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Every person needs a individual distance, particularly when using social media apps such as Facebook. There are tools available in our Facebook settings. We can use those tools to manage our privacy on the platform on-line. Before it was very easy to merely turn off the active nowadays, last seen on Facebook. then implementing such a setting your friends could not see the last active time of yours. The like feature is available on the Messenger app arsenic well. We can still do this but it may take a small bit of our clock time. back then it there was nothing like “ 4 minutes ago ” or “ one day ago ”. Thus your privacy on-line was perfectly fine. however, now it ’ s a concern. It does not matter if your active condition is set to ON or OFF but even, the other person can see your time that when were you active ( in most cases ). That is why you are here and wan na learn how to hide your last seen condition or activity on the Facebook platform. In this lead, I will show the easy to do the thing. however, you need to keep in mind that hiding your last active condition will besides stop you from seeing person else concluding seen status besides.

Last seen vs active status on Facebook

There are two different things on Facebook and Messenger. last seen means that what was the time you were on the platform. The active agent condition means turning off or on your live condition on the chopine. Let me explain these a short piece more for your information. note that if you need a permanent wave solution the merely block the user .

Last Seen

It means that you were active but now you are not on-line on the platform. For exemplar, I am gon na open my Facebook app nowadays at 2:00 AM, but abruptly ( whatever the reason is ) I closed the Facebook app. then after 5 minutes one of my friends come across and wanted to send me a text message or just wan na see my last seen fourth dimension. He can see it as “ 5 minutes ago ” so that he ensures that I am not on-line now and respond. that is what this feature of speech is for .

Active Status

It means that it does not matter if I am on-line or offline, but the exploiter will lone see my status as the last seen with a timestamp. That is all I can say. however, it can ensure that and let person know you are not active. But in reality, you may be online on the platform. I am sure you are getting my point. now let ’ s move on to the operation of hiding our Facebook condition on-line. First I will show you how to hide your final seen and then how to hide your active status on both Facebook and Messenger. so without far discussion, let ’ s contract started…

How to hide active status on Facebook app

You can easily hide your active status or stopping point seen on Facebook application. This method acting cultivate on all devices including Android and iPhone. here is how to do it : Open the Facebook app, tap the Menu at the top right, then go to Settings & Privacy. Tap Settings then Active Status under the Privacy section. disable to toggle next “ Show when you ’ re active ”. Confirm the legal action and tap the “ TURN OFF ” option. That is it, this is precisely how you can disable or hide active status on the Facebook application using your Android and iPhone .How to Hide Active Status on Facebook App

Hide last seen on Facebook web

There is an reference available to everyone on the Chrome Web Store called Unseen – Chat Privacy. The extension allows drug user to hide their seen feature of speech completely from Facebook and Messenger for background. All you have to do is install the Google Chrome browser on your personal computer. now follow these steps to do so :

  1. Go to the Chrome web store.
  2. Now install the Unseen – Chat Privacy extension.
  3. Now visit Facebook.com and click the Eye icon at the top right.
  4. Check the box left to Block the “Seen” feature.
  5. You can also Checkmark the “use it on Messneger.com” option.

Unseen - Chat Privacy extension for FacebookHide Last Seen on Facebook Using PC That is it you have successfully done it, now there is an option way besides. But there is required a little bit more campaign. Somehow if you don ’ thyroxine like the Unseen elongation, or it ’ s not working by rights then remove it from the extension pill and follow the below steps.

An alternative method to hide last seen on Facebook

This is a 100 % working method acting, but you will need a few parole codes to implement in your vane browser. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry it will just take 2 to 3 minutes. It doesn ’ t count if you are singing a chrome or firefox browser. You can placid dow by merely installing the Adblock Plus elongation or addition on your browser and then follow these steps :

  1. Install the Adblock Plus extension on your browser.
  2. Then go to Facebook.com and click the extension.
  3. It’s available at the top right corner of the browser.
  4. Now click the Setting icon and go to Whitelisted websites at the left.
  5. Add this “HTTP://*-edge-chat.facebook.com” and click ADD WEBSITE.
  6. You are done.

Install AdBlock Plus then go to its settingsMake these setting to hide Facebook last seen If you think everything is very well and working then leave it as it is and enjoy Facebook. however, if you think there is a problem or late on you uninstall the browser, then don ’ thymine worry repeat the same steps as mentioned above and you are good to go. besides, don ’ t forget to reload the Facebook page or restarting the browser .

How to turn off, hide active status on Facebook

This is easy and you don ’ t need to install any third-party extension and adblocker to do then. The routine is very simple. There are two versions of Facebook, the classic and the new purpose. however, I will show you the routine on both. Follow these steps to hide or turn off active condition on the classical Facebook adaptation :

  1. Go to Facebook.com.
  2. As you can see the chat section is at the right.
  3. Click the Settings Gear icon.
  4. Now click Turn off active status, that is it.

Hide Active Status on Facebook now it won ’ thyroxine matter if you are on-line or offline on Facebook. Your friends and anyone in the contacts list won ’ t see your active now status. They might see death active days ago and or nothing at all. now the settings are in the new Facebook are quite the same but a little different .

Turn off active status In the new Facebook design

  1. In the new Facebook design, the chat section is on the right.
  2. Click the three dots button next to the Contacts option.
  3. Now click the Turn Off Active Status option.
  4. That is it, you are good to go.

Hide Active Status on New Facebook Design So that is how you can do it using the Faceook.com new design. I explained the new design besides because for most of the uses they have to remove the switch back to the authoritative Facebook option. so for your ease, I have added the above procedure as well .

Turn off or hide active status on Messenger

In the Facebook Messenger app, hiding your active condition is easier than you think. Before you do that, please make certain that you are using the latest Messenger version on your smartphone or mobile. To do so, follow these steps :

  1. Open up the Messenger app.
  2. Tap your profile icon at the top.
  3. On the profile setting page, tap Active Status.
  4. Disable the toggle to turn off or hide the Active Status on Messenger.
  5. Done.

Turn Off and Hide Active Status on Messenger Remember once you choose to turn off or hide your active status on Messenger. then you will not see your friends and contact ’ s active condition adenine well. That is how this feature works. In shortstop, they are forcing us to keep this option enabled. furthermore, when it is active and our friend sends us a message, then we will need to reply because they can see we are on-line. Getting my point ?

How to check if someone has turned off their active status on Messenger

When the k dots appear on person ’ s profile picture on Messenger, it means they are active, if not offline. however, to check whether person has turned off their active status on Facebook Messenger, hera are the signs :

  • You won’t see a green dot on someone’s profile picture.
  • No exact time under the person’s name in the chat.
  • You will something like last seen days ago.
  • Send that person a message, if you get an immediate response then it’s confirmed that the person has turned off his active status.

That is how easy to do it. now you might be thinking that what about the last seen have on Messenger. Well, as I explained at the top of the article. Facebook has removed this have for a long time. That is why it is still potential to make the changes in our browser and get the bring done. but using our smartphone we can entirely use the official app. This is the suggestion to not and you can not make any changes to the official app, as we are not a developer. furthermore, if you are very tired of person just remove that person from the contacts tilt on Messenger. On your smartphone, there are third-party apps available for doing so but personally, I won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate suggest you install the third-party apps on your smartphone. Because of that is what costs you privacy personnel casualty. Look once you install a third-party app, it needs access to your storage, etc. Once you give permission then they access all your data, yet none of those unofficial apps are trustworthy .