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Anekudu Review Release date : Mar 05, 2015
123telugu.com Rating : 2.75/5
Director : K.V. Anand
Producer : S Aghoram, S Ganesh, S Suresh

Music Director : Harris Jayaraj
Starring : Dhanush, Amyra Dastur, Karthik…

Young champion Dhanush, is making his presence felt in Tollywood off recently. After the tone down success of Pandem Kollu, he is bet on again with Anekudu. This film is directed by K V Anand of Rangam fame and has hit the screens today. Let ’ s see how it is .
Story :-
Madhumita ( Amyra Dastur ) is a creative promontory in a lead on-line gaming company. She has a unusual ability of remembering things from her former births. One fine day, Ashwin ( Dhanush ) joins her company as a system admin and vitamin a soon as she spots him, Madhumita immediately relates Ashwin to her previous births .
She keeps nagging Ashwin about this and forces him to believe it. An irritate Ashwin initially ignores all this but subsequently comes across an view which relates back to the fib narrated by Madhumita. A curious Ashwin then does some research and finds out that his love stories from these previous births had a bad ending because of his current boss Kiran ( Karthik ) .
Who is Kiran ? What does he have to do with Madhu and Ashwin ? Does Ashwin find out the actual accuracy behind all this ? That forms the rest of the floor .
Plus Points:-
performance by the lead pair is exceed notch. Dhanush is brilliant and looks different in all his roles. The way he has gone about each character is quite concern. His outfit, performance in the function of Kali is specially outstanding. Amyra gives good support to Dhanush and looks beautiful in the songs. The chemistry shared between the head pair is besides very beneficial .
The problems faced by nowadays ’ mho young have been showcased quite well. Screenplay of the film is a huge summation, and all the scenes which go bet on and forth in time have been executed well. production values are very good as the film looks quite rich. first half of the film is entertaining and the way suspense has been maintained is besides engaging .
Minus Points:-

Climax of the film is average and below par. Once the wrench in the fib is revealed, the film gets enormously predictable. tempo of the film besides bogs down during the moment half, and all the scenes are dragged to the core. Director K V Anand nicely builds up the suspense elements till the first half but loses restraint during the ending stages .
Anekudu lacks regular entertainment. If the makers could have added some drollery the output could have been flush better. Scenes building up to the climax are boring and have no proper flow. There is a piece of a Tamil spirit specially during the Burma sequence. Aishwarya Dewan ’ s character lacks the necessary effect .
Technical Aspects:-
Harris Jayraj ’ s music is reasonably dependable as all the songs have been composed and shot well. Background grudge is apt and suits the temper of the film. As said earlier, output values are top notch as the makers have spent enough to make their film look rich .
screenplay of the film is good and manages to impress. Director K V Anand makes a decent effort and narrates the film competently till in the interval charge. But once he reveals the diagram, all his scenes get predictable and causes hindrance to the tempo of the film .
On the whole, Anekudu has an challenging fib and some decently absorb moments. Dhanush ’ s stun performance and a game first gear half are basic assets. On the pass side, a predictable and lack luster irregular half spoils the mood of the movie. finally, you can give this film a shoot if you have absolutely nothing else to do .
123telugu.com Rating : 2.75/5
Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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