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Original story (from July 19) follows:

Looks like Instagram is experiencing a sort of outage, even again. Yes, after being down for a couple of times identical recently, we ’ rhenium again seeing reports from many users that the photo-focused social media service is not working again .
hera are some reports :
hypertext transfer protocol : //twitter.com/mohamedamiin2/status/1152216673472208898
hypertext transfer protocol : //twitter.com/oliviaxford/status/1152216568371253251
hypertext transfer protocol : //twitter.com/savagespinach/status/1152217763555004417

More reports here .
It ’ mho presently not known whether it ’ s a little bug or the military service has suffered a major outage this time. meanwhile, complaints continue to pour in. We are looking for more information on the matter, and will update the fib as and when we have something newsworthy .
This outage comes hot on the heels of the Facebook-owned ship’s company implementing a major change to the servicing. Instagram announced that it ’ sulfur expanding the ongoing experiment to hide ‘ likes ’ count to more countries, including Brazil, Japan, Ireland, Australia, Italy, and New Zealand .
Until now, the trial – which began in May this year – was being carried out in Canada. The motion is aimed at reducing mental pressure on users ( particularly teens ) as the numeral of likes is much taken as a standard of one ’ south popularity in their social circle .
The change makes sure the sum numeral of likes on photos and videos are not visible to others, although the owner would silent be able to see them .

Update 1 (Sept 27)

Going by reports proliferating across micro-blogging locate Twitter, Instagram is down and not working for many. Following are some of the reports :

three hours trying to upload a history … and chirrup confirms it # instagramdown

justly now that I had to do a couple of cocks on a person there # instagramdown # maina .proprio

Whats happen with @ instagram ? Is # polish ? # instagram # instagramdown

Down detector besides conveys the service is indeed encountering an issue in some regions of Europe like Italy, France, Germany and others as can be seen in the live outage map below :

Update 2 (Oct 30)

Instagram is reportedly down again. Users on social media ( particularly Twitter ) are actively reporting issues with the military service. even on DownDetector we can see complaints about a electric potential outage .
here ’ s what a plaintiff said recently :

DM ’ s not working nor is the stories nor update feed..

Update 3 (Nov 28)

once again, Instagram ampere well as Facebook are down for many. here are some of the reports from chirrup :

# instagramdown einsteinium # facebookdown per not persian mancare niente ! Fossi meno sociopatica in questi giorni potrei magari sapere selenium anche whatsapp è down, ma chissene fotte

indeed @ facebook and @ instagram are down. Hmmmm

I got on Twitter equitable to check if Instagram was down # instagramdown

Down detector besides conveys the same .

Update 4 (Nov 28)

Facebook is apparently mindful of the topic .

Update 5 (Nov 28)

Instagram has finally acknowledged the trouble .

We ’ ra aware that some people are presently having trouble accessing Facebook ’ s kin of apps, including Instagram. We ’ ra working to get things back to normal ampere quickly as possible. # InstagramDown


Update 5 (Nov 29)

The servicing is up and working again .

Update 6 (Feb 12, 2020)

Going by reports prolifetrating on Twitter, Instagram is down and not working for users. Downdetector besides conveys the same .

Update 7 (June 15)

Instagram is down and not working for some as if writing this. apart from reports on Twitter, Downdetector besides conveys the same .

Update 7 (July 16)

Going by the latest reports surfacing on the microblogging site Twitter, Instagram is down as of writing this. Downdetector besides conveys an outage, as can be seen in the trope below :
Going by exploiter reports, the Instagram app seems to be affected, with DMs not working. The web site is reportedly solve fine though for affect users .

Update 7 (March 19, 2021)

Reports on Twitter suggest Instagram is down as of writing this .

Whatsapp and Insta having lockdown now # whatsappdown # instagramdown

When Instagram and Whatsapp are down so you tendency # Whatsappdown and # Instagramdown on # Twitter Face with tears of joy

The down detector serve besides conveys the lapp. Take a look at the populate serve outage map :
apart from Instagram, other services like Facebook and Whatsapp are besides down, and some reputation of encountering 5xx Server Error. More details here. We are looking for an official news regarding this outage and will update this military post as and when we get any .

Update 8 (March 19, 2021)

It appears the service is coming second up for some. It ’ s up again at least for us .

Update 9 (March 30, 2021)

We are seeing enough of reports doing rounds online suggesting that Instagram is down. We can besides confirm this from our end, something the downdetector besides corroborates .
Going by reports, the app keeps crashing and users get to see the app has stopped notification ( as can be seen in the trope below ). however, there is even to come an official confirmation from the service itself .
Following are some of the users reports :

well insta is again down ! unable to open it # instagramdown

People on their direction to twitter to check if instagram is again down
# instagramdown

Is Instagram toss off again ? ?

here ’ s a drug user ’ south shared Gif of the write out .

Update 10 (March 30, 2021)

While the service is silent down ( going by reports on Twitter ), there is yet to some an official give voice on the matter .

Update 11 (March 31, 2021)

The Instagram bally issue was last not entirely acknowledged by the company but fixed adenine well. If you are silent facing the exit, you need to restart the app once .
Following is what the company ’ south PR team said on chitter :

update : this has been resolved but you may need to restart your app for it to work. Sorry for any trouble .

Update 12 (April 25, 2021)

Instagram has now gone down again across the earth. It seems that the DMs are not refreshing/reloading by rights anymore. The stay of the app seems to be working fine but it ’ s besides early to say for certain .

There has been a spike on Down Detector equally well as dozens of reports on Twitter. Just get a hold of yourself and give us a break from these continual outages already, Instagram !

Update 13 (May 17, 2021)

And Instagram is down and not working as of writing this. The down detector besides convey outage. Take a look at some of the reports :

@ instagram
must be down, its not allowing me to add music to my history Worried face

Is Instagram down again causal agent I can ’ triiodothyronine position.

Update 14 (August 03, 2021)

Instagram was toss off a few hours ago for users across the earth, however, the trouble has now been fixed as confirmed by Instagram Comms on Twitter .

Is # instagramdown for you ? We ’ re working on it ! We know that some people are presently having issues, and we ’ re fixing it ASAP. ( Source )

And we ’ re back ! If you were having a hard fourth dimension earlier, your account should be working normally now. ( Source )

Update 15 (August 04, 2021)

Downdetector now doesn ’ triiodothyronine show any issues with Instagram which means that the outage we saw yesterday has since been amply addressed .

Update 16 (August 21, 2021)

According to multiple holocene reports, the Activity feed in Instagram is not refreshing/loading and is giving the Couldn ’ triiodothyronine freshen feed message. The write out is so far to be acknowledged formally .

Update 17 (August 23, 2021)

Some unscrupulous users are taking advantage of the other Instagram users ’ perils to scam them into using fly-by-night persons to get this issue addressed for them .
We would like to warn our readers not to engage with said characters and alone accept and seek aid from Instagram ’ s official channels .

Update 18 (August 24, 2021)

now, it is coming to light that this offspring has been fixed and users on the Instagram Beta distribution channel on Android are already reporting this issue gone. however, it might be a few more days or weeks before users on the stable turn receive the bug-fix update .
We ’ five hundred beloved to hear from you. Has this issue been fixed for you ? Tell us in the comments section below .

Update 19 (August 26, 2021)

Instagram has confirmed that they are mindful of the microbe which prevents the comments from loading for some users. promote, it ’ sulfur besides acknowledged that they are mindful of the “ nah he tweakin ” comments that are popping up on many posts as highlighted by many, including meme page Memezar .

yea we tweakin, but only a short act. We ’ rhenium aware that some people are having issues loading their comments ( we ’ re situate that ) and that some are seeing a bunch of comments saying “ nah he tweakin ” ( what is that ? ). More soon ! ( Source )

Update 20 (August 27, 2021)

immediately, Instagram is coming out to note that the ‘ nah he tweakin ’ issue on comments has been resolved .

today some people experienced trouble loading comments on Instagram ( except, it appears, for “ nah he tweakin ” Face with monocle ). We ’ ve resolved this issue and all comments should now be back.

Update 21 (September 02, 2021)

11:59 am (IST): A confuse of new reports are surfacing on-line, noting that Instagram is down and not working for many users .

Instagram is polish, again

This is a developing narrative and we shall continue to keep an center on this and update as and when we get more info indeed stay tuned .
04:57 pm (IST): Despite a few reports suggesting that Instagram is back up again, it appears that many users are silent unable to use the app properly as the run does not refresh and throws the erroneousness ‘ Couldn ’ metric ton refresh feed ’ .
07:00 pm (IST): Instagram now seems to be working fine, at least according to few reports on-line and according to our own tests. We ’ ll keep an center on the situation and will post an update if there are any far developments .

Update 22 (September 03, 2021)

10:00 am (IST): now, Instagram has come out to inform its users that the outage experienced on September 2 has been amply resolved. still nameless is what precisely caused the downtime .

Update 23 (September 04, 2021)

04:07 pm (IST): many reports under Instagram ’ s tweet claiming to have fixed the issue indicated that the problem hadn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate been fixed right then. But fortunately, it now seems that users across the universe can use Instagram without running into any issues .
The stream status on sites such as Downdetector indicate that there are no problems with Instagram .

Update 24 (September 06, 2021)

02:17 pm (IST): While everything seems to be normal for the most part with no widespread outages, Downdetector continues to note random spikes in the number of reports of outages and issues from Instagram users .
With that, anyone that is still facing issues might want to perform agile troubleshooting steps such as reconnecting to Wi-Fi or Mobile Data and clearing the app ’ south hoard .

Update 25 (September 08, 2021)

09:17 am (IST): many Instagrammers have taken to Twitter with complaints that the app keeps crashing on their phone. According to some, the app crashes when they try opening a DM. It appears that a recent update might be to blame .

literally what the sleep together this is not the night to crash, Instagram ( Source )

Anyone else ’ s Instagram crash when they go on it, or is that merely me ? ( Source )

@ KylieJenner announcing her pregnancy and making Instagram crash. That ’ sulfur my king. ( Source )

Instagram is however to address the problem publicly. As usual, we ’ ll keep track of the situation and will post an update if and when there are any farther developments regarding the issue .

Update 26 (September 09, 2021)

11:12 am (IST): The lack of fresh reports on Twitter and Downdetector suggests that the problem has been fixed. however, Instagram has not even made any statement regarding the topic .

Update 4 (October 04, 2021)

Instagram, along with its parent Facebook arsenic well as WhatsApp, is again gloomy for users. Reports suggest it ’ s a worldwide outage .

Update 27 (October 05, 2021)

Instagram said on Twitter they are lento coming back now .

Instagram is lento but surely coming back now – thanks for dealing with us and sorry for the wait !
( Source )

Update 28 (October 06, 2021)

In a instruction about the October 4 outage, Facebook assures its users that no malicious activity was behind the occurrence .

We want to make clear that there was no malicious bodily process behind this outage — its solution cause was a defective shape change on our end. We besides have no evidence that drug user data was compromised as a resultant role of this downtime. ( Updated on Oct. 5, 2021, to reflect the latest information )

Update 29 (October 09, 2021)

09:45 am (IST): Instagram clarified that the application was down a few hours ago but the issues have been fixed now and everything is rear to normal .

Update 30 (October 12, 2021)

09:50 am (IST): Instagram is working on a fresh feature that could automatically notify users when the service is facing an outage. presently, this feature is under testing in the US .
That ’ s not all, Instagram could besides let you know if your score is disabled for violating community guidelines .
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