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In the world of music, ghazals have a distinct home. With their all right Urdu verses, subtle nuances and music that connects the person with the divine, they open floodgates to the most hidden and deepest of feelings in us. We all have a give list of our favorite ghazals in which we find consolation. here are 18 ghazals in the voices of legendary singers, who do dispatch judge to the beautiful words that will never lose their shininess .

1. Jagjit Singh: Baat niklegi toh phir door talak jayegi

A combination of intense words and the assuasive voice of Jagjit Singh, this is one of those unforgettable ghazals that is therefore much more than a string of words put together.

2. Farida Khanum: Aaj jaane ki zid na karo

A dear opinion, undying passionate love and the ephemeral moments of sharing warmth – This ghazal is equally ageless as the feeling of sexual love. We are in love with the gruff and enchanting part of Farida Khanum.

3. Ghulam Ali: Chupke chupke raat din

Sung by one of the most celebrate ghazal singers, Ghulam Ali, this ghazal simply grows on you.

4. Mehdi Hassan: Ranjish hi sahi

A atrocious expulsion of a break heart that has loved and lost, this ghazal in Mehdi Hassan ‘s velvety-voice echoes a million feelings.

5. Pankaj Udhas: Aur ahista kijiye baatein

I just ca n’t get adequate of the good previous Pankaj Udhas songs. Featuring the dark-skinned beauty Sameera Reddy, this one is decidedly going to be on repeat for me for at least the following pair of days.

6. Begum Akhtar: Woh jo hum mein tum mein qarar tha

talk about the lost connection with your beloved, and this ghazal perfectly paints the picture of a bereft heart. Listening to this ghazal is a heavenly experience, even for those who are not conversant with Sufi poetry.

7. Talat Aziz: Zindagi jab bhi teri bazm mein lati hai humein

Conveying the ability in meekness to love, you might have heard this ghazal in Umrao Jaan. Sung by Talat Aziz, this one will make certain that the romance stays alive.

8. Reshma: Lambi Judai

The overwhelm feel of separation in the majestic voice of Reshma, this ghazal makes the heart sink every time one listens to it .

9. Chitra Singh: Khuda humko aisi khudai na de

Rich in spiritualty, this ghazal sing by Chitra Singh always finds a identify in the list of ghazal lovers.

10. Anup Jalota: Pathar bana diya mujhe

A cry of the aching kernel, Pathar bana diya mujhe whistle by Anup Jalota most decidedly evokes the black bile in you.

11. Suraiya: Ye na thi hamari kismat

Penned by Mirza Ghalib and spill the beans in the satiny voice of Suraiya, this ghazal is one of the most celebrated ghazals of all times.

12. Roop Kumar Rathod: Chaand ke saath kal raat

The beautiful verses in Roop Kumar Rathod ‘s deep and dulcet voice get the travel of love. Give it a listen if you have n’t already.

13. Mohd. Rafi: Ek hi baat zamane ki kitaabon mein nahi

Anything that Rafi saheb sings is diaphanous magic ! just like this ghazal.

14. Bhupinder Singh: Kabhi kisi ko mukammal jahan nahi milta

Voiced by Bhupinder, this ghazal makes an meet with the reality of life in the most precise verses.

15. Penaz Masani: Tu agar mujhse khafa hai

Listening to some soulful music in Penaz Masani ‘s voice, you just can not help but immerse yourself in this beautiful rendition.

16. Ahmed & Mohammed Hussain: Main hawa hoon

The couple of Ahmed and Mohammed Hussain from Jaipur have put in their heart and soul into this ghazal that celebrates being free spirited.

17. Amanat Ali Khan: Hothon pe kabhi unke mera naam bhi aaye

The remarkable classical and ghazal singer Asad Amanat Ali Khan sang this popular ghazal which was always high on demand wherever he performed.

18. Noor Jahan: Mujh se pehli si mohabbat

The dateless classical ghazal in the hypnotic voice of Noor Jahan expresses the deep longing that leaves a invalidate in the heart.

There are many other classic ghazals that didn’t find mention in this list, but are close to our hearts. Which one is your favourite ghazal?