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“ Have you always wondered what English songs sound like if you do n’t speak English ?, ” asks TikTok godhead Daniel Wall in his video which has amassed over six million views. The footage, which was shared on October 24, then shows a mental picture of an artist on riddle, whose identify is Adriano Celentano. Wall explains : “ well, fortunately we have Adriano who has actually written a song to mimic the way english sounds to non-English speakers ! ”

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Dog ‘s Sassy Reaction to Owner Rejecting Her Kisses Has Internet in Stitches Dog ‘s Sassy Reaction to Owner Rejecting Her Kisses Has Internet in Stitches Speaking into the television camera, the TikToker then explains Celentano created the gibberish song because “ He said he wanted to do this because he wanted to inspire people to communicate more. ” “ Check out these lyrics, these lyrics actually sound like English. Let ‘s heed to it now. ” The video then cuts to Celentano performing his song, which is titled “ Prisencolinensinainciusol ” and was released in 1972. The italian songwriter sounds just like he is singing english words, although they are not, and it is baffling internet users. The TikTok television, which can be viewed here, is captioned : “ Have you ever wondered what English songs sound like if you do n’t speak English ? # singer # songwriter # todayilearned # english # throwbacksongs # originstory # song # terminology # adrianocelentano # gibberish. ” Wall ‘s clip has so far been liked more than 980,200 times and closely 6,000 people have taken to the comments section to share their thoughts on it.

One TikToker, Cow, wrote : “ Why can I hear it, but not. ” Another person, Playmaker Sports, added : “ It sounds familiar but I do n’t know what he ‘s saying. ” Heisenberg typed : “ You know what english songs sound like to non-English speakers ? The exact like, except the words do n’t have think of. ” Lol revealed : “ My brain is n’t functioning when I hear this birdcall. ” Pasalach stated : “ A distribute of you missed the detail did n’t you ? It mimics the sounds of English while having no mean, same site as not knowing the language. ” E < 3 revealed : `` Fun fact my grandfather knows every one word to this song because when he was in Italy he thought it was English so he learnt the lyrics to impress, '' alongside a string of laughing-face emojis . Crow commented : `` I feel like I have unlearned 10 years of english lessons. '' Jette shared : `` English is my second terminology and from what I can remember when I could n't speak English, that is pretty accurate. '' Speaking on National Public Radio 's show `` All Thing Considered '' back in 2012, using an interpreter, Celentano, who is now 83, explained why he wrote the birdcall.

“ ever since I started singing, I was very influence by american english music and everything Americans did, ” he said. “ so at a certain point, because I like american slang—which, for a singer, is much easier to sing than Italian—I thought that I would write a birdcall which would lone have as its root the inability to communicate. “ And to do this, I had to write a song where the lyrics did n’t mean anything. ” Adriano Celentano