’ randomness Partner Monetization Policies
  • Have at least 10,000 followers on your Facebook page
  • Have at least 30,000 one-minute videos for three-minute videos ( or longer ) in the past 60 days
  • Be 18 or older
  • Live in a state eligible for in-stream ads

Setting up in-stream ads is relatively simple. Provided your page is eligible, all you have to do is enable in-stream ads from the Creator Studio. You need to choose between automatic placements or select your own and choose the video language. Facebook will handle everything else .

How To Create Engaging Content and Make Money on Facebook Videos

now that we ’ ve covered the technical aspects of Facebook television monetization, it ’ s time to talk a morsel about the contented itself .
As you ’ ve seen from the eligibility criteria for different types of monetization on Facebook, it ’ second clear that the platform is putting the emphasis on engagement. Before you can start raking in the money on Facebook, you have to ensure that you’re consistently providing your audience with premium-quality, entertaining video content. 
Most people shy away from videos because they believe that it takes a bunch of time and feat to edit videos and that they don ’ t have the necessary skills. While you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate become a professional television editor program overnight, that doesn ’ metric ton bastardly you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate make stunning videos that your consultation will enjoy .

Create Stunning Videos in Minutes With InVideo

With the right television editing tool, you can make breathtaking videos in no time, even if you have no former video recording editing experience. InVideo is a cloud-based video editing platform that lets you choose among 2,500 professional video templates and helps you fine-tune your videos to perfection through an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop video editor
We besides provide you with dozens of short, three-minute video tutorials, so you can get started with InVideo right away. Do you want to add gorgeous effects, amazing transitions, animated titles, background music, photograph, and voice-over to your videos ? You name it—InVideo ’ south got it !
once you finish editing, you can export your video or upload it to Facebook and YouTube directly. With our free plan, you’ll have access to every single feature InVideo offers and will be able to export up to 60 videos each month without paying a dime! 
hera ’ s a agile overview of what you can do with InVideo :

InVideo Key Features
Easy-to-use video editor Add effects, transitions, scenes, titles, music, and more through an intuitive, drag & fell video recording editor program .
Over 2,500 professional templates Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate start from start ! Choose one of our professionally designed templates and shorten the edit time from hours to minutes .
Text-to-video Turn a web log mail or a script into an engaging television with a single click !
Voice-over Add a voice-over to your videos to engage your audience. Upload your recording or record straight from the app.

Intelligent Video Assistant (IVA) Fine-tune your video with the help oneself of our lovely AI assistant. The IVA will point out all the hard-to-spot mistakes, so you can tweak your videos to paragon !

Get started with InVideo today and create jaw-dropping videos that will captivate your Facebook hearing and serve you turn this social media network into a money-making machine !