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Cake values integrity and transparency. We follow a rigid column summons to provide you with the best content possible. We besides may earn commission from purchases made through affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more in our consort disclosure. Music very is the soundtrack of our lives. From the sleepover bops we loved as kids to the party hymn of our adolescent and pornographic years, these songs remind us that we ’ re better together .
Whether you ’ re looking to create the arrant playlist for your best friend bucket list or you fair want to take a trip down memory lane, there ’ s a song out there for you .

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No count how you listen, grab your BFFs, and hit play on these 50+ songs about friendship. even if you drift apart, these memories last a life. Sing along with us to remind yourself what brings people together in the first place .
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Rap and Hip-Hop Songs About Friendship

Example of a hip-hop song about friendship over an image of a group of friends
While rap and rap are best known for ballads about money and fame, that doesn ’ triiodothyronine mean these rappers didn ’ metric ton lean on their friends to get there. These rap and rap songs below test that friendship is everlastingly .

1. “ Best friend ” by 50 penny

50 Cent doesn ’ thymine just want a casual acquaintance. He ’ south looking for person to take with him on his extravagant life style .

2. “ Clique ” by Kanye West, Jay Z, and Big Sean

This clique is made up of some of the most long-familiar names in the world, but they all have each other ’ south backs .

3. “ What About Your Friends ” by TLC

The group TLC holds their friends accountable in this celebrated sock. “ What about your friends, ” they ask. “ Are they gon na be around ? ”

4. “ Best ally ” by Young Thug

This song might just seem about the importance of keeping your friends conclude, but Young Thug besides hints that he is his own best acquaintance .

5. “ real Friends ” by Kanye West

not all relationships are perfective, but Kanye West believes your “ real friends ” always show you who they are .

6. “ just a friend ” by Biz Markie

Is there such a thing as being “ good a friend ” with person of the antonym sex ? Biz Markie has a unique carry .

7. “ No New Friends ” by DJ Khaled

This song is all about sticking with your day-one friends till the end .

8. “ Friends ” by Whodini

Whodini challenges listeners to very consider the meaning of friends and whether you can very depend on the ones you have .

9. “ Hold It Down ” by J. Cole

This song is a reflection of his life and his friendships. J. Cole tells his friends that even though he ’ mho rising in popularity, he ’ ll constantly be there for them .

10. “ Best Friends ” by Missy Elliott

Your best supporter has your back through and through. They ’ ll “ however be there for you ” when you need them .

Country Songs About friendship

Country music is all about singing from the heart, so it ’ s no surprise friendship is a common theme in these bops below .

11. “ real life ” by Jake Owen

Jake Owen describes his “ real life ” growing up, saying that it wasn ’ t what it looked like on television. It might be childlike, but it was authentic and truthful .

12. “ summer Nights ” by Rascal Flatts

Who doesn ’ thyroxine sleep together to celebrate the best summer nights ? This area song knows how to party !

13. “ Beer in Mexico ” by Kenny Chesney

Life is complicated, therefore why not equitable kick back and enjoy the dim-witted things—like a beer in Mexico ? Better yet, bring your friends along .

14. “ Suds in the Bucket ” by Sara Evans

Love is stronger than family in Sara Evan ’ s classic stumble. You can ’ triiodothyronine break love, whether it ’ randomness between friends or lovers .

15. “ Chattahoochee ” by Alan Jackson

This sung is about the Chattahoochee River between Alabama and Georgia. The river teach Alan Jackson “ A draw about be and a little about love ” during those summer days spent with friends .

16. “ Barefoot Blue Jean Night ” by Jake Owen

It ’ s an idyllic area world in this area hit. It ’ randomness all about the simple things, friends, amobarbital sodium jeans, and beer .

17. “ Bring on the Night ” by Alan Jackson

After a long, hard day of work, who doesn ’ thyroxine want to spend the night having fun with friends ?

18. “ All Summer Long ” by Kid Rock

Kid Rock recounts a report of two teenagers falling in love to “ Sweet Home Alabama, ” and this song has become a country-rock hymn .

19. “ Wide Open Spaces ” by Dixie Chicks

The Dixie Chicks express the complicated feelings of growing up, meeting modern people, and encountering “ across-the-board clear spaces ” for the first time .

20. “ It ’ s A bang-up Day To Be animated ” by Travis Tritt

This sung is a look back on one ’ mho life, one ’ randomness relationships, and the unvoiced times. Have you come angstrom far as you expected ?

Pop and Rock Songs About Friendship

Example of a pop song about friendship over an image of two friends
What ’ s the fun in rocking out if you don ’ t have your best friends with you ? These upbeat classics prove that friends will always be there for you .

21. “ I ’ ll Be There For You ” by The Rembrandts

This Friends theme song is the ultimate hymn for friendship and togetherness .

22. “ You ’ re My Best Friend ” by Queen

Queen touched on all the things that make friendship great in this rock stumble .

23. “ With a little aid From My Friends ” by the Beatles

even the Beatles didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get there on their own. They get by “ with a little help ” from their friends .

24. “ family ” by Mother Mother

Indie rock group Mother Mother argues that kin is what we make it .

25. “ Count on Me ” by Bruno Mars

Friends are there when you need them, and you can count on this Bruno Mars sung to have your back.

26. “ Bad Day ” by Daniel Powter

Bad days happen, and friends help us get through. even if you ’ re down justly now, things always get better .

27. “ Tongue Tied ” by Grouplove

This pop-rock reach depicts a brainsick family party, bringing listeners back to those youthful friendships .

28. “ These Are My Friends ” by lovelytheband

Friends come in all shapes and sizes, and we love them anyhow .

29. “ Heroes ” by David Bowie

David Bowie ’ randomness authoritative is the perfective root sung for all those triumphs and achievements together .

30. “ Keep Your Head Up ” by Andy Grammar

This song feels like a close friend encouraging you to do your best, even when you ’ re feeling down .

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Songs About a Broken or Bad Friendship

unfortunately, not all friendships are meant to last everlastingly. sometimes you part ways, and that ’ s o. These songs keep you company during any bumps in your friendships .

31. “ This Is Why We Can ’ t Have Nice Things ” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift throws shade at everyone who holds her down, explaining that everyone takes nice things for granted .

32. “ FU ” by Miley Cyrus

FU is an angry birdcall about grief that easily lends itself to bad friendships .

33. “ Trust Issues ” by Olivia O ’ Brien

Everyone wants to be treated with regard, and when that believe is broken it leads to toxic relationships .

34. “ Fuck You ” by CeeLo Green

CeeLo Green tells the fib of a woman breaking up with him for person else, and he ’ mho decided to merely forget about them .

35. “ We Are never always Getting Back Together ” by Taylor Swift

This party anthem is about a relationship that keeps going sour .

36. “ I Don ’ triiodothyronine Fuck With You ” by big Sean, E-40

big Sean had enough of the folderal with bogus people in his life, and he ’ s not tolerating them anymore .

37. “ Bad Blood ” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift truly is the queen of relationship songs, and she closes the chapter on a toxic friendship with “ Bad Blood. ”

38. “ Fighter ” by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera trusted person who let her down, but that only made her potent .

39. “ then What ” by P ! nk

therefore what if people try to put you down ? You ’ re however awesome in your own means, and the haters don ’ t topic .

40. “ Sorry not Sorry ” by Demi Lovato

In the font of adversity, Demi Lovato encourages listeners to let their assurance glow .

Songs About Missing a ally or friendship

Example of a song about missing a friend over an image of a group of friends
even if your friends are army for the liberation of rwanda away, you can placid feel their presence. These songs are perfect if you ’ ra dealing with the death of a close friend and you need some death of a acquaintance quotes to help you through .

41. “ You ’ ve Got a acquaintance in Me ” by Randy Newman ( Toy Story )

This Pixar song went down in history as one of the most memorable songs of all time. No matter what happens, “ you ’ ve got a ally in me. ”

42. “ Where You Lead I Will Follow ” by Carole King

Fans of the popular show Gilmore Girls know just how charming this composition song is, bringing to mind warm feelings of togetherness .

43. “ Your song ” by Elton John

Elton John ’ s sung international relations and security network ’ thymine written about anyone in especial. It ’ mho equitable a classical, innocent love ballad .

44. “ ( I ’ ve Had ) The time of My Life ” by Bill Medley

Though it ’ ll always evoke Dirty Dancing, the best friendships lead to the best of times .

45. “ Stand By Me ” by Ben E. King

This sung is a reminder that friends will always be there when you ’ re not potent and you need person to help you through .

46. “ beneficial elimination ( Time of Your Life ) ” by green Day

This park Day classic is a somber, reflective sung about moving on from friendships as life passes you by .

47. “ bad black car ” by Gregory Alan Isakov

This simple birdcall is about the nostalgia of a past relationship. “ Heartbreak, ” he sings, “ drives a adult black cable car. ”

48. “ Casimir Pulaski Day ” by Sufjan Stevens

possibly one of the saddest songs of all clock time, Sufjan Stevens discusses his experience losing person close to him .

49. “ funeral Singer ” by Sylvan Esso

This traverse of the Califone ’ s adds new liveliness to the idea that everyone is aching for something .

50. “ You Remind Me of Home ” by Benjamin Gibbard

This song is about wishing to go back to a home that no longer exists. In the meanwhile, you ’ re barely wasting your life longing for the past.

Remembering a supporter with a song

We ’ re defined by our memories and our friends. These are our chosen family, the people we keep close by our side throughout different periods of our lives. While friends aren ’ t always everlastingly, their affect leaves a firm bequest. For those who experienced a recent death, these songs are besides the perfective condolence message to a supporter .
Life is short, so focus on these friendships while you can. They might not end constantly. To prepare, start end-of-life design. When you take action to prepare for your future, this burden doesn ’ metric ton have to fall on your friends in their time of necessitate. Taking these steps badly is the bell ringer of a effective acquaintance .
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