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We’ve all been in that position where you sent someone a message and it’s taking them ages to reply. Then you open Facebook and it says they’ve been online since, so they’ve been basically ignoring your message

. Most times, it ’ sulfur heart-breaking. But then, how accurate is the last seen and the last active features on Facebook ? Are your friends truly blanking you ?

What Is Facebook Active Now?

When we say Facebook active now, we mean the active person is logged on to Facebook and/or Messenger. And if people are in the Active Now list on Facebook, it only means they are actively using Facebook at the moment.

It besides means that they are viewing their prey, chatting, playing games, or doing some other natural process. And if you want to chat with that person, Active now means that the person is on-line and you can chat with them .

How Active Now Status Works

Active Now Status
Active now Status  shows your friends and contacts when you ’ re active or recently active agent on Facebook. besides, you ’ ll learn when your friends and contacts are active or recently active .
When your “ active now ” status is on :

  • Your friends, followers, and contacts will see a green circle ( ) or recently active time following to your profile word picture on Facebook and Messenger .
  • You ’ ll see if your friends and contacts are active or recently active .

When your active status is off :

  • If yourActive Now Status is turned off in one place may be on the Facebook app, you ’ ll still appear active agent or recently active if you ’ re using Messenger or Facebook light app or even on your browser unless you besides turn off the specify in those places .
  • You will not be able to see when your friends and contacts are active or recently active voice in each place or app that you ’ ve turned off yourActive Status .

It is besides crucial to note that there may be a delay between when person becomes active or recently active and when they ’ ra shown as active or recently active .


It ’ s a common theory Facebook last seen notifications are not normally accurate .

That is because it is thought if you leave the app or locate open, it will still show you as being “ active now ” even though you are not physically or actually browsing within it .
Others besides think that the condition international relations and security network ’ thyroxine accurate at all .
They fell Facebook says users are on-line when devices have been switched off or put away to charge. The active nowadays feature besides only works in whole hours, so if you were active voice two and a half hours ago it would round the figure to say “ active two hours ago ” .
A agile test of it for ourselves has proved that Facebook is extremely dense at updating its last-seen sport. We actually tested coming off the app and close it completely and it took around six to seven minutes for “ active now ” to change to “ active voice 3 mins ago ” – which obviously wasn ’ thyroxine wholly accurate .

IS “Active Now” And The “Green Dot” The Same?

The Green dot on Facebook Messenger future to any user means that the user is presently active on Messenger, In early words, that person is on-line right now. The green dot means that the person is on-line and active on Facebook at that very moment. But, it does not necessarily mean that the person is chatting. He/she may be chatting or not .
now, if the green dot is turned off, but the condition shows active now, then it means they have left the Facebook old world chat, and have left Facebook afford. … And if the status shows that the person was active two minutes ago, then this means they are not live to text and are probably video chatting with person or equitable going through their newsworthiness feed .
We should besides note that “ Active Now ” with a green dot on Facebook means that the person is on-line and visible to their Messenger contacts. Ok… if you refresh the Messenger, and you however see ‘ Active Now ‘ without a green dot that means they might have their chat turned off or you have turned off your old world chat .


Allow me to explain why this happens. Well, it ’ sulfur very childlike. Your account on Facebook has session files that are created on the Facebook server at any given time, thus when you log off wholly these files will be known as end sessions, and Facebook will keep your last active fourth dimension or date on their database using a timestamp .
then, when you log back on, a modern session file is created, and from that point, until you log off again, it will carry on using a seance file that will continually update itself and reports certain things to the Facebook services .
Facebook games ? These besides play havoc with the active message because most people play games through Facebook, which talks to the school term file of your account, meaning it will show as active. Playing games using Facebook is something we are all guilty of. Again, this will implement the methods above, and therefore give a false response even if you are not touching Facebook .


now, we are done ! Facebook “ Active immediately ” is not accurate at all times, but if you truly want to know why he/she is not responding to you….. how about you just ask the person .

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