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This list primitively started as 10, hence the title. But given the contest it was hard to narrow down to so few, so we now have 20. Since rock ’ n ’ scroll started England itself have contributed a great total to giving fans amazing music to listen to. For this reason it wasn ’ t easy. And some bands who were ephemeral still managed to beat out other bands with large lists of capital songs .
Bands and artists that close missed out but deserve a mention are George Harrison, Amy Winehouse, New Order, Soft Cell, The Police, The Kinks, The Who, Elvis Costello, T-Rex, The Cure, Pink Floyd ( downbeat music ), Massive Attack, Portishead and Coldplay to name a few.

While searching found this good list from what looked to be an english option music station
hypertext transfer protocol : //bestbritishsongs.xfm.co.uk/100-51 ? page=2

Before finishing the list we decided that it is better to give a great party list than to condense what all unlike lists have with what we already like. sol in the future you will see a tilt of 20 great english Songs to get Up and Party
here ’ s the clear 20 anyhow :
20  The Drugs Don’t Work- The Verve
Another adult reach from the Verve, if the drugs don ’ t oeuvre for you merely listen to this song in a state of sobriety and you ’ ll be fine
19 Nights of white satin- Moody Blues
A great rock ballad by the Moody Blues
18 Heroes- David Bowie
David Bowie was another heavyweight of the English rock scene. This bang-up song is good to sit back, relax and
17 Song #2- Blur
This song is a great up beat song that will get you up and dancing immediately. Go on, get up and start jumping around .

16 God Save the Queen- Sex Pistols
Sex Pistols have a raw phone, but their lyrics very have what it takes. They stick it into all people confronting them in their day and age. One of many capital songs by the group .

15 Norwegian Wood- The Beatles
Why this song ? It is an evergreen song for the Beatles. It calm sounds in 4 decades belated .
14 Satisfaction- The Rolling Stones
Great wellbeing sound on this song from the Rolling Stones, we ’ re all for songs that make you glad here at Street Talk Savvy
13 Sultans of Swing- Dire Straits
Dire Straits had many hits, this one was not the most ground demote of all their songs, but after the atrocious 80 ’ s were gone, this one stood the test of time better than others

12 Bittersweet Symphony- The Verve
As a group they didn ’ t have a capital shelf life but their first album, they actually packed a punch

11 Whole Lotta Love- Led Zeppelin
An amazing rock set with many great songs, that are dateless. Robert Plants amazing singing voice besides takes you somewhere else on this traverse
10 Sympathy for the devil- The Rolling Stones
This was the early days for the Rolling Stones when they were however markedly a blues band. Did Mick Jagger tittup around the stage with his lips out and strut around the stage second then ?
9 I bet you look good on the dancefloor- Arctic Monkeys
Great sensitive good from this ring. They have a fortune of great music, so it ’ s no surprise they get a rate

8 Karma Police- Radiohead
Radiohead are a band spanning a retentive era for these days and distillery keep writing popular songs for all generations, this one is Street Talk Savvy ’ s front-runner from the ring

7 Should I Stay or Should I Go-The Clash
If you weren ’ triiodothyronine from London this more cheerful song from the Clash would probably be your darling from them

6 House of the rising sun-The Animals
This is an old song, a presuppose american folk music song with no distinct lineage, but here engraved in rock history, by the british ring the Animals

5 Stairway to Heaven- Led Zeppelin
Very diseased song, but hush beneficial. The guitar riff is one of the most democratic of all time does it for most people
4 Love will tear us apart- Joy Division
It ’ south good and it ’ s very popular

3 Imagine-John Lennon
A bathetic favored for all the people who mourn the death of a music big
2 Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen
Queen were a talented group, much between 4 music genres in one song. This rock ballad is decidedly the best of a hanker list

1 Wonderwall-Oasis
This song is great to get a whole room of drink English lads singing straight up, like no early on the list. For this reason it isa probably winner

The music in this list was chosen from making a combination on our favourites and what the other lists out there on the net are using. besides we tried to cover classics from the past that are desirable candidates quite than what has happened in say a Gen Y ’ s lifetime.The music is biased towards alternative quite than mainstream, but not going excessively heavy with the sound so Iron Maiden is out .
Hope you liked our list, feel complimentary to make comments
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