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literally translated from spanish to English, the style of this song ( “ Bailando ” ) is plainly “ Dancing ”. But about inevitably in such cases, the championship is not meant to be translated literally per southeast. And in this example, it is actually meant to be read more as “ Rhythmic Dancing ”. But either way we already know, at least to some extent, what type of track we ’ rhenium dealing with here .

More specifically though, this is not a dance song of the general get-off-your-seat-and-boogie type of variety. Rather this is one which is being dropped via romance american english acts, even though Enrique Iglesias is technically from Spain. And based on dance songs we have reviewed in the past via other popular male artists from said region, about inescapably there is this element of admiring a female addressee ’ s body as it graces the dance floor. And that is besides happens to be the event with “ Bailando ” .
The main singer particularly appears to be wholly enraptured by a certain “ daughter ”, where ‘ looking at her ’ dance “ feels like paradise ” to him. In fact, it can be argued that he is at this particular party good to gawk at her. however, this is not a sheath of bare infatuation, at least not from his position. rather he besides professes his love for her .
meanwhile Descemer Bueno and Gente De Zona serve of role of buttressing the thesis opinion, which is the narrator being driven to the brink of an amatory explosion due to watching the addressee dancing. And Sean Paul is giving a shoutout to all of “ di girl dem ” in the house, representing in such a manner on the dance shock .

All in all

so at the end of the day, this international relations and security network ’ t the type of birdcall that requires any type of elaborate psychoanalysis. In fact such ‘ I ’ megabyte enamored with your torso as you dance ’ tracks, as stated earlier, are quite common adenine far as Caribbean-based artists are concerned. Most of them may fly under the radar. But every once in a while one out of the distribute, such as “ Bailando ”, proves to be a major international success fib .
"Bailando" Lyrics

Enrique Iglesias

Enrique Iglesias is the son of an evening more fabled singer, Julio Iglesias. In fact his dad was like the twentieth century version of Bad Bunny if you will, being considered the most-popular Latino singer of his day stateside, even though he besides was actually born in Spain .
Enrique was able to capitalize on his beget ’ mho stardom to launch his own music career in 1995, having dropped 10 studio albums between then and 2014. He has besides came out a murder of singles, regularly topping Billboard ’ s Hot Latin Songs chart as if doing so is a child feat. But amongst his many hits, the most-successful within that time frame has been the sung we ’ rhenium reviewing today, “ Bailando ”, which officially came out on 18 March 2014 .

Achievements of “Bailando”

This path is from the last of those aforesaid studio apartment albums, “ Sex and Love ” ( 2014 ). And globally it was one of the 10 best-selling tracks of the year 2014, with the chart, authentication and award history to prove it. For exemplify, it was a chart topper in many regions. This includes some spanish-speaking ones, such as Spain, Mexico, Colombia and the Dominican Republic. Others include : Cambodia, Finland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Spain .
It besides accomplished this feat in lands a diverse as Cambodia and Romania, in addition to topping three Billboard charts in the US ( Hot Dance Club Songs, Latin Songs and Latin Airplay ). In fact it appeared on 8 different Billboard charts raw, including coming in 12th put on the Hot 100 .
And by and large speaking, “ Bailando ” charted in over 30 nations, which is the true distinguish of an international smash hit. furthermore it has besides gone mutli-platinum in a number of them, including going quadruple platinum in the US. It besides went sevenfold-platinum in Spain and quadruple-diamond in Mexico .

Awards Won

The track besides won quite a few awards, including three 2014 Latin Grammys in the follow categories :

  • Best Urban Song
  • Best Urban Performance 
  • Song of the Year

“ Bailando ” besides won many 2015 Billboard Latin Music Awards. They include the succeed :

  • Airplay Song of the Year
  • Digital Song of the Year
  • Pop Song of the Year
  • Song of the Year
  • Song of the Year
  • Vocal Event 
  • Streaming Song of the Year

Multiple Versions of “Bailando”

One of the reasons this song was such a widespread hit is because there are actually quite a few different versions of it, respectively featuring popular artists from unlike countries. For example, concerning the adaptation of “ Bailando ” that went four-times platinum in the US, that is the one we reviewed above, featuring dancehall artist Sean Paul, who is more well-known amongst the general American public than Iglesias .

The standard adaptation of the song features a copulate Cuban musicians, Descemer Bueno and Gente De Zona .
There are besides two different portuguese editions of the tune, one for Portugal itself featuring Mickeal Carreira. The early is for its former colonies, Brazil, co-starring an artist from that area, Luan Santana. And besides, there is a version of “ Bailando ” which stars only the headline singer .
All of this for a song which, according to a number of sources, Enrique Iglesias was in the first place reluctant to record. In fact he did not do so until the original co-writer, Descemer Bueno, recorded a version with Gente de Zona erstwhile after they had primitively written it. And that was when Enrique was ultimately able to hear the potential of the birdcall .

Credits for “Bailando”

adenine far as final credits go, Enrique Iglesias wrote this song aboard Descemer Bueno and Gente de Zona. The latter act ( which translate to People of the Zone, according Google Translate ) is actually a pair of reggaeton musicians, Randy Malcolm and Alexander Delgado. And they are both individually credited as writers of “ Bailando ” .
besides the interpretation featuring Sean Paul lists him as a co-writer, which basically means he wrote his own verses .
meanwhile the producer of cut is Carlos Paucar, a unconstipated collaborator of Enrique Iglesias ’ randomness who appears as if he may besides be Cuban .

Original Version

And all things considered, it is condom to say that the original interpretation of track, the one featuring only Gente de Zona and Descemer Bueno, may be the most-popular out of the lot .
We base this assumption on the fact that ampere at the writing of this post in early 2021 the music video recording to said translation, as directed by Alejandro Perez, ranks amongst the 30 most-viewed in YouTube history. That is to say that as of April 2021, the clip has exceeded 3,000,000 views .
Said time was actually filmed in the Dominican Republic, one of the countries in which Bailando was best-received. The female asterisk is one Ana Karla Suárez, a ballet dancer from Cuba. In fact it features a number of dancers from Ballet Lizt Alfonso, a Cuban dance ship’s company led by a lady named Lizt Alfonso .
And to note, there was besides a television created for the Spanglish version of “ Bailando ”, i.e. the one have Sean Paul, who is in fact a Jamaican. And concurrently, it boasts of closely half-a-billion views .

More Interesting Facts

But to note, this mega hit did not even break the top 50 of the UK Singles Chart. rather, it only managed to peak at a relatively-meager number 75 on that number .
It is not rare for hits of this magnitude to get slapped with a lawsuit. And a far as “ Bailando ” goes, it actually dealt with a couple – well one lawsuit and one controversy. In terms of a latter, a musician from Peru named Pelo D ’ Ambrosio accused Iglesias of copying from a song he composed called “ Lejos de it ”. But upon seeking an technical ’ south impression before actually filing a lawsuit, it was deemed that “ there is no plagiarism ” .
however a couples of dudes from the US mention German Schulz and Cristian Escuti did in fact file a lawsuit in 2015 claim that that Enrique and co. bit off a birdcall they put together in 2009 called “ Quiero Bailar Contigo ”. The sung in interview went on to be released in 2014 via a Puerto Rican singer called Chayanne. however, as at the write of this article, there does not appear to be any information on-line concerning the verdict of that case.

Bailando, which was released by Republic Records, went on to serve as the theme birdcall to a Telemundo telenovela called Reina de Corazones .
Iglesias and his team formally released this hit in March of 2014 .
Enrique Iglesias discusses "Bailando"