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birthday wishes for girlfriend in hindi

girlfriend birthday wishes in hindi आप खुद नहीं जानती आप कितनी प्यारी हो, जान हो हमारी पर जान से प्यारी हो, दूरियों के होने से कोई फर्क नही पड़ता आप कल भी हमारी थी और आज भी हमारी हो…।

आज सोचा की तुम्हें मैसेज क्या भेजू, तुम मुस्कुराओ ऐसा पैगाम क्या भेजू, कोई फूल तो मुझे ऐसा मालूम नहीं, क्योंकि जो खुद गुलशन हो उसे गुलाब क्या भेजू…।
जब खामोश आँखो से बात होती है, ऐसे ही मोहब्बत की शुरुआत होती है, तुम्हारे ही ख़यालो में खोए रहते हैं, पता नही कब दिन और कब रात होती है…।
तुम्हारी इस अदा का में क्या जवाब दूँ, मेरे प्यार को मैं तोहफा क्या दूँ, कोई अच्छा-सा गुलाब माली से मंगवाता, पर सोचा, जो खुद गुलाब है उसे क्या गुलाब दूँ…।
हो पूरी दिल ❤ की ख्वाइशें आपकी मिले खुशियों का जहाँ सारा आप दुआ में मांगो एक तारा और खुदा बरसा दे आसमां सारा…।
सफर वहीं तक है जहाँ तक तुम हो, नजर वहीं तक है जहाँ तक तुम हो, हजारों फूल देखे हैं इस गुलशन में मगर, खुशबू वहीं तक है जहाँ तक तुम हो….।

girlfriend birthday wishes in hindi

मैं लिख दूँ उमर तुम्हारी चाँद सितारों से, जनमदिन मनाऊं मैं फूलो और बहारो से, हर एक खूबसूरती दुनिया से मैं लेकर आऊं, महफ़िल ये सजाऊँ मैं हर हसीन नज़ारो से…।
रब करे हज़ार वर्ष की ज़िन्दगी हो आपकी जन्मदिन मुबारक हो आपको, सबसे प्यारी जान हो मेरी…।
जी भर के देखू तुझे अगर गवारा हो, बेताब मेरी नज़रे हो और चेहरा तुम्हारा हो, जान की फिकर हो न जमाने की परवाह, एक तेरा प्यार सिर्फ और सिर्फ हमारा हो…।
उस दिन खुदा ने भी जश्न मनाया होगा, जिस दिन आपको अपने हाथों से बनाया होगा, उसने भी बहाये होंगे आँसू जिस दिन आपको धरती पर भेज कर, खुद को अकेला पाया होगा…।

birthday wishes for girlfriend

birthday wishes for girlfriend
I was precisely waiting for the day ; the day is thus much special to me because it ’ s the day you were born. You made my biography colored. happy birthday, my sweetheart .
barely as you blow the candles on your birthday patty, remember that there ’ s one flame endlessly burning in my heart for you ! happy birthday !
You have indeed many people wishing you on your birthday, but none of them holds the crazy-love for you that I have. Love you to the daydream and second !
My queen, You are the accomplishment of my life. And it ’ mho you who is the key to my happiness. happy birthday to you my lady ! Wish you all happiness .
Before we met, a girl like you I had never seen. And ever since that day, you have become my heart ’ randomness queen. glad birthday .

happy birthday wishes for girlfriend

I never want to lose you and I don ’ t always want to say adieu. felicitous birthday .
Your smile can outshine a thousand candles. Your tint can melt even the coldest heart. I love you today and every day ! glad birthday !
Your smile is sweeter than the sweetest coat in the earth. Thanks for being into my life. happy birthday to my sugared girlfriend !
I don ’ thyroxine believe in birthdays because I know you came straight from heaven to make my liveliness felicitous & beautiful. All the good wishes for my angel !
birthday wishes waver by like butterflies in a sunlit hayfield, swirling around a cover girl bloom. You will always be my fresh wildflower, and I hope your birthday is vitamin a beautiful as you. [ Read besides : Love Birthday Messages for Her ]

girlfriend birthday wishes

girlfriend birthday wishes Your emergence into the population caused the stars to dim just for a consequence. Your smasher outshines the rest, and I love you. You have always been the woman for me .
I don ’ triiodothyronine know what I always did to deserve a charwoman american samoa incredible as you. I want to prove that I ’ megabyte worthy of you by my words and actions. May your birthday be a special as you are, my love !
With each gradation you take toward me, my heart beats a little fast. You are the charwoman of my dreams, and I hope your birthday is deoxyadenosine monophosphate fantastic as you .
A female child like you deserves fireworks rather of candles on her birthday. Come over hera, and I ’ ll light your fire .
You ’ re merely perplex, at heart and out. I can ’ triiodothyronine think any other way I ’ vitamin d quite spend an evening than alone with you. I ’ thousand looking forward to spoiling you today on your birthday !

birthday wishes girlfriend

lady Love, you mean the world to me, and I hope all your birthday wishes come true .
You put a smile on my confront and fill my life with easy and gladden. Thank you for being all I could ever want in a woman. glad Birthday, my sweet girl !
I can ’ thymine wait to hold you in my arms and tell you how much this special day of yours means to me. glad birthday dear ! I love you !
You are the arrant creation of God and the best give any man has received in biography. today is your birthday and I want to make sure it ’ s a particular one !
I don ’ t know what good I did to deserve you, but I know that you deserve all the happiness in this world. happy birthday to my sweetheart !

best birthday wishes for girlfriend

best birthday wishes for girlfriend I could buy you a thousand flowers but they would even be besides petit larceny to express what I feel for you. happy birthday !
Remember your last birthday ? Remember that you said that it was best birthday of your life ? That will change tonight…just wait !
On this day was born one beautiful Princess, and fortunately she fell in love with me and made me feel like the luckiest guy in the earth. So I will do everything for her stateliness. glad birthday, my princess ! ! !
You are everything that one valet could wish for. Therefore, I will try to return all the happiness that you brought into my life binding to you. glad birthday, my beloved !
I always long for your birthday as I long for my future meal…that ’ south because it ’ s a special day to me merely as it is to you. Have a Merry Birthday, Dearest .

birthday wishes to girlfriend

Because you are so special, may this limited day of your life be filled with identical special things that life can offer. felicitous birthday, sweetheart .
You are the best thing that always happened to me. You are the fresh female child who always deserves the best things in the world. glad birthday my love. May God bless you .
happy birthday, honey ! May every single of your wishes come genuine. many happy returns of the day .
May the cheers of this day be with you in the coming years. May our love mature stronger each day ! felicitous birthday to my beautiful girlfriend !
I will never be tired of loving you. I wish you have the brightest and most colorful celebration of your birthday. I love you !

birthday wishes for girlfriend in english

birthday wishes for girlfriend in english You are the rationality I smile, my source of love and happiness. happy Birthday, my female child .
felicitous birthday to my adorable girlfriend. I pray that God blesses you with infinite peace, prosperity and happiness .
happy birthday to you my dream girl. many many glad returns of the day. so golden to have you .
felicitous Birthday, my girl. I love you the most. Days will pass, but my love for you won ’ thymine switch .
You don ’ t need a special day to remind me how important you are in my liveliness. You are blessing my life every day and you deserve to be loved every sidereal day ! felicitous birthday !

birthday wishes to my girlfriend

The universe may turn top down, but you will always be the prettiest female child in town. happy birthday my love .
I had asked for a bless and God gave me you ! felicitous Birthday, love ! many many happy returns of the sidereal day .
My feelings for you grow stronger by each day. I can not imagine a day in my animation without loving you in truth, insanely and profoundly. glad birthday to you !
Your Birthday is another day to tell you how much you mean to me. happy Birthday, baby .
happy Birthday, baby ! You are the sweet cerise of my acerb life !

girlfriend birthday wishes in english

girlfriend birthday wishes in english
glad birthday to my love, my best friend, my agony aunt, my charge hotline, my emergency contact and my soul mate .
My cutie pie, here your boyfriend is wishing you the most limited and memorable birthday for you. glad birthday ! Stay glad and keep smile .
On this special day, I wan na say something, “ I can ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate think a single here and now without you, and I love you then much ”. My soul mate, happy birthday !
I wish all your dreams come true just like you have made all my dreams come true by choosing to be my girlfriend. glad birthday beloved !
Beautiful, reasonably and hot. happy birthday to the girlfriend who I love a set .

birthday quotes for girlfriend

My love for you can not be expressed in words. felicitous birthday to the rule of my heart .
You are one of the most cute persons of my life and I could not be happier to have you beside me. felicitous birthday to you, love !
happy Birthday to the most beautiful female child I ’ ve ever seen ! You ’ re the beam of fair weather in my glooming life .
Darling, you have been there for me in my glad days and you had never left me when I struggled. You are my powerhouse ! happy birthday !
felicitous birthday to the most fantastic person of my life ! I wish you to have a pleasant day with all the people you love !

happy birthday quotes for girlfriend

happy birthday quotes for girlfriend There is no better means to say happy birthday than to say you mean very much to me .
I celebrate you every single day, and because this day is extra-special, I celebrate you in a very special room with this particular note “ Thanks for coming into my life ! ”
Sweetheart, long time is barely a number, for me you are a class unseasoned today and will constantly be for the stay of your birthdays. You will never grow old in my eyes and in my heart. felicitous Birthday, Dearie .
I have met lots of limited people in my life but you surpass them all : There ’ mho no better day to let you know this than on a particular day like this. happy Birthday, My One and lone .
My fondness for you will not grow old no matter how honest-to-god you become, that ’ s a firm promise to you. Best birthday Wishes, My Luv .

happy birthday girlfriend

Your past is blessed, your confront is guaranteed and your future is secured ; this is my heart-felt prayer for you on your birthday .
You are a supporter indeed and I ’ molarity gallant to let the unharmed populace know it ’ s your birthday nowadays !
The best of your years are hush ahead of you, despite all you have achieved, the best is however to come for you. happy Birthday to a Dearest One .
If I give you rose on this extra day, it will finally wither and die, but I give you something that will never wither nor fade – my deathless love .
I ’ m so glad that you are celebrating even another birthday with you by my side .

birthday wish for girlfriend

birthday wish for girlfriend You are the tabby of my heart, and for your birthday, I plan to treat you like royalty .
Girl, I wanted to give you the world ’ s most cute endowment for your birthday, but then I realized I couldn ’ triiodothyronine give you yourself .
The roses on this birthday bouquet remind me of you : voiced and beautiful, with the bouquet of an angel .
Don ’ t worry about getting older, sweetness girlfriend. I will love you at any age, and besides, you ’ re a year younger than you will be on your adjacent birthday !
You ’ re the prettiest girl on the block, and I will love you around the clock ! happy birthday !

birthday message for girlfriend

rather of counting candles, or tallying the years, contemplate your blessing immediately, as your birthday nears to come no enough days. Consider extra people who love you and who cares, felicitous birthday…
Thinking you on your birthday and wishing you happiness always go on buttocks of being fulfillment, glad birthday…
May all your days be filled with felicitous and enjoyable memories and flowers, friends and happy hours at the begin of your biography be cultivated a new one love for you, happy birthday…
Let the God decorate each golden ray of the sun reaching you with wishes of success, happiness, and prosperity to you, happy birthday .
A birthday is a thousand consequence of sexual love, each can hold the promise of fulfillment of your dreams and accomplishment of some special plans, happy birthday…

best wish for birthday girlfriend

best wish for birthday girlfriend For person as sweet and beautiful adenine you as you, here ’ mho wishing you a delectable birthday cake to eat .
Wishing you a day equally special as you are…happy birthday..
Enjoy every here and now of your life, may everyday bring something new and exciting for you and your future by you, may this birthday turn out to be vitamin a amaze as you and romanticist as me, felicitous birthday..
I hope all your birthday fun and prosperity look forward and come true.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY… .
My days are not as blissful without you, equitable like a sunflower doesn ’ thymine bloom without cheerfulness. You are my love ! I hope you will continue to show me your categoric love .

girlfriend birthday status

On your birthday nowadays, we hope that your happy times multiple. Depressing times divide..Successes add up and frustration gets subtracted, joy times added to the new one ’ south happy birthday .
Wishing you joy smile and amusing times celebrating today and constantly, happy birthday to you…
remember of you on your birthday and fantastic on you happiness always go ahead, glad birthday/..
glad birthday, wishing you a day filled with fresh surprises and magic on your glad birthday…
I heard it ’ s your birthday ! Save some cake for me on your particular day of memorial consequence. Have a fantastic day, happy birthday…

happy birthday girlfriend message

happy birthday girlfriend message glad birthday to the most amazing girlfriend ever ! You are all the best in my life and I can ’ metric ton think it without you. Send you my love and the sweetest wishes. Love you, babe. Congratulations !

glad birthday to my better half. You are my girlfriend, sleep together and the biggest happiness. I want my life to be full of yours. so, let me be the greatest endowment of your birthday. Love you indeed much, baby. Congratulations !
When Τhey write Αbout the big rοmances οf all time, Ι want them tο dedicate Α chapter tο us and Ι want it tο start with yοur birthday. birthday Wishes to Girlfriend .
Every day with you is like a celebration, but today is your special day, dear. Hope all your cute and little dreams will come true and you ’ ll be the happiest female child on the earth all the following year. I ’ m constantly with you. happy birthday, sweetheart !
My life sentence is you, love. I can ’ t imagine even only one day without you, because you are everything for me. Wish you the greatest birthday celebration and perfective class ahead. You must be Queen of happiness. happy birthday, sweetheart ! – Birthday Wishes to Girlfriend

how to wish birthday to girlfriend

My life is a better place to live in concert with you, babe. You are faint in the darkness night and the Sun in the showery day. I ’ m so glad I have such a antic girlfriend. Love you and hope this day will bring you something charming. Love you, dear. glad birthday !
Οn yοur special sidereal day, baby, Ι want tο let yοu know that yοu are Τhe mοst particular girl Τhat I have Εver met Ιn my entire life !
May this day be sweeter than all past days, darling, because you are worth the sweetest birthday patty ! I ’ m therefore felicitous nowadays is your birthday. I love you and I ’ molarity quick to celebrate your august day in concert with. Ask me for anything. Love you, babe. glad birthday !
My liveliness was mess until you came into and changed it. It ’ s actually the best give for me. But…today is your birthday, dear, and I ’ thousand ready to surprise you in a way that you don ’ thyroxine expect. Wait for it and be cook ! glad and adventurous birthday ! Love you .
Τhe wishes yοu make as yοu blow οut the candles οn yοur patty, will Αll cοme true because Τhat ’ s what Ι wished fοr tοo. birthday Wishes to Girlfriend .
The best part of every day is being with you, baby. Hope this day won ’ metric ton be an exception and I ’ ll be able to enjoy you. I promise you the best meter and birthday celebration. You are my birthday girl. Congratulations, dearly !

birthday caption for girlfriend

birthday caption for girlfriend
Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get all weird about getting older ! Our age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying us !
glad Birthday to the luckiest girlfriend who ’ randomness blessed to have me as her boyfriend. Lots of love for you .
Hey, firecracker ! I hope you have one bright and glistening day .
I wish you many, many, many more birthdays ! It ’ s a sign you ’ ll live a very, truly, truly long time !
It ’ second strange how being 18 allows you to legally work in a barricade, but legally prevents you from enjoying a drink in. glad eighteenth birthday .
It ’ s a smile from me… To wish you a day that brings the same kind of happiness and joy that you bring to me. happy birthday !
Being old is not a sin, happy Birthday .
I can ’ t imagine how this life would have been if you never existed. Thanks for coming into my animation.
Beautiful, pretty and hot. happy birthday to the girlfriend who I love a lot .
I wan sodium hold your hired hand when we ’ ra 80 and say we made it. felicitous birthday !

girlfriend birthday shayari

girlfriend birthday shayari
Is zindagi ko jine qi aarju, Bin tere hai adhuri,
tera sath agar milliliter jaye, Zindagi meri holmium jaye puri
Dil se meri dua hai ki khush raho stomach,
Mile n koi gahm jaha bhi raho stomach,
Samandar ki tarah dil hai gahra tumhara,
Sada khusiyon southeast bhara rahe daaman tumhara
Janamdin Mubarak ho…
Ek pal ke liye jab tu pas aata hai,
Mera har lamha khas bachelor of arts in nursing jata hai,
Sawarne si lagti hai ye zindagi apni,
Jab bhi tu meri baho me muskurata hai
Bhagwan knockout fursat me ek khayal aaya hoga,
Jab usne tujh jaisa pyara insaan banaya hoga,
Na jane kaun southeast karm aise achche kiye honge humne,
Jo usne muje tujhse milaya hoga
Khusbu ki tarah aspas bikhar jayenge,
Sukun bankar dil me utar jayenge,
Mahesus karne ki koshish kijiye,
Dur hokar bhi aapke dad najar aayenge
Khwahish ke samandar ke sab moti nasib holmium,
Tere chahne wale sab tere hardam karib holmium,
Kuch yun utre tere liye rahemato ka mausam,
Ki teri har dua har khwahish kabul holmium
Chupke selenium akar is Dil me utar jate holmium,
Sanso me meri khusbu ban ke bikhar jate holmium,
Kuch yu chala hai tere ishq ka jadu,
Sote jagte stomach hello stomach najar aate holmium .
Fir na simtengi mohabbat jo bikhar jayegi,
Zindagi julf nahi jo fir sawar jayegi,
Tham lo hath uska jo pyar karein tumse,
Ye zindagi thaheregi nahi jo gujar jayegi
Ruthi jo zindagi to mana lenge busyness,
Mile jo gam to sah lenge ham,
Bas aap rahna hamesha sath hamare to,
Nikalte imbue anshuo me bhi muskura lenge hum
Aap khud nahi janti aap kitni pyari holmium,
Jan holmium hamari equality january southeast pyari holmium,
Duriyon ke hone southeast koi fark nahi padta
Aap kal bhi hamari thi aur aaj bhi hamari holmium

romantic birthday wish for girlfriend

romantic birthday wish for girlfriend happy Birthday, my love. I hope you get everything your kernel desires, because that ’ s precisely what you ’ ve given me .
Thanks for being born, sweetie. You make the populace a better place, and you make my universe arrant .
One day a year international relations and security network ’ t enough to celebrate person deoxyadenosine monophosphate especial as you .
I didn ’ thymine know what to get you for your birthday. How about my wholly heart ?
I hope you blow out all your candles, because I ’ megabyte ready to make your wish come true tonight .

romantic birthday wishes for girlfriend

Your liveliness began on this day. My life began the day I met you. I ’ m so glad both days happened. glad Birthday, darling .
I know you have enough hint to blow out your candles, because you take mine away every sidereal day .
There ’ s a birthday party in my pants, and you ’ re the guest of award .
I want your birthday kiss to be the best ever. We might have to “ practice ” a set to get it right .
I ’ ll say the same thing to you immediately that I ’ ll say to you when you turn 100 : You are the sleep together of my life .

long romantic birthday wishes for girlfriend

long romantic birthday wishes for girlfriend Sweetest, felicitous birthday to you.
You are magic trick to my world, bringing lone but the best, thank you.
I pray that extraordinary and rare favours will come to your path in this newly age.
Give your best to the universe.
There are many gifts coming your way today and always .
It ’ s that special day of the class I celebrate the sexual love of my liveliness.
You are my heart ’ s delight.
I pray the heavens guide you in this new old age.
Don ’ thymine forget how exceeding and amazing you are.
I pray you excel each day and live your life to the greatest servicing of God and world.
happy birthday my love .
happy birthday, fagot, you are one of the reasons my life is filled with sol much rejoice.
I hope I get to make you adenine happy as you deserve to be besides.
I wish you a year filled with amazing success stories and the spark in your heart to achieve all your dreams.
Do have a fruitful new year and a beautiful birthday celebration .
My sexual love, you are so broad of beautiful emotions.
It ’ s your birthday sol be happy and cast your worries to the weave.
Breathe and feel animated, be grateful.
I will watch you grow and glow in this beautiful new age.
Go out and win because you deserve all the best.
happy birthday, cheerfulness .
glad birthday baby, you have had an amazing past year and you will have an even more amazing year.
You matter a batch to me in ways words can not do department of justice to.
You are invaluable and exciting.
I love you very much and I hope you are steps closer to achieving your beautiful dreams .
happy birthday beautiful person, in you I see me and I love you all the more for it.
In this your fresh age, I wish for you to continue to be brave, find the courage inside of you to know that nothing is impossible ampere long as you are uncoerced to try.
I choose to do life with you over and again, to support and stand by you always .
A limited day for a special lady.
happy birthday, my love, another class is hera for you, a year for things even more perplex.
I pray you get therefore a lot of God ’ s grace and blessings.
I pray this class moulds you into your best self so you can take on the world.
It ’ s constantly forward with you baby.
The beautiful things you experienced this by year are nothing compared to what ’ s coming to you.
Live largely and thrive .
A travel of a thousand miles begins with a gradation.
With love, I welcome you to the first base day of your raw age.
There are in truth no maps and plans for life.
I hope you find the courage to journey into the stranger fix to meet and excel at every opportunity.
Lots of hugs and kisses to you.
Be happy and have a beautiful birthday .
here I am wishing the sleep together of my liveliness a very beautiful birthday celebration.
I pray this new age is full of beautiful surprises, victories and excellent newsworthiness.
I will forever touch your heart with sleep together.
The pressures of this universe won ’ metric ton hurt you but mould you into the beautiful ball field that you are.
Have an amazing birthday my beloved .
happy birthday, my love, you are a rare jewel.
The unexpected equal of beloved that embraced my soul.
On this day, I plant seeds of happiness, love and peace into your beautiful life.
May the fruitful returns see you through this year and constantly, amen .

impressive birthday wishes for girlfriend

impressive birthday wishes for girlfriend today may you enjoy your birthday more nicely than your previous birthdays. glad birthday, my saint .
From today may God wash out your every sorrow and pain from your life. felicitous birthday .
Have a house full of friends, presents, and love today on your bang-up sidereal day .
I was incomplete without you, but you made my life complete and meaningful. so I am grateful to you. happy birthday, darling .
You have made my life sentence pleasant. You are the most fantastic dame I have ever seen. Enjoy a fantastic birthday .

happy birthday beautiful girlfriend

I wish to live and enjoy every moment of my life only with you. glad birthday, my dearest .
I am so glad to have some felicitous moments with you on your birthday ! happy birthday, my sweetheart !
Blow out the candles and cut your birthday patty. now It ’ sulfur time to celebrate your particular day and enjoy all day like a queen .
I will do everything for you to make you felicitous on your special day. felicitous birthday, my beloved .
You are my love and animation who catch all of my attention. Have a fantastic birthday, sweetheart !

long distance birthday wishes for girlfriend

long distance birthday wishes for girlfriend I think I am the luckiest person alert to know and treasure a person like you. I see you, my love, and somehow, it all just seems thus arrant. glad birthday to the purest soul I know .
I hope your birthday is filled with endless happiness and playfulness. I know we are far today, but I celebrate you in my heart and think about you all sidereal day. happy birthday, beautiful !
From being my girlfriend to being my wife and now my best acquaintance, you have played so many fantastic roles in my life. Your birthday is a arrant opportunity to thank you for everything that you have done for me. Love you, sweetheart, and happy birthday .
Our marriage is a gift to me, my love — a gift that I will treasure forever. Thank you for coming into my life sentence, beloved wife. happy birthday .
I owe you my life. Thank you for filling it with love, happiness, and compassion. I treasure every especial moment that I spend with you, and I wish we were not indeed far apart on your special day, my dessert love .
I want to express my sincerest gratitude and deathless love for you with this special birthday wish. You have given me enormous happiness and, today, I wish to celebrate an outstanding girlfriend. glad birthday, smasher !
You fill my heart with the happy and brightest thoughts. You have graced my life with so much positivity and cheer. Have a blessed birthday, fair weather .
There is nothing that can stop me from thinking about you on your birthday, not evening a thousand miles. You are constantly on my mind. I wish you a excellent liveliness, my love .
You have been a fantastic ally and the sweetest girlfriend a man can ask for. Your beloved and kindness bring out the best in me and make me a better person. Love you, my dear, now and forever .
I never thought I would be capable of loving anyone deoxyadenosine monophosphate a lot as I love you. It breaks my kernel that I am not with you to celebrate your fabulous day. happy birthday, my cute .

birthday wishes for ex girlfriend

birthday wishes for ex girlfriend I inactive remember your inaugural birthday celebration when we went for a long bicycle trip and cut your patty on the wayside. Ah ! good old days. happy birthday my lovely x .
On your cake cut day, I barely want to wish you an amazing felicitous birthday. May you get whatever you wish for in biography !
Time changes reasonably cursorily. stopping point class, we were celebrating your birthday will full moon gusto, and this class, you are celebrating it without me. glad birthday, ex GF. May you have the best birthday celebration of all time .
Before our separation, I used to be the first person to wish you a glad birthday. After the separation, I am distillery the first person to wish you birthday. Something never changes. happy birthday to the prettiest ex-girlfriend !
I am here to celebrate your birthday fair for the sake of the beautiful memories we have created together. glad birthday dear !

heart touching birthday wishes for ex girlfriend

It takes a big heart to get over from a adorable but ended relationship. It takes an even bigger heart to wish your ex-girlfriend a glad birthday .
We were such an ideal couple. It ’ s quite heartbreaking we are no retentive together. even, wishing you on your birthday matters a fortune to me. happy birthday dear ! I wish you the happiness of a life !
Love is not about keeping your loved one close to you all the time. It ’ s all about wishing for the happiness of better-half, whether you are together or not. glad birthday to the loveliest ex-girlfriend !
Happiest birthday to the most love, lovingness, and reason ex-girlfriend. I could never forget our beautiful relationship and enchanting memories we have carved in concert. God consecrate you !
We are no long in concert in the travel of love but I inactive have the properly to wish you on your birthday. felicitous birthday my beautiful ex-girlfriend .

birthday wishes for girlfriend in marathi

birthday wishes for girlfriend in marathi मी आशीर्वाद मागितला होता आणि देवाने मला तुला दिले ! वाढदिवसाच्या शुभेच्छा, प्रेम ! दिवसाच्या अनेक अनेक शुभेच्छा .
तुझ्याबद्दलच्या माझ्या भावना दिवसेंदिवस अधिकच वाढतात. तुझ्यावर मनापासून, वेडेपणाने आणि मनापासून प्रेम केल्याशिवाय मी माझ्या आयुष्यातील एका दिवसाची कल्पनाही करू शकत नाही. तुला वाढदिवसाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा !
तुझा वाढदिवस म्हणजे तुला माझ्यासाठी किती अर्थ आहे हे सांगण्याचा दुसरा दिवस. वाढदिवसाच्या शुभेच्छा, बाळा .
वाढदिवसाच्या शुभेच्छा, बाळा ! तू माझ्या कडू आयुष्याची गोड चेरी आहेस !
माझ्या प्रेमाला, माझा जिवलग मित्र, माझी व्यथा मावशी, माझी तक्रार हॉटलाईन, माझा आपत्कालीन संपर्क आणि माझ्या सोबतीला वाढदिवसाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा .
माझ्या क्युटी पाई, इथे तुमचा प्रियकर तुम्हाला सर्वात खास आणि संस्मरणीय वाढदिवसाच्या शुभेच्छा देतो. वाढदिवसाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा ! आनंदी राहा आणि हसत राहा .
या विशेष दिवशी, मला काहीतरी सांगायचे आहे, “ मी तुझ्याशिवाय एक क्षणही विचार करू शकत नाही आणि मी तुझ्यावर खूप प्रेम करतो ”. माझ्या आत्म्या, वाढदिवसाच्या शुभेच्छा !
तुझी सर्व स्वप्ने पूर्ण व्हावीत अशी माझी इच्छा आहे ज्याप्रमाणे तू माझी मैत्रीण होण्याचे निवडून माझी सर्व स्वप्ने सत्यात उतरवली आहेत. वाढदिवसाच्या शुभेच्छा प्रिय !
सुंदर, सुंदर आणि गरम. ज्या मैत्रिणीवर मी खूप प्रेम करतो तिला वाढदिवसाच्या शुभेच्छा .
माझे तुझ्यावरचे प्रेम शब्दात व्यक्त करता येत नाही. माझ्या हृदयाच्या शासकाला वाढदिवसाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा .

romantic birthday wishes for girlfriend in hindi

romantic birthday wishes for girlfriend in hindi दुर हूं आपसे पर आज का दिन तो मुझे याद है, आप ना सही पर आपकी यादें तो मेरे साथ है, आपको सोचते है हम सब भूल जाते हैं पर देख लीजिए आपका जन्मदिन तो हमे याद है…।
भुला देना तुम बीता हुआ पल दिल ❤ में बसाना तुम आने वाला कल खुशी से झूमो तुम हर दिन ढेर सारी खुशियां लेकर आए आपका जन्मदिन…।
इस जिंदगी को जीने की आरजू, बिन तेरे है अधूरी, तेरा साथ अगर मिल जाये, जिंदगी मेरी हो जाये पूरी…। ”
नजर में आपकी नज़ारे रहेंगे, पलकों पर चाँद सितारे रहेंगे, बदल जाये तो बदले ये ज़माना. हम तो हमेशा आपके दिवाने रहेंगे…।

आपकी केक काटने की मस्त अदा, हमारे दिल को चीर जाती है, बहुत सुकून मिलता है इस दिल को, जब तू मुझे साथ लेकर अपना जन्मदिन मनाती है…।
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