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How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos: A Complete Guide

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Dec 23, 2021• Proven solutions
WhatsApp has got its place in social media apps for its features like message, group chats, document partake, group video recording call, sound recording call, circulate, and particularly status that have gained huge popularity. Is it your friend ‘s birthday ? Want to wish him/her a favorite photograph in your WhatsApp Status to make them feel especial. Have essential news program to reveal to everyone ? Try out posting them in your WhatsApp Status .
however, sometimes you would prefer or wish to save/download person WhatsApp Status of your friends or loved ones for further use or to be posted on your condition. thus, you need WhatsApp status video download tools, and here we are with a complete guide for you .

How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos on PC?

Are you confused or puzzled about how can you download WhatsApp status video recording on personal computer ? With WhatsApp web, it is possible, and for your better sympathize, here is a bit-by-bit template.

pace 1 : On your web browser, say Google Chrome, enter the web site, hypertext transfer protocol : //web.whatsapp.com/ .
gradation 2 : On your smartphone, open the WhatsApp app, and from the settings, click the “ WhatsApp Web ” choice. Scan the QR code with your personal computer, and your WhatsApp account will openon the personal computer .
step 3 : now, click the “ Status ” icon beside the new new world chat option you can find on the screen ‘s left corner .
Download Whatsapp Status Video On Pc
footstep 4 : From the status school term, open the “ Status ” of the contact you wish to download .
Download Whatsapp Status Video Open Status
Choose the option “ Save Image as, ” or “ Save Video as ” by right-clicking on the video .
measure 5 : immediately, choose the file directory or the personal computer ‘s placement to which you want to save the video recording. last, click the “ Save ” clitoris .
That is how you can download the WhatsApp condition video on your personal computer directly .

How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos on an iPhone?

Unlike WhatsApp web for personal computer or laptop, you do not get any standalone application for WhatsApp status download. however, screen recording might help to grab the video with the audio .
measure 1 : All you should to do is, execute “ Settings ” and then enable “ Screen Recording. ”
Download Whatsapp Status Video On Iphone Settings
footprint 2 : now, to save the television, click the “ Start record ” option, and view the condition video on WhatsApp. It will start recording. You can save when the television ends and find it on the “ Photos ” app .
Whatsapp Status Video Start Recording
While the above method acting is a release manual method acting, you can use a third-party application like WhatsApp++ to require a BuildStore subscription. All you have to do is ,
1.Uninstall the WhatsApp lotion ; register your io device on the BuildStore by signing up .
2.Now, loose Safari, and start installing the “ WhatsApp++ ” application .
3.With your call count, register on the application.

4.Open WhatsApp++ ; navigate to the condition page, tap download, and select the placement to save the video recording from the top right corner .
Download Whatsapp Status Video Third Party App
WhatsApp++ is the best option for WhatsApp status video download that works well for iPhone/iPad .

How to Download WhatsApp Status Videos on an Android Phone?

WhatsApp condition television download on personal computer and iPhone is easily, but what about your Android device ? Without a doubt, it will be your next interview where you have the solution already on your Android device. Your file coach is the spare option for WhatsApp status download, and if you are not aware of it before, follow the under manual of arms .
notice : Make sure you have Google File Manager installed on your smartphone already. If not, download it from the Google Play Store .
step 1 : Open the WhatsApp application, and view the condition that needs to download .
tone 2 : now, click the “ File Manager ” app, and then on the three-dotted picture on the top right, followed by the Settings option .
Download Whatsapp Status Video On Android
tone 3 : Swipe the “ Show concealed files ” option to the extreme right and navigate second, and execute inner storage > WhatsApp > media > statuses .
Download Whatsapp Status Video File Manager
You can now entree the stallion WhatsApp condition you viewed on WhatsApp, and this is how you can download WhatsApp status video on an android device .

Custom WhatsApp Videos and Surprise Your Friends

now, you have come to know how to download the WhatsApp condition video recording, but how about customizing it and presenting it to your friends to surprise them ? These effects are what the Filmora video recording converter does .

Download Win Version Download Mac Version
Filmora from Wondershare is an all-in-one video editor instrument that is all you need to perform all your video related editing & customization. With Filmora, you can create without limits, casting life to your creation, and make your video inspired by many. equal for both beginners and professionals, it is the best video editing software recognized by top leaders like 10 Top Ten Reviews, TechRadar, and a fortune more. If you wonder why it is the best recommendation from our side, possibly reading through the below feature set would help .
Features of Filmora- Video Editor

  • GIF support: Import, edit, and export GIF files that you could readily upload on your social media apps.
  • Noise removal: Filmora helps you remove the unwanted background noise from the WhatsApp status video& other videos hassle-free.
  • Reverse & Speed control: Let’s make your video a little more unique and different by flipping it over, playing video backward, or making the clips play ten times faster or slower, time-lapses, slow-motion effects, and still a lot more.
  • Color Tuning: Make your creation colorful by balancing & adjusting a dynamic range of clips.
  • Split Screen& advanced editing: Play two or more slips simultaneously and edit the video text by adding customized text and images.


thus, on the whole, I hope you have come to know how to make the WhatsApp condition television download work a successful one on PC/iPhone/Android and at facilitate. therefore, do try it today to get your favorite video, and while you do, do not forget to customize it for your acquaintance with Filmora. Get divine and make other inspired as well with Filmora television editor program !

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