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Listen to the song and read the Romanized Lyrics and English Translation of “ Blue & Grey ” interpreted by BTS (방탄소년단) .

About This Song

ring : BTS
song : Blue & Grey
Genre : kpop
Album : BE
Released Date : November 20, 2020
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english transformation

Where is my angel
At the end of the day
Someone come and save me, please
lone a tire sigh of the sidereal day
I guess everyone ’ second glad
Can you look at me ? ‘ Cuz I am blue and gray
The mean of the tears in the mirror
My color shroud in laughter blue and grey
I don ’ thymine know where it went ill-timed
Ever since I was a child, I ’ ve had a amobarbital sodium question mark in my lead
Maybe that ’ s why I ’ ve been living sol hard
But standing here in the middle of nowhere, looking back
That deep blasphemous apparition that devours me
however, the blue question distinguish
Whether it ’ s anxiety or depression
Maybe it ’ s a real animal of regret
Or maybe it ’ s me who ’ s lonely
I even don ’ triiodothyronine know
Deep aristocratic I hope it doesn ’ thymine erode, I ’ ll find it die

I fair wan sodium be happier
Let melt frozen me
My numerous hands
Colorless echo
Oh, this ground feels so heavy
I am singing by myself
I barely wan sodium be happier
Is this a boastfully greed ?
I still feel the fast breathing sound of my heart
As I walk on the streets in the cold winter
Don ’ t say it ’ mho all right because it ’ s not truly very well
Please don ’ thyroxine leave me alone, it hurts then much
The common walk and the ever-expression of light
But today some strange view
Is it dull or is it broken ?
But it ’ sulfur grave, this lump of metal
Approaching grey rhinoceros
I ’ thousand merely standing there without focus
It ’ s not like me at this moment
I ’ megabyte good not scared of it
I don ’ thyroxine believe in the idol of certainty
Colorful words tickle
A big gray area is convenient
hera ’ s a gloat with hundreds of millions of different “ grey ”
When it rains, my world
Dancing over this city
It ’ s fogged on a clear day
On moisture days we ’ ll constantly be together
here ’ s a pledge to all the dust
I precisely wan sodium be happier
Feel the affectionateness of my hands
It ’ s not warmly I need you more
Oh, this ground feels so dense
I am singing by myself
I will tell you when I smile in the distant future

I secretly picked up a cavalry in the publicize
And now I ’ megabyte falling asleep, good nox

Romanized Lyrics

Where is my angel
haluui kkeut-eul deuliun
Someone come and save me, please
jichin haluui hansumppun

salamdeul-eun district attorney haengboghanga bwa
Can you look at me ? ‘ Cuz I am blue sky and grey
geoul-e bichin nunmul-ui uimineun
us-eum-e gamchwojin naui saegkkal blue and grey
eodiseobuteo jalmosdwaessneunji jal moleugess-eo
na eolyeoseobuteo meolis-sog-en palansaeg mul-eumpyo
eojjeom geulaeseo chiyeolhage sal-assneunji moleuji
But dwileul dol-aboni yeogi udukeoni seoni
naleul jib-eosamkyeobeolineun jeo seoseul peoleon geulimja
yeojeonhido palansaeg mul-eumpyoneun
gwayeon bul-an-inji uul-inji
eojjeom jeongmal huhoeui dongmul-inji
animyeon-eun oeloum-i nah-eun nailji
yeojeonhi moleugess-eo seoseul peoleon beullu
jamsigdoeji anhgil balae chaj-eul geoya chulgu
I good wan sodium be happier
chagaun nal nog-yeojwo
sueobs-i naemin naui son
saegkkal eobsneun meali
Oh, this earth feels then dense
I am singing by myself
I barely wan sodium be happier
igeosdo keun yogsim-ilkka
chuun gyeoul geolileul geol-eul ttae neukkin
ppallajin simjang-ui hoheub solil jigeumdo neukkigon hae
gwaenchanhdago hajji master of arts gwaenchanhji anh-eunikka
jebal honja duji mal-a jwo neomu apa
neul geodneun gilgwa neul badneun bich
But oneul-eun waenji nachseon scene
mudyeojin geolkka muneojin geolkka
geunde mugeobgin hada i soesdeong-in
dagaoneun hoesaeg koppulso
chojeom eobs-i nan deong-geuleoni seoiss-eo
nadabji anh-a i sungan
geunyang museobjiga anh-a
nan hwagsin-ilan drop the ball ttawi an mid-eo
saegchae gat-eun mal-eun ganjileowo
neolb-eun hoesaegjidaega pyeonhae
yeogi sueog gaji pyojeong-ui grey
biga omyeon nae sesang
iodine dosi wilo chumchunda
malg-eun nal-en angaeleul
jeoj-eun nal-en hamkke neul
yeogi modeun meonjideul wihae chugbaeleul

I just wan sodium be happier
nae son-ui ongil neukkyeojwo
ttatteushajiga anh-aseo nega deoug pil-yohae
Oh, this ground feels so big
I am singing by myself
meon husnal naega usge doemyeon malhalge geulaess-eossdago
heogong-e tteodoneun mal-eul mollae juwo damgo nani
ije saebyeogjam-i deune good night

Credits: The English Translation was taken from a Youtube video, you can watch it by clicking here.

BTS (방탄소년단) – BE

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