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How to Hide Active Status on Facebook Messenger
Do you use Facebook to stay connected with your friends, kin, and colleagues ? If sol, do you want to hide your on-line status from your Facebook friends whenever you launch Messenger ? thankfully, it ’ randomness pretty easy to disable your active agent status on Facebook Messenger, careless of what device you ’ re using Facebook from .

Facebook ’ s active status is pretty similar to the action condition on Instagram and the last visit feature on WhatsApp. It allows other users to see if you ’ re on-line or when you were last on-line on Messenger. Although this is a reasonably beneficial feature to have, privacy buffs might rather want to keep this turned off, so that others have short to no estimate regarding their Facebook activeness. so, looking to disable the active status and on-line status indicators on Facebook ? Read along and you ’ ll have done so in a matter of seconds .

How to Hide Online Status on Facebook

Hiding your active or on-line condition is actually a pretty simple and square operation on Facebook, regardless of whether you ’ re accessing Messenger from an iPhone or iPad, or Android for that count .

  1. Launch the “Messenger” app on your iPhone or iPad.

  2. This will take you to the chats section of the app. Here, tap on your profile icon at the top-left corner of your screen.

    How to Hide Active Status on Facebook Messenger

  3. Now, tap on the “Active Status” option located right below Dark Mode, as shown in the screenshot below.

    How to Hide Active Status on Facebook Messenger

  4. Here, simply use the toggle to quickly disable your online status.

    How to Hide Active Status on Facebook Messenger

There you go. You ’ ve hidden your on-line presence from your other Facebook friends. Pretty easy, correct ?

Keep in mind that if you use Facebook or Messenger on multiple devices, you need to make surely that you ’ ve disabled your active voice condition on all your early devices excessively. Or else, you ’ ll still appear active or recently active when you log on to Facebook or Messenger on a device where the setting is enabled .
When you choose to hide your on-line status, you will not be able to view your friends ’ active statuses ampere good. so, you ’ re out of fortune if you ’ re trying to be furtive .

Do you use other popular social network platforms to stay connected with your loved ones ? good, if you use WhatsApp as your chief message platform, you ’ ll be able to hide your last seen status in a similar room. Or, if you use Instagram, you can turn off your activeness condition so that the people you follow or DM have no hint when you go on-line.

nowadays you know how to keep yourself hidden while you chat with your stopping point friends on Facebook using Messenger. Feel free to share any thoughts, experiences, or opinions on this topic in the comments .