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cool Status is one of the ways you can show people your present thoughts and feelings without saying a news. We have compiled a list of the best cool condition for boys and girls that will help them by rights communicate their thoughts to their friends and followers without words .

Cool Status for Boys in English

1. 82 % of boys are busy having girlfriends, the remaining 18 % are having brains
2. I ’ m that guy with a cool attitude !
3. I stood in front of the mirror and estimate who I saw ? The smartest guy in the global ! ! !
4. I ’ m not your boyfriend who prices everything at the value of nothing .
5. Stop blaming me I was born Awesome .
6. Do what ’ s right and not what is easy .
7. I ’ thousand not like protons, I don ’ triiodothyronine bargain with negativity .
8. Walk like a king… Walk like no one is watching… Just keep walking…
9. Eat… Sleep… Enjoy… and Repeat. Life is excessively easy .
10. Albert Einstein-genius mind… Bill gates-brilliant mind… Galileo-Great mind… ME-Never Mind .
11. I see all the girls as my sisters except you .
12. I don ’ t get toast, I only get chemically off libra most times .
13. You hate me, yet your sisters want to go steady me .
14. My attitude depends on who is standing in front of me .
15. You must constantly be odd to be number one .
16. Keep calm and love life .
17. The new meaning for “ Cool ” – “ I actually don ’ t give a f**k ! ”
18. Friends come and go, but enemies remain and multiply .
19. I equitable discovered that Ugly begins with ‘ U ’ while AwesoME ends with ME .
20. You merely have now or never. so, do it now !
21. If you think you ’ ra badly, then call me your dad .
22. My haters make me celebrated .
23. One of the things I enjoy doing is listening to lies when I already know the truth .
24. I ’ meter not arrant. Just a limited edition .
25. It ’ sulfur my style, not my position .
26. You have to trust me when I say I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate trust you at all .
27. Don ’ t accept to be the second choice. You are worth more than that .
28. My respect is for those who deserve it and not demand it .
29. The reason I ’ molarity single is that God is still not done with the best love fib for me .
30. I ’ ll be bet on .
31. I take it as an advantage when they constantly underestimated me .
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Cool Status for Girls in English

Cool Status for Girls in English

1. An average girls want Attention. Me ? respect ! …
2. Keep Calm and Chill .
3. I ’ thousand aphrodisiac and you know it !
4. My biography my rules…
5. Ladies beginning. But Pretty girls sooner .
6. Darling, I ’ m a nightmare dressed like a dream .
7. Mea+Music + My board + No studies + Internet = a Perfect day .
8. Every day is a second chance to do it better .
9. Haters are my biggest motivation .
10. I got less but they are the best !
11. It doesn ’ metric ton count you think about me provided I ’ thousand happy .
12. If I die someday, on my grave there would be dislodge Wifi so that people could visit it more much .
13. hush remains the best answer for a fool .
14. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get it twist my attitude and personality are two different entity .
15. Attaining perfection is impossible, but when you chase it, you could catch excellence .
16. I ’ megabyte covetous of my parents, I good wonder if I could have a child vitamin a cool as theirs .
17. I ’ megabyte reasonably, that ’ s something I don ’ t need anybody to tell me .
18. Do you hate drama ? Cool. Stop starting it .
19. It ’ s not your life… Please keep your nose off it .
20. I just wonder where I would have stored all this personality if I were slender .
21. I never let anyone tell me how to live. It ’ s my life .
22. God so creative, I mean… precisely take a spirit at me ! ! !
23. My achiever will shock you. Yes, you !
24. People think I ’ meter regretful, but I ’ thousand not. I ’ molarity worst !
25. fresh since day one !
26. Three mistakes I made in life : WTF ( Whatsapp, Twitter, & Facebook ) .
27. shame on you girls… The summer is getting hotter than you .
28. Do it nowadays before it becomes illegal tomorrow .
29. “ Trust ” is something I don ’ thymine do it besides contains “ RUST ” in it .
30. I know you ’ re a dream… but dreams besides come truthful .
31. I ’ ve constantly known I was good but I didn ’ metric ton expect to be this better .
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Cool fb status

Cool Status for FB

1. I used to be cool but the summer made me hot .
2. Do not give up, the beginning is constantly the hardest .
3. Life is a journey, and we ’ re all travelers .
4. The first snub is constantly the deepest .
5. wholly available ! ! Please disturb me !
6. Life must go on no matter what happens .
7. Always trying to cool me .
8. A covetous charwoman will constantly do better research than the FBI .
9. Of causal agent I ’ m still smiling… But unfortunately, you ’ re not the reason anymore .
10. I love my job, and that applies lone when I ’ m on vacation .
11. My biggest concern in biography is how to inform my on-line friends of my death
12. even Awesome thinks I ’ megabyte Awesome.. ! !
13. One of the hardest things to do is doing nothing, you ’ ll never know when to finish .
14. Light has been recorded to travels faster than sound. possibly that ’ s why you appeared bright until you spoke .
15. drill makes one perfect but cipher is perfect ; what is the kernel of practicing then ?

16. life can be seen as ice cream you have to enjoy it before it melts
17. No Whatsapp, No calls, No msgs… My earphone is switched off…
18. I prefer working bright, than harder .
19. My relationship with my cogitation is presently complicated
20. Talking to me is at your own risk. The demons may come back .
21. Life is beautiful just from Friday to Monday .
22. love like you ’ ve never been hurt that ’ s the best means to love .
23. What is luck ? It ’ south when you have friends american samoa amazing as mine !
24. Love is a sail furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination .
25. I normally don ’ thyroxine forget a face, but I ’ ll be gladiolus to make an exception for you .
26. I ’ ll treat you like a king if you treat me like a queen. But when you treat me like a crippled, then I ’ ll show you how to play .
27. Do you know what I do when I see person VERY HANDSOME ? I stare, I smile & when I get tire, I barely put the mirror down !
28. Kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love in truth, and forgive cursorily. Every travel begins with a individual mistreat .
29. entirely the lonely die lento .
30. confession is bad for your career but good for your soul .
31. It ’ second better to be alone and be happy than stay with person and be dysphoric .
32. true Love is born of reason .
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cool whatsapp status

Best Cool Whatsapp Status

1. Everybody can be aplomb, but entirely a few to be Awesome .
2. Copycats are cheats lacking creativity .
3. AwesoMe Without ‘ ME ’ is just AWESO. It doesn ’ t make sense without me .
4. Stay away from me I don ’ metric ton want to kill you with my awesomeness…
5. The mysterious to success is blackmail .
6. It takes years to build Trust but seconds to scatter .
7. I ’ megabyte not immature…i just know how to have fun
8. A smile is the cheapest make up that everybody can afford .
9. I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate argue. I entirely explain why I ’ thousand right .
10. never Steal ; the politics hates competition .
11. One of the best kit you need to own and rock is assurance .
12. actually, Basically, Technically, Mechanically, Mathematically, Chemically, Normally, and ultimately I ’ m indeed cute .
13. What are best friends for when they can ’ thymine insult each other ?
14. Etc ( end of thinking capacity ) .
15. Stars can ’ metric ton radiance without iniquity .
16. Your haters are your biggest fans, constantly following your every motivate
17. Motivation only gets you started. Habit keeps you going .
18. I didn ’ t lose my mind. It was sold on-line .
19. Your attitude may hurt me, but mine will surely kill you .
20. All my status is always a dumb message to person .
21. life is besides short to waste it hating on you .
22. Don ’ t think I ’ megabyte faineant. I ’ m lone on my energy saving mode .
23. cipher is useless, some can still be used as bad examples .
24. Don ’ triiodothyronine put your Trust on Words, let them be continually on Actions .
25. One of the ingredients that have the might to make you handsome is humor .
26. If you can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate do great things, learn how to do simple and belittled things in a capital room
27. There ’ south nothing like luck if you don ’ thymine work. Because even luck has to work…
28. Behind every successful man, there ’ s a hardworking and a passionate intent, not a charwoman .
29. Do you know how to identify a on-key friend ? They will never let you do dazed things alone .
30. Be yourself because everyone else has already been taken .
31. Mosquitoes are like family members. They are annoying quite alright but they carry your blood .
32. You are the best version of yourself, stop copying others .
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cool short status

Cool Short Status

1. I ’ m a genius by birth, but evil by choice
2. I ’ m so Cool, Ice Cubes Are getting Jealous already .
3. Most people are then poor that all they have is money .
4. I don ’ metric ton want a perfect person, I just want person who will be honest .
5. If opportunity doesn ’ thyroxine pink, then build a door .
6. I ’ ll winnings, though not immediately but decidedly .
7. Some people are alive only because it ’ s illegal to kill them .
8. All men are not fools, Some remain bachelors .
9. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate merely imagine it, make it happen .
10. Love Your Haters, They ’ re your mysterious fans .
11. The worst thing I ’ ve always tried is being normal .
12. boodle factories are situated under girls Fb Statuses
13. Being normal doesn ’ metric ton seem normal to me. I ’ molarity far from the common .
14. It ’ second always dope when your Crush ’ sulfur Crush is You
15. Can ’ thyroxine see my last seen ? … Text me if u miss me .
16. One characteristic of a good liar is a good memory .
17. Any Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted .
18. Expecting the unexpected makes the unexpected expected .
19. I pray maths to grow up someday and learn how to solve his problems by himself…
20. I have an incurable disease called handsomeness and you can ’ metric ton know it until you have it .
21. I ’ ve decided to make the rest part of my biography, the best partially of my life .
22. Problems are always aphrodisiac if you know how to Flirt with situations .
23. I love you because you make me laugh even in moments when I feel I can ’ t even smile .
24. Give a Man baron and his true characters will surface .
25. deplorable about those texts I sent you final night, my call was toast
26. If there ’ s anything that college has taught us, it ’ south texting without looking .
27. You cry I cry ; you laugh I laugh ; you got bitten by a chase, I laugh even harder .
28. real friends don ’ metric ton judge each other they judge others together .
29. If you are afraid to be alone ; don ’ metric ton marry .
30. I want person who will give me a lend american samoa well as leave me alone .
31. Why are they called apartments if they are all stuck in concert ?

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