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Instagram now allows users to show or hide their bodily process. thus you can well change your activity condition, end see anytime you want. This manner anyone you follow and have direct conversations with when you were last on-line or offline. The activity condition of your report is like its visibility. You can manage it within the Instagram application. only make certain to update your IG app to its latest version. Because this feature is lone available in the latest immunoglobulin app now. Both Android and io users can do it. however, I will show both methods to do the same in your Android call or iPhone, and iPad devices. furthermore, you can besides manage the same activity status on your personal computer excessively. But there are some important points you need to know before doing so. Hey, do you know that you can remove the last seen from an IG floor ?

What happens when you turn off activity status on Instagram?

When you turn off the activity condition on Instagram. You actually disallowed anyone you follow or started a conversation with to see your on-line condition ( a fleeceable dot on your profile picture ). besides, they won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to see when you were last active. But keep in mind, by turning off your activity status, you besides won ’ thymine be able to see when they were last active. In short, cipher can see your active status, and you will not see anyone ’ s active condition. furthermore, keep in thinker that the mute feature on IG has nothing to do with activeness status.

Turn on activity status on Instagram

By default option, anyone ’ second action condition is set to ON. This means, you can see other ’ mho when there were last active, and they can yours. however, If you have turned it Off and want to turn it On again. The below method acting works on all devices, Android and iPhone. Please come these steps : Open the Instagram app, then tap your bill icon at the penetrate right. Tap the Menu icon at the top right then Settings. now pat Privacy, then Activity Status. Tap to turn on the toggle switch next to Show Activity Status. That is it, nowadays you are showing your activity status to others and you can see theirs. furthermore, if you are using multiple accounts on IG, then switch to the one you want to change active condition on .Turn on activity status on Instagram

How to turn off activity status on Instagram

You can easily hide or turn off off your action status on the Instagram application. The below method works on Android and iPhone excessively. barely ensure that you are using the latest Instagram app. Follow these steps to turn off activeness status on IG : In the Instagram app, go to your profile, then tap Menu at the top right. Tap Settings then Privacy. now tap the activity Status choice. Tap to disable the toggle next to Show Activity Status. This is precisely how to appear offline on IG .Turn off activity status on Instagram

Disable active Status on Instagram using PC

Instagram has two variants, its App and Web version. Though you can disable, or hide active condition on IG using your computer. All you need is a world wide web browser with an internet connection. here is how to do it : Go to web.instagram.com and log in to your account. Get into your profile photograph, Settings. immediately snap Privacy and Security. In the end tone, uncheck the box next “ Show Activity Status ” and done. This is how to disable or hide active condition on IG using your computer .How to turn off active status on IG using PC

Hide online status on Instagram

You can choose to hide your active condition on the Instagram application. To do so please follow these simple steps :

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. Tap Menu (three lines) at the top right.
  4. Now tap Privacy then Activity Status.
  5. Disable the toggle next to the “Show Activity Status” option.

This is precisely how you can hide your active condition on Instagram. furthermore, keep in mind that, if you hide your active now status, you won ’ thyroxine be able to see person else active agent condition. To see someones else active voice status, you need to enable your active status again .

Can you turn off active status on IG for one person?

No. You can not turn off active voice condition on Instagram for one person. An alternate way to do so it block that person. however, if the person you have blocked wants to see your active status, he/she can use a talk through one’s hat account to do therefore. So nothing works unless you disable the active condition for everyone on IG. even if you add that person to the restricted list on IG, they will hush see your active status.

How to know if someone has turned off activity status on IG?

You can not tell precisely if someones is active or offline if they have turned off their activity status on Instagram. An alternative way to find if person is active or on-line is to send them a direct direct message. If you get an immediate reply, it indicates that they are on-line. You can besides the person ’ sulfur profile and recent comments. sol, there is no way to see person ’ s on-line status on IG, if they have disabled it. Don ’ triiodothyronine worry then can not see yours, if they have turned off theirs .

Why can’t I see when someone was last active on IG?

It ’ mho because they have disabled their active status on Instagram. When person turns off their activity condition on IG, his follower, or anyone he chats with, can not see his last active on the platform. You can besides do the lapp, but then you won ’ triiodothyronine be able to see person else survive active. however, you have both the options to enable and disable your Activity Status on Instagram whenever you want. As I have written details for doing so in your IG app or using a personal computer. Want to know more about the Activity Status on IG, let me know in the gossip below .