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Pop Songs For ESL Students Singing pop songs in class can be a fantastic way to motivate your students and to create a fun and incontrovertible teach environment. The trouble is that it can be incredible difficult and time consuming to find appropriate English pop songs for ESL students to sing in class. Often pop music songs may not have clean lyrics and the song ’ south topic may not be allow for kids and ESL students. besides, many pop songs are not easy to sing as they are excessively debauched or excessively high/low pitched for ESL learners to sing along. After teaching crop up songs in my english classes for many years, I made this list of 10 catchy pop songs for ESL students that students love to sing. All of the start songs are very attention-getting and have clean lyrics that are desirable for kids / teenagers. You can besides download the lyrics worksheets below each song. If you are looking for songs for young ESL students, check out our other mail on the best ESL songs for kids listed by subject.

10 Catchy English Pop Songs For Students To Sing In Class

1. ‘Shotgun’ by George Ezra

Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry, this birdcall is not about shooting or violence. ‘ Shotgun ’ refers to ‘ riding shotgun ’, i.e. riding in the passenger seat of a car, and NOT a deadly weapon. This song was my students ’ absolute favorite song to sing in classify. The chorus and the tune is very attention-getting. It may seem a little difficult for ESL students to sing at first, but after practicing a few times the song will be stuck in yours and your students ’ heads all day.

2. ‘The Show’ by Lenka

This is another fabulously attention-getting song that students love to sing. even though this song is about life and love, both male child and female child students enjoy singing this song in class. The lyrics and speed of the song make this song easy to sing. The below lyrics video is a ‘ doodle video recording ’ that I found on YouTube that was obviously made by students. Why not make your own doodle television in your course ?

3. ‘Call Me Maybe’ by Carly Rae Jepsen

This sung about beloved at beginning view was another favorite of my students. The verses are a small fast, but the chorus is easy to sing and very catchy. I have taught this sung with elementary, center, and high school students and they all very loved singing this song. TIP: If searching for this sung on YouTube, search for lyric videos, not the original video recording as some scenes in the master video may not be appropriate for young learners ( There ’ s a topless man in one view ). here ’ randomness another ‘ scribble ’ television with the lyrics which is more appropriate for the classroom.

4. ‘Drag Me Down’ by One Direction

The lyrics to this song may be a little fast to begin with and young ESL students may have difficulty singing the hale song. But the chorus slows down and students love to sing ‘ Drag me Down ’ and ‘ Nobody, cipher ! ’ in truth forte. It ’ s a lot of playfulness once students have practiced the song a few times. The Music Video is reasonably cool besides !

5. ‘Everything At Once’ by Lenka

The lyrics to this song are incredibly easily and catchy and students, both youthful learners and teenagers, love to sing this birdcall. This song is another bang-up sung for making a ‘ scribble ’ video recording in course like the one below.

6. ‘The Best Day of My Life’ by American Authors

The lyrics to this song are sang quite fast and many ESL learners may struggle to sing the sung at first base. But with rehearse, it ’ second possible. I even taught this song to a group of grade 4 elementary school students. After practicing for a few lessons, the students could sing along with most of the birdcall. TIP: Again this song ’ s original music video may not be allow for young learners ( they go to a bar and drink alcohol in the video ) so best to stick to lyric videos like the one under.

7. ‘Outdoors’ by Jason Mraz

This song is to the like tune as ‘ I ’ megabyte Yours ’ but alternatively of being about love, it is about wanting to go out and play external. This is great to sing in the jump / summer time. If students sing the song well, why not reward them by taking them ‘ outdoors ’ for their next example.

8. ‘Something Just Like This’ by The Chainsmokers and Coldplay

This english pop song has a steadily beat and is quite easy for students to sing along to. The music video recording is besides very impressive and students love to watch this animation over and complete again.

9. ‘Beautiful’ by One Direction

This birdcall may be a little debauched for some students, but the choir is very attention-getting and guaranteed to get your students singing along.

10. ‘Rewrite the Stars’ by Zac Efron and Zendaya

This song from ‘ The Greatest Showman ’ Original Soundtrack is probably a short besides difficult for younger learners, but teenagers will love cantabile this song.

Thanks for reading. I hope your students enjoy singing these songs in class american samoa much as mine did .