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It ‘s bad news if person has access to your Facebook history without your cognition. Learn how to know if Facebook account has been breached. It ‘s a normally accepted fact : Facebook knows far besides much information about us. Millions of people willfully tell the company about what they like, what they hate, who they have a puppy love on, which school they went to, and a solid draw more .
however, at least Facebook has terms that govern how it can and can not use your data. What if that datum gets into the amiss hands, though ?
If person has access to your account without your cognition, the position can cursorily become black. Let ‘s take a closer look.

The Dangers of Unauthorized Access

There are countless dangers of person accessing your account without your cognition. Let ‘s briefly summarize some of the most troublesome :

  • Exploitation of Private Information: If you’re a Facebook addict, there’s a good chance there’s information on your account you’d rather not share with the world. Perhaps it pertains to your sexuality, religion, political beliefs, or another “hot” topic. You could even be a victim of revenge.
  • Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying is a real and growing threat. We’ve seen apps like After School come under significant fire from teachers, parents, and governments for their inability to protect users. Given people can sign up to Facebook once they are 13-years-old, there is significant potential for cyberbullying if someone has unauthorized access to private information.
  • Viruses: There have been numerous instances of viruses spreading through Facebook. The Messenger service is a particularly common attack vector, with malicious links spreading quickly. A hacker could use your account to send links to unsuspecting friends, giving both you and them a problem.
  • Other Accounts: People often link their Facebook accounts to other social networks. An unauthorized user can create havoc across a person’s online identity if left unchecked.


Is Someone Accessing Your Facebook Account?

Okay ; so we all agree that if person has unauthorized access to your Facebook account, it ‘s bad news. If you do n’t react promptly, it probably wo n’t end well .
But how do you know if person else is accessing your history ?
fortunately, Facebook has made it easy to uncover the truth. In fact, the feature has been show for a retentive time, but Facebook does n’t do a dear job of letting you know about it .
To begin, log in to your account and snap on the small arrow in the upper-right corner of the title bar. You will see a menu like the one below. You need to select Settings and Privacy > Settings.

facebook settings
once the Settings page has loaded, locate Security and login on the panel on the left-hand side of the screen .
The web site will take you to the recently-redesigned security page. On this page, you will find lots of features to prevent person gaining entree to your score again in the future. For now, we ‘re only concern in the Where you’re logged in section .
facebook login history
You will see a list of all the devices and locations which are presently authorized to access your account. Make indisputable you click on See more to view the full list .
It ‘s worth noting that the list combines Facebook logins with Messenger logins. therefore if you think only one of the two services has been compromised, it is slowly to check .

Removing a Device

If you see something that looks leery, you can use this tilt to revoke its access. Keep in take care that some IP address glitches might occasionally see one of your legitimate devices pop up in an unrecognized location. such cases are safe to ignore .
To revoke access, click on the three vertical dots adjacent to the device you want to remove. A newfangled menu will pop up. You can either choice Not you? or Log Out .
facebook login history logout
If you click on Not You?, Facebook will block the device in wonder and take you through some steps to secure your report ( more on those concisely ). If you click Log Out, the access will be revoked, but the unauthorized person could potentially log in again if they know your password .
If you just want to start afresh, scroll down to the bottom of your tilt of devices and snap on Log out of all sessions .

Prevent the Problem

once you ‘ve revoked the unauthorized person ‘s access, you need to take steps to make certain it does n’t happen again .
Of course, the first mistreat is to change your password. You can do sol by heading to Settings and Privacy > Settings > Security and login > Login > Change password. You will need to enter your old password to complete the procedure .
change password
But changing your password is only half of the narrative. You should besides consider setting up two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication can use either a text message, a Universal 2nd Factor ( U2F ) security key, the official Facebook code generator ( in the smartphone app ), or a third-party code generator. To set up a third-party code generator, you ‘ll need to scan a QR code.

To turn on two-factor authentication, go to Settings > Security and login Settings and Privacy > Settings > Security and login > Use two-factor authentication .

facebook 2fa
You should besides set up alerts for unrecognized logins. By enabling the feature, Facebook will notify you if it sees a login from a leery source. It will allow you to react more promptly in the event of a gap .
To set up the feature, go to Settings and Privacy > Settings > Security and login > Setting up extra security > Get alerts about unrecognized logins. Expand the box, and mark the checkboxes next to either Get notifications or Recieve Email Alerts at [address] ( or both ), depending on your preferences. Hit Save changes when you ‘re ready .

Has Your Facebook Account Been Breached?

Let ‘s quickly summarize what we have learned :

  • You can check if someone else is accessing your account by going to Settings and Privacy > Settings > Security and login > Where you’re logged in
  • You should enable additional security checks in Settings and Privacy > Settings > Security and login > Setting up extra security

And for an extra level of protection add 2FA and login alerts .

Be Wary Around the Web

Facebook is far from being the only service that has the electric potential to leave your liveliness in ruins if person gets unauthorized entree to it .
To make certain you stay condom around the web, make sure you follow basic security system principles. For example, do n’t use the like password on two different sites, use 2FA where available, and do n’t access highly sensitive data on either public computers or public Wi-Fi networks .
trope citation : kvkirillov/ Depositphotos

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