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Love songs are an important separate of chinese music. Most people will think of particular love songs when recollect their sweet days. here is a list of the lead 10 most romanticist taiwanese love songs .
Liang Zhu
1. The Moon Represents My Heart 月亮代表我的心

The Moon Represents My Heart is one of China ’ s most long-familiar sleep together songs. This sung are often sung in diverse shows and KTV parlors. Its lyrics express that words can not fully convey the one ’ south love. merely the moon, a symbol of love story, can .
2. The Most Romantic Thing 最浪漫的事

What do you think is the most romanticist thing in life ? Some people believe that merely such a type of things like sending flowers, singing beloved songs and having candle-light dinner can be called romance. But, Cyndi Chaw ’ randomness song The Most romantic song tells us that “ The most quixotic matter I can imagine is to get older lento with you. ”
3. As Sweet As Honey 甜蜜蜜

As Sweet As Honey ( or Tian Mimi ) is one of most celebrated love songs sung by China ’ s pop caption Teresa Teng. The song enhances a relax, lively age-related macular degeneration cheerful artistic atmosphere. It has been a masterpiece of Teresa Teng .
4. Intimate Lovers 知心爱人

intimate Lovers ( or Zhi Xin Ai Ren ) is a celebrated duet song with very good tune. The sung is sung by the couple singers – Ren Jing and Fu Disheng. The song has always been one of the most requested duets in KTV rooms .
5. Kangding Love Song 康定情歌

Kangding Love Song is a folk song from Kangding area ( known as the home of beloved songs ), szechwan state. Its childlike melody and catchy rhythm are very slowly to follow. The lyrics expresses a dateless theme – sexual love. The song was a big reach decades ago and can hush be much played on the radio receiver and sung in karaoke bars today .
6. Choice 选择

Choice ( or Xuan Ze ) was a beloved birdcall sing by Sally Yeh & George Lam. The lyrics interpret the hero ’ south and heroine ’ s aroused choice : “ I chose you, you chose me, and this is our choice, ” since we have chosen each early, “ I ’ ll love you until the seas run dry and the rocks crumble. ”

7. Loving You 10 Thousand Years 爱你一万年

Loving You 10 Thousand Years is a very popular song by Hong Kong Cantopop singer Andy Lau. “ Love you for 10,000 years ”, as the song says, wish the love can survive everlastingly .
8. Meet At Aobao 敖包相会

meet At Aobao or Aobao Xianghui ( Aobao means “ a pile of stones ” in Mongolian ) is a well-known mongol tribe song that many chinese people can hum. The birdcall shows a beautiful view that a young man is waiting eagerly for his lover beside an Aobao on a bright moonlight night .
9. Liang Zhu Butterfly Lovers 梁祝(化蝶)

Liang Zhu Butterfly Lovers is a music work composed by Chen Gang and He Zhanhao in 1958. It is based on a tragic beloved floor of two lovers – Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai – in ancient China. Their love story is often compared to that of Romeo and Juliet. This traditional chinese music authoritative is often played by chinese orchestra in external concert .
10. In A Faraway Place 在那遥远的地方

In A Faraway Place is a widely sung Chinese song created by Wang Luobin ( who is called The Singing King of the West ) in 1939 when he met a beautiful Tibetan female child at Qinghai Lake. The song describes that a rich prince has a break down on a pretty girlfriend but he can never marry her due to their differences in wealth and status .
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