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Badges can help your group acknowledge admins, moderators and dedicated group members.

We know an important contribution of building a residential district is getting to know other group members. New members have expressed that they would like an easy way to identify leaders within a group. We ‘ve besides heard that admins and moderators want new ways to welcome members and recognize current members for great group contributions. last year, we announced group badges, a new ocular feature designed to help people learn about other group members. There are badges for admins, moderators, modern members, for a extremity ‘s group anniversary, members identified as conversation starters, and for founding members. To make it easier to identify companion group members and foster community build, badges will appear following to a penis ‘s name on group posts, comments and on member profile .

  • Admin and Moderator: These badges help members easily identify group leaders, which in turn enables your moderation team in keeping your community engaged and safe. This badge will always appear for group admins and moderators.

  • New Member: Welcoming new members and making them feel supported is critical to building community. This badge will appear for members who have joined the group within the last two weeks.
  • Conversation Starter: Recognizes members who start meaningful group discussions. This badge will appear for members whose posts receive the most likes and comments in the past month.

  • Founding Member: Acknowledges early members who have helped grow your group. This badge is awarded to people who join within the first three days of a new group’s creation and write a post, invite people to join, or share to the group within those first three days. This badge is only available in newly created groups.
  • Conversation Booster: Recognizes people who frequently generate meaningful discussions, which can encourage other group members to contribute more. The conversation booster badge will appear for members who make comments that people find valuable.

  • Visual Storyteller: Recognizes members for unique contributions to the community, which could help spark conversation within the community. The visual storyteller badge will appear for members who share photos or videos that group members find valuable.
  • Rising Star: Recognizing new members within their first month with the group that contribute to the community. The rising star badge will appear for new members that receive the most comments and reactions on their posts and comments.

We understand that these badges may not be the best match for your group so we ‘re giving admins control over which badges are available to group members. You can disable badges for all eligible members by visiting Settings in Admin Tools & Insights, and selecting Group Badges .