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Posting photos, video is park on Facebook, you must have seen thousands of people posting their new visualize or changing profile and cover photograph about every sidereal day. How often you check out people posting amazing condition for Facebook ?
Finding out what to update as Facebook condition is getting harder specially when you wish to score some likes and comments and to get the attention of your friends and followers. Stop filling your wall with serious and nonsense status like what you have done today, where and with whom you are wondering, or what you are going through correct nowadays, No one is actually concern in knowing such stuff unless you are a fame or a billionaire. You can post funny Facebook status to actually get more people to like and share it .
awesome status for facebook
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thus, why don ’ thyroxine you start updating curious, singular and amazing Facebook condition ? Finding Funny Facebook status on the Internet is not unmanageable but finding the matchless that will attract everyone ’ south attention is a moment hard. so, today, I have come up with most amaze and awesome Facebook status updates that will surely give you a newfangled double and popularity among your friends. Have a look –

55+ Most Awesome Facebook Status Updates

1. Money is not the most authoritative thing in the populace. Love is. fortunately, I love money .
2. Dear MATH, stop asking to find your adam, she ’ s not coming back .
3. Today, I sent out a text saying, “ Hey, I lost my earphone, will you call it ? ” 12 people called me….I need smarter friends .
4. Today ’ s generation : “ Omg my parents never let me have anything, ” via iPhone .
5. When a girl says she ’ ll be ready in 5 more minutes, it ’ s the lapp as when a ridicule says the game has 5 minutes left… 😀
6. Worry is interest paid in advance for a debt you never owe. awesome status for facebook
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7. Knowledge is power, and might corrupts, So study hard and be evil .
8. They keep saying the right person will come along, I think mine got hit by a hand truck .
9. The advantage of exercising every day is that you die healthier .
10. Some cause happiness whenever they go. Others whenever they go .

Cool Facebook Status Updates

11. The hardest thing to learn in liveliness is which bridge to intersect and which to burn .
12. LITE : the new way to spell “ LIGHT ”, now with 20 % fewer letter !
13. Girls are like roads, more the curves, more the dangerous they are .
14. Some people hear voices…Some see inconspicuous people…Others have no imagination any .
15. Evening news is where they begin with ‘ Good Evening ’, and then proceed to tell you why it isn ’ triiodothyronine .
16. I may be fat, but you ’ ra ugly…I can lose slant !
17. Life ’ s like a bird, it ’ sulfur pretty cunning until it craps on your fountainhead. awesome status for facebook
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18. Facebook history for sale, Friends included .
19. Don ’ triiodothyronine steal, That ’ s Government ’ s job .
20. Complex problems have simple, easy to understand and faulty answers .
21. Forget who hurt you yesterday, but don ’ t forget who love you everyday. Forget the past that makes you cry and focus on the show that makes you smile. ..Forget the annoyance but never the lessons you gained .
22. I thought I wanted a career, turns out I good wanted paychecks .

Funny Facebook Status Updates

23. If winning is not everything why do they keep grudge ?
24. If you ever lose my trust, you credibly never get it back .
25. Laugh at your problems, everybody else does .
26. Never forget two people in your life….The person who lost everything just to make you win ( your father ), The person who was with you in every pain.. ( your mother ) .
27. My opinions may have changed, but not the fact that I am right .
28. Behind every great man, there is a surprised womanhood .
29. With all this engineering above and under, world distillery hunts down one another.

30. I pretend to work. They pretend to pay me .
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31. I saw a shampoo with the claim : “ Rich-looking So I washed my purse .
32. Don ’ thyroxine call you. Alcohol you late .
33. Have you ever been so delirious that you were calm ?
34. My hobbies : switch between the lapp three apps for theater and imaging myself in situations that will literally never exist .
35. Social media has completely changed the way we wait .

Best Ever Facebook Relationship Status Updates

36. kinship condition : I make my own sandwiches .
37. The Government takes your rights away and sells them back to you in the shape of a let .
38. I can make your Gf belly laugh forte than you can. – Spider awesome status for facebook
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39. Hell is a ceaseless Instagram report of a girl who just got a new boyfriend .
40. Be stronger than your excuses .
41. I may not be perfect person but at least I have never yelled at an employee in the store .
42. [ At job Interview ]
interviewer : Do you have a police record ?
maine : No, But I do have a few of their albums on cassette
*hires me immediately

Best Facebook Status Updates

43. I was content with my life cashbox people started sharing pictures of their vacations, cars and parties on Facebook !
44. The longer you have to wait for something, the more you will appreciate it when it ultimately arrives.If 5 seconds of smile can make a photograph more beautiful then just imagine, if you keep always smiling, how beautiful your biography will be .
45. When you have nothing good to post on FB, don ’ triiodothyronine put coerce on yourself….. you may SHIT .
46. Oh I ’ molarity deplorable, I didn ’ metric ton recognize you were giving me a dirty look….I equitable thought you were surly like that all the time ! !
47. If you lose your shoe at the end of the night, you ’ re not Cinderella. You ’ re probably just drink in .
48. If you think cipher cares if you ’ rhenium alive, try missing a match of car payments .
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49. My modern voice mail : “ If you have reached this commemorate, please hang up and text me ” .
50. Why do cops ask us why we think they pulled us over ? It ’ s their caper. I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate go to the station and ask why they think I created a PowerPoint .
51. Men are like mascara, they normally run at the first signal of emotion. awesome status for facebook
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52. warn ! ! ! Aliens are coming to abduct all the aphrodisiac, beautiful people ! ! Don ’ thymine worry….you are very well, I good wanted to say “ adieu ! ” .
53. If everyone was required to work in a customer service role for at least 6 months when they reached at the age of 18, the populace would be either a better place or a frightful place. You decide.

54. It ’ s truthful, alcohol kills people. But how many people were born because of it ?
55. How to get holy place water ? Boil the hell out of it .
56. good girls are like stars, you don ’ triiodothyronine always see them but you know they are there !