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A Ranking of 100 Best Urdu Ghazal Songs: Download MP3 – Updated October 2021

Ghazal is considered as one of the most authentic and popular genres of easterly music, which is basically love verses sung in authoritative or semi-classical style over traditional instruments [ chiefly harmonium and tabla ]. Urdu Ghazal poems follows rule in which the couplets are written in odd number, with every irregular poetry maintaining a rhyme. 100 Best Ghazals Ever Speaking of etymology, word ‘ Ghazal ’ has several nuances, however chiefly ‘ conversation of love ’ is considered the most match upon. Another think of of word ghazal remains the woe of a doe-deer ( gazelle ) when she is hurt. Whereas classical Ghazal authors such as Mir Taqi Mir and Ghalib wrote ghazals to mainly about romanticism, other poets such as Dr. Allama Iqbal and Altaf Hussain Hali were of view that Ghazals genre should not be about love of women, but greater sleep together such as love of God, religion and fatherland.

here is our update compilation of the 100 Best Ghazals ever to download in MP3 format.  100. Tina Sani sings Faiz Ahmed Faizs Woh Buton Ne Daale Waswasay Faiz Ahmed Faiz is considered the greatest poet of late times. He carved a newly writing style called ‘ socialist-romantic ’ with his elegant poetry for the common people. His Ghazal under is part of Urdu casebook and loved by many generations. 99. Woh Firaaq Aur Woh Visaal Kahaan – Jagjit Singh Sings Mirza Ghalib  Ghazalis traditional Urdu Kalam that flourished under Muslim Culture of Indo-Pak. Hence, Jagjit Singh, being a Sardar Ji, was an considered an bizarre entry into the worldly concern of Ghazal. With his exceeding talent and huge difficult sour, Jagjit Singh raised the music genre to unprecedented level across the universe. He is silent considered the undisputed King of Ghazal of our times and his concerts enormously missed by Ghazal fans across the universe. 98. Wo Jo Hum Mein Tum Mein Qarar Tha – Begum Akhtar sings Kalam Momin Khan Momin Momin Khan Momin, the greatest match to Ghalib in his era, whom Ghalib appreciated himself excessively. Sung by Begum Akhtar who has a easy but poignant voice. This is Momin Khan Momins greatest his compositions. 97. Mehdi Hasan sings Rafta Rafta Woh Meri Mehdi Hassan ’ second remains the greatest male ghazal singer from Pakistan, who revolutionized ghazal like no early ghazal khawan. His renditions of Faiz Ahmed Faiz ’ s evergreen ghazals like Gulon Main Rang Bharay are loved and sung even nowadays after many decades of their creation. 96. Tanya Wells sings Gulon Main Rand Bhare [Kalam Faiz Ahmed Faiz] Tanya Wells of Seven Eyes Band remains an unusual entrance, but in full deserved. As british singer, she spent a lot time in India to learn indian Classical, Ghazal, Thumri and Sufi Music from the masters. Her rendition of Mehdi Hassan ghazals got viral on Social Media and with her excellent talafuz [ pronunciation ] and amazing vocal choice ; it remains one of the best ghazals. 95. Pankaj Udhas sings Chitti Ayi Hai Watan Sai Chitti Pankaj Udhas rose to fame with his exceptionally balmy vocals, perfectly suited to the genre of ghazal sign. Chithi Ayee Hai remains his most well known tracks, which he performs in every populate performance overseas. 94. Ghulam Ali sings Chupke Chupke Raat Aanson Bahaana Yaad Hai Ghulam Ali remains one of the greatest masters of Ghazal from Pakistan. Hailing from the celebrated Qawwal Bachhon ka Gharana, he had produced more than 100 albums till date. Chupke Chupke is a beautiful and popular ghazal of ghulam Ali, which was requested in every concert of his. 93. Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi sings Idhar Zindagi Ka Janaaza Uthegaa Attaullah Khan Esakhelvi is loved by the masses for his Punjabi family and survive songs, but with his few exceptionally well whistle ghazals, he remains a merited entry. Idhar Zindagi Ka Janaaza Uthegaa remains his most sleep together ghazal. 92. Suna Hai Log Use Aankh Bhar Ke Dekhte – By Ahmad Faraz Suna Hai Log Use Aankh Bhar Ke Dekhte – By Ahmad Faraz, among the greatest of modern Urdu poets. Sung by Asif Mehdi Hassan. 91. Nagri Nagri Phira Musafir Ghar Ka Rasta by Meeraji – Sung by Ghulam Ali Nagri Nagri Phira Musafir Ghar Ka Rasta by Meeraji, one of the most talented of the modern poets. 90. Naheed Akhtar sings Shab e Gham Mujhse Milkar Aise Roy Naheed Akhtar ’ south is considered one of the finest singers from 1980s, famed for her exception and energetic rendition of Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum ’ s Ghazal Yeh Rangini No Bahar, Allah Alla. 89. Iqbal Bano sings Daagh-e-Dil Humko Yaad Aane Lagay Iqbal Bano ’ south voice remains unique and soulful, perfectly suited for the genre of love songs. Among many others, Daagh-e-Dil Humko Yaad Aane Lagay, Log Apne Diyay Jilane Lagay remains one of her best ghazals that remains exceeding in both lyrics and musical musical composition. 88. Jagjit Singh sings Koi Faryad Teray Dil Main Koi Faryad Teray Dil Main is Jagjit Singh ’ s ghazal from the soundtrack of movie Tere Bin. It remains one of the late compositions ofJagjit, vastly beautiful in its tune and verses. 87. Nayyara Noor sings Hum Ke Thehre Ajnabi (Kalam Faiz Ahmed Faiz) Nayyara Noor rose to fame with her exceeding interpretation of Faiz Ahmed Faiz ghazals. She is considered one of the most eminent ghazal singers, as manifested by below songs 86. Iqbal Bano sings Mohabbat Karne Wale Kam Na Hoonge Muhabbat Karne Wale Kum Na Honn Ge, Tere Mehfil Mein Lekin Hum Na Hon Ge remains the crown jewel, among many ghazals Iqbal Bano has sung, and an obvious entrance in our list of best ghazals always. 85. Jagjit Singh sings Koi Yeh Kaisey Bataye Ke Woh Tanha Kyon Hai From the OST of the movie Arth and sung by Jagjit Singh, Koi Yeh Kaisey Bataye Ke Woh Tanha Kyon Hai remains one of the gloomiest and exceeding ghazals ever written and sung. 84. Mehdi Hassan and Noor Jehan sings Aapko Bhool Jaayen Ham According to music critics there are 2 heavy weights from Pakistan whose outspoken diverseness remains odd today, from ghazals to geet to playback scorch. Mallika Taraum Noor Jehan and Shahenshah-e-Ghazal Mehdi Hassan. Aapko Bhool Jaayen is a expression of two greatest singers ever in the universe of south asian music. 83. Nayyara Noor sings Aye Ishq Humain Barbaad Na Kar Nayyara Noor remain one of the most endow singers who popularised Faiz Ahmed Faiz and Ghazal singing with her exceptional and comfort articulation. 82. Abida Parveen Sings Kal Chaudhavin Ki Raat Thi [Kalam Ibne Insha] Ibne Insha ( real name : Sher Muhammad Khan ) gained fame as one of the greatest writer of safarnama of Urdu. At the same clock time, his ghazals ( Kal Chaudhavin Ki Raat Thi ) and Sufiana Kalam ( Insha Ji Utho Ab Kooch Karo ) remain one of the best ever written, verses below that test this : Kooche Ko Teray Chorr Kar
Jogi Hi Ban Jaayain Magar
Jungle Terey, Parbat Terey
Basti Teri, Sehra Tera! English Translation I can leave my home in your love
And become a Jogi
But I realize all forests are yours, all mountains are yours
All cities are yours and even deserts are yous [i.e. I see everywhere]. 81. Asha Bhosle Sings Khali Hath Sham Aai Hai Among the greatest poets who penned lyrics for settings over decades, Gulzar ’ s name well tops the number. Ijazat remains one of the greatest art movie classics, which was directed by Gulzar besides. Mera much Samaan and Khali Hath Shaam remains the most haunting ghazals, deeply affecting in distinctive Gulzar ’ second dash. 80. Asha Bhosle Sings Mera Kuch Samaan Mera Kuch Samaan is one of the most equal and haunt ghazals ever, immortalized by the soulful part of Asha Bhosle. It became an blink of an eye score as part of Gulzar sahib ’ s movie Ijaazat. 79. Ab Ke Hum Bichre – Mehdi Hassan Khan Kissi Nazar ko Tera Intezar Aaj Bhi Hai, is one of the most beautiful ghazals sung by the legendary Ghazal Khanwan Ustad Mehdi Hassan Khan. 78. Woh Mujh Se Huwe Hum Kalam, Allah Allah – Farida Khanum Farida Khanum remains one of the most elegant ghazal artists, famed for her amaze voice and elegant stylus. She remains the true prima donna and picture of ghazals along with Iqbal Bano. 77. Aae Kuchh Abr Kuchh Sharab Aae – By Faiz Ahmad Faiz One of the most amazing of Faiz Sahib ’ mho ghazals, immortalized by the voice of Mehdi Hassan Khan. Like Tina Sani who is associated with Faiz Sahib ’ s Kalam, Mehdi Hassan identify is besides linked with some of the best ghazals of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. 76. Aah Ko Chahiye Ik Umr Asar Honne Tak – by Mirza Ghalib Ghalib at his best. An immortal kalam, which remains the pinnacle of romantic Urdu poetry. Sung beautifully by ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh. 75. Aahat Si Koi Aae To Lagta Hai Ki Tum Ho – Nisar Akhtar – Sung by Salamat Ali Khan A beautiful ghazal that shows his mastery over simple but heart touching Urdu verses. 74. Aankhon Se Haya Tapke Hai Andaz To – by Momin Khan Momin Momin Khan Momin remain one of the greatest of poets who while live at the same earned run average of Ghalib, held his reason and was celebrated by Ghalib himself. 73. Aap Jin Ke Qarib Hote Hain – by Nooh Narvi – Sung by Adiba Akhtar A ghazal that is simple in verse, but deeper in mean. Noor Narvi was a disciple of Daagh Dehlvi and adopted his style of verse as manifested by his collections Safeena-i-Nuh, Toofan-e-Nuh, and Aijaz-e-Nuh. 72. Aap Ki Yaad Aati Rahi Oraat Bhar – by Makhdoom Mohiuddin – Sung by Ahmed Jahanzeb A beautiful ghazal which besides inspired Faiz Ahmed Faiz to write a ghazal with the same beginning sheyr [aap ki yaad aati rahee raat bhar, chashm-e-nam muskurati rahi raat bhar] 71. Ab To Ghabra Ke Ye Kahte Hain – by Sheikh Ibrahim Zauq – Sung by Tina Sani Sheikh Ibrahim Zauq remain one of the influential Urdu poets of authoritative earned run average who at the age of merely 19 was appointed poet laureate of the Mughal Court in Delhi. 70. Ae Jazba-e-Dil Gar Main Chahun Har Cheez Muqabil – by Behzad Lakhnavi One of the classics that were immortalised by voice of Nayyara Noor. Behzad Lakhnavi hailed from the city of culture, Lucknow. He worked for All India Radio and after partition migration to Pakistan. He is known for several poetry solicitation including Naghma-o-Noor, Kaif-o-Suroor, Mauj-e-Tahoor, Chiraagh-e-Toor, and Wajd-o-Haal. 69. Ae Mohabbat Tere Anjam Pe Rona Aaya by Shakeel Badayuni A sad and affecting Urdu ghazal by Shakeel Badayuni, an vastly talented poet who works remain evergreen in shape of his Bollywood lyrics including the celebrated movie Chaudhvin Ka Chand. 68. Mere Humnafas Mere Humnawa By Shakeel Badayuni – Sung by Begum Akhtar  Mere Humnafas Mere Humnawa is a one of the most beautiful and sorrowful ghazals by Shakeel Badayuni. Below verse can not be praised enough. It remains Begum Akhtar ’ s most loved Ghazals, by and by besides sung by Farida Khanum and recently by Ali Sethi .

مرا عزم اتنا بلند ہے کہ پرائے شعلوں کا ڈر نہیں
مجھے خوف آتشِ گُل سے ہے کہیں یہ چمن کو جلا نہ دے

67. Asar Usko Zara Nahin Hota – By Momin Khan Momin – Sung by Nayyara Noor Momin Khan Momin was a contemporary of Ghalib, who was himself a huge fan of him. Momin ’ randomness poems remain simple and Asar Usko Zara Nahin Hota shows how a simple Urdu Sheyr can be deep and meaningful besides. One of the greatest of the classic poets. Sung by Nayyara Noor 66. Ashaar Mere Yun To Zamane Ke Liye Hain Jaan – By Nisar Akhtar Another muffin of a ghazal by Nisar Akhtar, who remains one of the admire Urdu Ghazal Khawaaan of post-classic era of Urdu and Rekhta. 65. Baat Karni Mujhe Mushkil Kabhi Aisi To – By Bahadur Shah Zafar The expatriate Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar, whose poetry reflects his troubles. Sung beautifully by the King of Ghazals, Mehdi Hassan Khan. 64. Bas Ki Dushwar Hai Har Kaam Ka Aasaan Hona – By Mirza Ghalib One of the most quote poets always in the history of literature. Bas Ki Dushwar Hai Har Kaam Ka Aasaan is a verse so elegant that it has become character of Urdu proverbs. 63.  Bazicha-e-Atfaal Hai Duniya Mere Aage – By Mirza Ghalib Bazicha-e-Atfaal Hai Duniya Mere Aage which shows a Sufiana sentiments, like many of his other ghazals. 62.  Chalne Ka Hausla Nahin Rukna Muhaal Kar – By Parveen Shakir The poetess, the enchantress, who inspired millions with her romanticist verses. Despite her short life, she remains the most influential of female poets. 61. Dekh To Dil Ki Jaan Se Uthta Hai – By Mir Taqi Mir When it comes to classical romanticist verse, Mir and Ghalib hold the throne. Dekh to Dil ki Jaan se Utha hair is a testament of genius of Mir. 60.  Der Lagi Aane Mein Tumko – By Andaleeb Shadani Among new women ghazal poets, Andaleeb Shadani is revered as one of the best. Der Lago Aaney mein is one of most popular and loved works. 59. Dhundoge Agar Mulkon Mulkon – By Shad Azimabadi  Dhundoge agar mulkon mulkon by Shad Azimabadi is a beautiful ghazal that was became an instant hit when Abida Parveen sung it and immortalized it forever. 58. Dil Dhadakne Ka Sabab Yaad Aaya – By Nasir Kazmi – Sung by Noor Jehan Dil Dhadakne Ka Sabab Yaad Aaya by Nasir Kazmi, immortalized by the odd voice of Mallika Taranum Noor Jehan. 57.  Dil Hi To Hai Na Sang-o-Khisht Dard Se Bhar – By Mirza Ghalib Dil Hi To Hai Na Sang-o-Khisht Dard Se Bhar by Mirza Ghalib, sing by Jagjit Singh remains a ghazal of grief and loss. 56. Dil Mein Ek Lahr Si Uthi Hai Abhi – By Nasir Kazmi Dil mein ek lahr systeme international d’unites uthi hai abhi – by Nasir Kazmi. Nasir Kazmi is often considered the greatest quixotic poet after Faiz, and this ghazal proves this. 55. Dil-e-Nadan Tujhe Hua Kya Hai  – Suraiya, Talat Mohamed Dil-E-Nadan Tujhe Hua Kya Hai is a ghazal remains epic in its ease, easy adequate for child to understand. At the same time, it is deep adequate in emotions and smasher. Remains one of the best by Mirza Ghalib. 54. Diwaron Se Mil Kar Rona Achchha Lagta Hai By Qaisar-ul-Jafri- Sung by Pankaj Udhas This is a beautiful ghazal that remains dependable to the genre of ghazal, which is about gloominess, lost sleep together and hanker. 53. Donon Jahan Teri Mohabbat Mein Haar Ke By Faiz Ahmad Faiz Donon jahan teri mohabbat mein haar ke by Faiz Ahmad Faiz is a beautiful ghazal. The chief of love story, whose verses remain fresh as always. 52.  Duniya Ke Sitam Yaad Na Apni Hi Wafa Yaad By Jigar Moradabadi – Sung by Begum Akhtar Duniya Ke Sitam Yaad Na Apni Hi Wafa Yaad by Jigar Moradabadi is of the best ghazals by Jigar Sahib, who remain the most talented ghazal poets from Gonda, India. 51. Dur Se Aae The Saqi Sun Ke – By Nazeer Akbarabadi – Sung by Muhammad Rafi Dur Se Aae The Saqi Sun Ke – By Nazeer Akbarabadi, another talented shaiyar from India whose verse remain true to the Saqi o Paimana, the essence of indian Ghazal writing style. 50. Garmi-e-Hasrat-e-Nakaam Se Jal Jate Hain – By Qateel Shifai – Sung by Mehdi Hassan Khan Garmi-e-Hasrat-e-Nakaam Se Jal Jate Hain – By Qateel Shifai is a ghazal of sadness and separation from Qateel Sifai Sahib, who is surely one the most talented shaiyar of modern times. 49. Gesu-e-Tabdar Ko Aur Bhi Tabdar Kar – by Allama Iqbal – Sung by Fariha Pervez Allama remains in a league of its own in poetry. He was the messenger of Khudi, which he described his poetry. He was besides bang-up for verses of romanticm, but there are few ghazals attributed to him, which besides show Ishq Haqiqi. 48. Gham-e-Ashiqi Se Kah Do Rah-E-Am Tak Na – By Shakeel Badayuni – Sung by Talal Mahmood A center touching ghazal from a very talented pretty from India, who was loved from his lyrics for Bollywood songs. 47. Ghazab Kiya Tere Wade Pe Etibar Kiya – By Dagh Dehlvi – Sung by Mehdi Hassan Khan  Ghazab kiya tere wade pe etibar kiya – by Dagh Dehlvi, the baron of Delhi ’ s poetry scene and besides the mentor of Allama Iqbal. 46. Go Zara Si Baat Par Barson Ke Yarane Gae – By Khatir Ghaznavi – Sung by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan

Go Zara Si Baat Par Barson Ke Yarane Gae by Khatir Ghaznavi is an dim-witted ghazal of sadness and privation, sung extremely beautifully. 45. Gulon Mein Rang Bhare Baad-e-Nau-Bahaar Chaley – Sung by Mehdi Hassan Khan  Gulon Mein Rang Bhare Baad-E-Nau-Bahaar Chale is heart-touching and simple ghazal by the King of Romantic Verse, Faiz Ahmad Faiz. 44. Hai Justuju Ki Khoob Se Hai Khoob – By Altaf Hussain Haali – Sung by Sami-un-din Baber Altaf Hussain Hali was a poet that was senior of Allama Iqbal and was renowned for Maddo Jazzar Islam. Besides political poetry he besides wrote ghazals, but his opinion was always that ghazal should not be confined for women, but there should be higher love of God in it. 43. Har Ek Baat Pe Kahte Ho Tum Ki Tu Kya Hai – Mirza Ghalib Har Ek Baat Pe Kahte Ho Tum Ki Tu Kya Hai by Mirza Ghalib is a beautiful complaint by Ghalib to his beloved that the person is excessively blunt and closed towards his feelings of love. 42. Hasti Apni Habab Ki Si Hai – by Mir Taqi Mir – Sung by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Mir Taqi Mir is considered the greatest poet before Ghalib and nothing proves this more than this poetry. 41. Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi Ki Har Khwahish – by Mirza Ghalib Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi Ki Har Khwahish Pe Dam Nikle is possibly Mirza Ghalib ’ s most sleep together ghazal, which is bare to understand something anyone can relate to. It has been performed by many artists in India and Pakistan, none matching the voice of Jagjit Singh. 40. Hum Hain Mata-e-Koocha-O-Bazar Ki – by Majrooh Sultanpuri – Sung by Rehana Sultan Hum Hain Mata-E-Kucha-O-Bazar Ki – by Majrooh Sultanpuri was known more for his Bollywood song lyrics, but randomness fantastic ghazal writer excessively. 39. Hum Hi Mein Thi Na Koi Baat Yaad Na Tum Ko Aa Sake – by Hafeez Jalandhari – Sung by Jagjit Singh Hum Hi Mein Thi Na Koi Baat Yaad Na is a soulful ghazal by Hafeez Jalandhari, the capital poet who is largely know for writing the national hymn of Pakistan. 38. Hum Ko Junun Kya Sikhlate Ho Hum by Majrooh Sultanpuri Hum Ko Junun Kya Sikhlate Ho Hum by Majrooh Sultanpuri is a an perplex ghazal by one of the finest Ghazal Khawan from India. Majrooh was a great ghazal writer and lyricist of indian Movies, and this poem is a testament to this. 37.  Jab Se Tu Ne Mujhe Diwana Bana Rakkha Hai by Hakeem Nasir Jab Se Tu Ne Mujhe Diwana Bana Rakkha Hai is a Sufiana Ghazal by Hakeem Nasir, which was immortalized by Abida Parveen voice. 36. Jise Ishq Ka Teer Kaari Lagey by Wali Mohammad – Sung by Iqbal Bano Jise Ishq Ka Tir Kari Lage – by Wali Mohammad, another ghazal writer who focuses on dim-witted verses, which ghazal genre is all about so every lover feels that it is expressing their feelings. 35.  Justuju Jis Ki Thi Usko To Na Paya Humne [from Amrao Jaan movie] by Shahryar

Among the Bollywood Ghazal writer, Shahryar remains of the best adenine well as underestimate. Justuju Jis Ki Thi Usko To Na Paya Humne is an amazing ghazal which remains evergreen after many decades. 34. Kab Mera Nasheman Ahl-e-Chaman Gulshan by Qamar Jalalvi – Sing by Attaullah Essa Khelvi Qamar Jalalvi is a less sleep together Urdu Poet who has penned some beautiful ghazals. Kab Mera Nasheman Ahl-e-Chaman Gulshan is an amaze ghazal, which is expressed in childlike Urdu. 33. Kab Thahrega Dard Ai Dil Kab Raat Basar Hogi by Faiz Ahmad Faiz – Sung by Mallika Pukhraj Faiz Ahmed Faiz was chiefly a poet of Nazm, but when it comes to Ghazal besides, he outclasses every poet of his earned run average. Kab Thahrega Dard Ai Dil Kab Raat Basar Hogi is a poem of sadness and difficult times as he thinks of his beloved and that provides him some comfort. 32. Kabhi Ae Haqiqat-e-Muntazar Nazar Aa by Allama Iqbal – Sung by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Kabhi Ae Haqiqat-e-Muntazar Nazar Aa by Allama Iqbal is a Sufism meets Ghazal writing. Allama constantly rightly complained that women are on the nerves of poets from Hind, and all their verse do not go beyond Inferior Love. Allama ’ randomness ghazals are few but they are about Love of God and Ishq-e-Haqiqi, which proves him the greatest urdu poet ever, much higher than all Ghalib, Mir and Faiz combined. 31. Kabhi Kisi Ko Mukammal Jahan Nahin Milta – by Nida Fazli Nida Fazli is one the greatest modern Urdu lyrics writer from India, who brought a reach of crust hypertext transfer protocol : //songdownloadmp3free.com/sufimusic/100-best-ghazals-ever-download-mp3/kabhi-kisi-ko-mukammal-jahan-nahin-milta-nida-fazli.htmlto Urdu ghazal writing. With about two decades of writing lyrics for Bollywood Cinema, Nida is well respected in Bollywood circles. 30. Kaun Aaega Yahan Koi Na Aaya Hoga by Kaif Bhopali Kaun Aaega Yahan Koi Na Aaya Hoga by Kaif Bhopali, a celebrated poet from Bhopal India, whose poems are simple but heart touch. 29. Khabar-e-Tahayyur-E-Ishq Sun Na Junun by Siraj Aurangabadi – Ustad Farid Ayaz and Ustad Abu Muhammad Khabar-e-Tahayyur-e-Ishq Sun Na Junun by Siraj Aurangabadi is complex ghazal by a poet known for his mystic Urdu nazms and ghazals. 28. Khayal-o-Khwab Hui Hain Mohabaten by Obaidullah Aleem – Sung by Runa Laila Khayal-o-Khwab Hui Hain Mohabaten by Obaidullah Aleem is a picturesque ghazal, which brings sentiments of love and beauty to the reader. 27. Kisi Aur Gham Mein Itni Khalish-e-Nihan – by Mustafa Zaidi Kisi Aur Gham Mein Itni Khalish-e-Nihan by Mustafa Zaidi is another beautiful ghazal that exemplifies what Urdu language is all about. 26. Sarakti Jae Hai Rukh Se Naqab Aahista – By Ameer Minai Sarakti Jae Hai Rukh Se Naqab Aahista is a beautiful ghazal by the bang-up poet from Lucknow, India, who was praishttps : //songdownloadmp3free.com/100-best-ghazal-ever-MP3/sarakti-jaye-hai-rukh-se-naqab-live-jagjit-singh-come-alive-in-a-live-concert-by-iftikhar-sultan.mp3ed by Ghalib and Daagh himself. Sarakti Jae Hai Rukh Se Naqab Aahista was sung to excellence by Jagjit Singh. 25. Sar Mein Sauda Bhi Nahin Dil Mein – by Firaq Gorakhpuri Firaq Gorakhpuri was an indian poet who was democratic with youth. Sar Mein Sauda Bhi Nahin Dil Mein is one of his best ghazals. Sung by amazing Pakistani artists, belated Mehnaz Begum. 24. Kuch To Hawa Bhi Sard Thi Kuch Tha Tera – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – By Parveen Shakir Kuch To Hawa Bhi Sard Thi Kuch Tha Tera is another perplex verse of youthful love by Parveen Shakir the enchantress who lived short live, but left a deep shock of music genre of Urdu ghazal. 23. Soz-e-Gham De Ke Mujhe Usne Ye Irshad – By Josh Malihabadi Soz-E-Gham De Ke Mujhe Usne Ye Irshad by Josh Malihabadi, a talented indian poet, is at his best in this ghazal. 22. Lai Hayaat Aae Qaza Le Chali Chale – By Sheikh Ibrahim Zauq Lai Hayaat Aae Qaza Le Chali Chale By Sheikh Ibrahim Zauq is a poem by a especial and unappreciated poet, whose verses are compared to giants such as Ghalib and Mir. 21. Marne Ki Duaen Kyun Mangun – By Moin Ahsan Jazbiq Marne Ki Duaen Kyun Mangun by Moin Ahsan Jazbiq is an amazing sad ghazal by a less sleep together poet Moin Ahsan Jazbiq. Sung beautifully by Habib Wali Muhammad. 20. Tang Aa Chuke Hain Kashmakash-e-Zindagi – By Sahir Ludhianvi Tang Aa Chuke Hain Kashmakash-e-Zindagi – By Sahir Ludhianvi, famed or his excellent lyrics for Bollywood movies. 19.  Mil Hi Jaega Kabhi Dil Ko Yaqin Rahta By Ahmad Mushtaq Mil Hi Jaega Kabhi Dil Ko Yaqin Rahta By Ahmad Mushtaq, a beautiful ghazal that is worth this list of 100 best ghazals always. 18. Mohabbat Karne Wale Kam Na Honge – By Hafeez Hoshiarpuri Mohabbat Karne Wale Kam Na Honge – By Hafeez Hoshiarpuri, a poem that was immortalized by legends such as Farida Khanum. Sung by the emperor butterfly of ghazals, Ustad Mehdi Hassan Khan. 17. Na Kisi Ki Aankh Ka Noor Hun – By Muztar Khairabadi  Na Kisi Ki Aankh Ka Nur Hun – By Muztar Khairabadi, an highly sad ghazal that is construction on feeling valueless in this global and without any real determination and love in life. A rare singing by Muhammad Rafi, the king of Bollywood playback singers. 16. Seenay Mein Jalan Aankhon Mein Toofan – By Shahryar Seenay Mein Jalan Aankhon Mein Tufan is an excellent ghazal by Akhlaq Mohammad Khan ‘ Shahryar ’, who was most celebrated for penning down verses of Amro Jaan movie. 15. Naya Ek Rishta Paida Kyun Karen Hum – By Jaun Eliya Naya Ek Rishta Paida Kyun Karen Hum – By Jaun Eliya, the poet of the coarse people, who had written some beautiful and underestimate ghazals. 14.  Patta Patta Buta Buta Haal Hamara Jaane Re – Mir Taqi Mir – Mehdi Hassan Patta Patta Buta Buta Haal Hamara Jaane Re one of the most sung poems, penned by legendary poet who is considered the pioneer to Rekhta, Mir Taqi Mir. here is interpretation by Ustad Mehdi Hassan Khan. 13. Rahiye Ab Aisi Jagah Chal Kar Jahan Koi – By Mirza Ghalib Rahiye Ab Aisi Jagah Chal Kar Jahan Koi – By Mirza Ghalib, is a ghazal in which Ghalib desires from solitude and leaving troubles of life sentence. 12. Rang Pairahan Ka Khushboo Zulf Lahrane – By Faiz Ahmad Faiz Rang Pairahan Ka Khushboo Zulf Lahrane – By Faiz Ahmad Faiz, the greatest of Urdu poets of mod times. Download MP3 version in voice of Ghazal King, Ustad Mehdi Hassan Khan Sahib. 11. Roshan Jamal-E-Yar Se Hai Anjuman – By Hasrat Mohani Raushan Jamal-E-Yar Se Hai Anjuman – By Hasrat Mohani – one the most rotatory poets, who raised articulation for the watery. 10. Tere Aane Ka Dhoka Sa Raha Hai – By Nasir Kazmi sung by Begum Abida Parveen Tere Aane Ka Dhoka Sa Raha Hai – By Nasir Kazmi, considered the greatest poet after Faiz Ahmed Faiz. 9.  Lagta Nahin Hai Dil Mera Ujre Diyaar Mein – By Bahadur Shah Zafar sung by Muhammad Rafi Lagta Nahin Hai Dil Mera Ujre Diyaar Mein By Bahadur Shah Zafar in an epitiome of sadness and despaire, which is no surprise looking at the meaningless liveliness of a last Mughal emperor, who was finally exiled to Burma once british took over the indian Subcontinent. It is a beautiful ghazal sing by legendary playback singer Muhammad Rafi, may Allah bless his person. 8. Sham-e-Firaq Ab Na Puchh Aai Aur Aa Ke – By Faiz Ahmad Sham-e-Firaq Ab Na Puchh Aai Aur Aa Ke – By Faiz Ahmad, the king of using words to depict a setting ( manzar Kashi in Urdu ). Sung by the Queen of Sufi Music, Begum Abida Parveen. 7. Sitaron Se Aage Jahaan Aur Bhi Hain – By Allama Iqbal A beautiful ghazal which like all Allama Iqbal verses is about Ishq e Haqiqi and message to youth to aim higher and raise their Khudi. A very unlike ghazal, which shows Allama is in a league which not even heavyweight such as Ghalib and Mir can touch. Sung by Shahzad Roy, one of the talented young artists from Pakistan. 6. Koi Umeed Bar Nahin Aati, Koi Soorat Nazar Nahin Asti by Mirza Ghalib sung by Lata Koi Umeed Bar Nahin Aati, Koi Soorat Nazar Nahin Asti by Mirza Ghalib is well of one of the most simple and most loved ghazals of Mirza Ghalib. 5. Ku Ba Ku Phail Gai Baat Shanasai Ki By Parveen Shakir Ku Ba Ku Phail Gai Baat Shanasai Ki is an amazing ghazal by the most celebrated and talented female Ghazal Khawan of late times, the amazing Parveen Shakir.
Along with Iqbal Bano, Farida Khanum is considered the two queens of ghazal from Pakistan. With her beautifully womanly voice, she has been loved and revered by many generations now. Aaj Jaaney Ki Zidd Na Karo remains a will of her infinite talents. 3. Lata Mangeshkar sings Dikhayiye Diyay Kyon From the soundtrack of art movie Bazar, Dikhayiye Diyay Kyon remains one of the most touch and cryptic ghazals always penned and sung. Lata known as the greatest female playback singer of Bollywood and proves the diversity of her talents in an exceptionally good whistle ghazal. 2. Mere Hum Nafas Mere Hum By Shakeel Badayuni sung by Begum Akhtar Mere Hum Nafas Mere Hum by Shakeel Badayuni is an center touching Urdu ghazal that speaks volumes about the talents of Shakeel. Download in spokesperson of the forget fabled ghazal singer Begum Akhtar. and at Number 1, we have joined winner Mein Khayal Hoon Kissi Aur Ka, Mujhe Sochta Koi Aur Hai remains one of the admired tracks of Ustad Mehdi Hassan Khan. Heart-touching in its lyrics and backed with Mehdi Hassan Khan sahib ’ mho faultless voice, this is our numero uno among the top 100 ghazals. Ranjish Hi Sahi is a classical ghazal which remains a benchmark of what a ghazal should be in terms of poetry ampere well as spill the beans. It is a marvelous ghazal penned by Ahmed Faraz, one of the great poets of Pakistan, and sing by Iqbal Bano, the queen of ghazal spill the beans. Although Mehdi Hassan Khan Sahib version is amazing, Iqbal Bano voice for this merely exceeding.

And 20 excellentGhazals that deserve a mention – updated October 2021

Aik Muddat Hui Tum is a signature Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan ghazal, with childlike so far kernel touching poetry and a bare melody. It manifests why Nusrat Sahib, despite being a Qawwal, was loved by all lovers of ghazal gayegee. Tere Ishq Ki Intiha Chahta Hun by Allama Iqbal is one of the rare ghazals of Iqbal since he chiefly wrote Nazm. Yet his ghazal proves that such music genre of love can be about Ishq-e-Haqiqi. Ranjish Hi Sahi by Ustad Mehdi Hasan Khan is one of the great tracks by the King Ghazal singer. Tum Aae Ho Na Shab-e-Intizar Guzri Hai by Faiz Ahmad is one of our favorite ghazal which has been sung beautifully by Mallika Tarrunum Noor Jehan. Dagh Dehlvi is famed as one of the greatest verse writers from city of Delhi. Allama Iqbal besides shared his poem with Daagh in his youth, asking for improvement and advice. Mir Taqi Mir was the pre-classical poet who inspired legends such as Ghalib. Ulti Ho Gain Sab Tadbiren remains a signature Mir poem, about woes of sexual love. Another amaze ghazal by Dagh Dehlvi, who remain one of the legends from famed city of Culture, Delhi. Sung by the one and alone Ustad Mehdi Hassan Khan. Parveen Shakir, who lived a short life, but left a huge affect in ghazal writing. Wo To Khush-Bu Hai Hawaon is one of her many ghazals that shows her zor-e-kalam. Chalo Phir Se is an amaze ghazal by the greatest romantic poet of Urdu, Faiz Ahmed Faiz whose name does not need any praise at all. Mir Taqi Mir remains the overcome of Reshta and the greatest inspiration for Ghalib. Yaro Mujhe Muaf Rakho shows her endless talents. Haidar Ali Aatish was a enormously talents Sufiana poet who left two Divan with many amazing ghazals. Yeh Aarzu Thi Tujhe Gul Ke Rubaru has been performed by the Queen of Sufi music, Abida Parveen . here is Yeh Arzoo Thi Tujhe sing amazingly by Ustad Amanat Ali Khan. Mirza Ghalib was the greatest ghazal writer of his time and possibly all times. Ye Na Thi Hamari Qismat Ki is a ghazal loved and sing every day today. Kalam Faiz Ahmed Faiz – One of the most beautiful ghazal, which is simple even soulful and affecting .

تم مرے پاس رہو
مرے قاتل، مرے دل دار مرے پاس رہو

Nayyara Noor is a rare ghazal enchantress, whose this ghazal remains her touch operation. It ’ s a ghazal that PTV viewers grew up listening to and hush remains fresh. Zehaal-E-Miskin Makun Taghaful By Hazrat Amir Khusro is written in both Persian and Brij Bhasha languages, which gave these verses a lot of amazing relish. Tera Saaya Jahan Bhi Ho Sajna is a ghazal spill the beans by the amazing Nayyara Noor, which has been a firm front-runner of PTV viewers for a long time. Momin Khan Momin, the greatest ghazal of Momin Khan Momin, which was besides the envy of Mirza Ghalib himself. Kalam Faiz Ahmed Faiz, a poem that manifests that Faiz carved the genre of socialist-romantic and remains the master of it. Faiz Ahmed Faiz was a poet of love and hope, despite living an extremely unmanageable liveliness entire of trials and confinements. His poetry always select the most beautiful words of beloved and Aaiye Arz Guzaarein is such track. Utho Ab Mati Se is a Marsiya in glory of a common soldier, penned by Kalam Faiz Ahmed. It shows the versatility of Faiz as a poet, who was never short of idea of Ishq, whether love of womanhood or the area. Yeh Dhoop Kinara is a poem of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, which is picturesque and insidious in its flavor. Sung beautifully by Nayyara Noor, we can expect from the one of the greatest female voice that whistle Faiz Kalam.

Dil Tarapne Laga is even another less known ghazal by Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, which shows his genius of ghazal genre and ability to use some childlike poetry to touch hearts of millions of young person.