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Ardha Shathadham Review: A Mindless Violence

Ardha Shathadham Review: A Mindless Violence
OTT Movie: Ardha Shathadham
Karthik Rathnam, Krishna Priya, Naveen Chandra, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Sai Kumar, Amani, and others
Producers: Chitti Kiran Ramoju, Telu Radha Krishna
Music: Nawfal Raja
Direction: Rawindra Pulle
Streaming on: Aha Video
Release Date: June 11, 2021
“ Aha ” video recording is continuing to offer single movies amid lockdown. “ Ardha Shatabdham ” is the latest film that premieres on this OTT platform .
Let ’ s analyze.

The theme of caste violence or honor killings has recently become a regular tendency in Telugu cinema. Directed by newcomer Rawindra Pulle, “ Ardha Sathabdham ” delves into the caste system in Telangana .
Set in Siricilla in 2003, the movie begins as a romanticist fib. Krishna ( Karthik Ratham ) is in sleep together with Pushpa ( Krishna Priya ), who is the daughter of erstwhile Maoist drawing card Ramanna ( Sai Kumar ). Krishna has been in love with her since their school days but she does not reciprocate the like. It is one-way love .
Krishna is from the weaving community but runs a tent house. The report takes a doomy turn when Krishna assumes that the village ’ s Sarpanch ’ s son gave her a flower from a plant that he has been planning to propose to her with .
Krishna and his friends beat the Sarpanch ‘s son. The already simmering heating system between the Sarpanch and his rival Veeranna turns violent due to this incidental, and caste violence ensues .
first and first, conductor Rawindra ’ s ideas are dim. Is the film very about the caste issue or laws or constitutional ideas ? In the appoint of caste, two factions unleash slaughter, killings happen in the day in the chief streets, but an S.I and two constables wait outside the village waiting for orders from a higher police officer as to what action should be taken ? Have the director and producers not given a think to how unrealistic this looks ?
Amid slaughter in the Sircilla village, a womanhood, unrelated to the caste violence incidents, kills her fan as he lusted her sister and drags him onto the roads. not tied a single animal notice or respond ? How can we take such scenes badly ? Is Sircilla exist in ( undivided ) Andhra Pradesh, or Bihar, or Africa ?
Added to this, there are dialogues and trust words like “ Mo***di ” that are undue. When the independent leash couple ’ south beloved history itself is airheaded, why would the consultation invest in the respite of the floor ?

Mentioning Sircilla, a textile town, as a ‘ village ’ is another fumble mistake. even if we assume the report is taking place in a nearby greenwich village, villagers killing each other like factionists in 2003 is a far-fetched idea .
furthermore, the caste conflict in the love report looks forced and seems to have been placed as an afterthought. The sleep together narrative and the village politics are poles apart from each other .
The word picture of Naveen Chandra as a fierce patrol military officer and his weave into the narrative is another proof of poor people scriptwriting skills. All the ballyhoo around his introduction scene peters out in the end, with little relevance to the history. The bookish dialogues between Ajay and Subhalekha Sudhakar are far proof that the conductor has failed to translate whatever eminent ideas he has in beware onto the screen .
Without a word, the execution is awkward and the narration is absolutely boring .
There is no chemistry between the lead pair. The romanticist track is shown by and large as dream songs. Karthik Ratnam of ‘ C/o Kancherapalem ’ as the young villager in love has done a neat job. Krishna Priya is approve. Sai Kumar and Aamani are worth mentioning among other actors .
One song is lilting. That ’ s it .
overall, “ Ardha Sathabdam ” is another OTT film that is told clumsily with unformed ideas. It joins the list of holocene boring movies that hit the OTT space.

Bottom-line: half-baked
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