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WhatsApp does not need any insertion. Over the years, WhatsApp has introduced batch of bang-up features, one of which is posting statuses. WhatsApp Status allows you to post your condition for it to be seen by your contacts for 24 hours. Every time you view person ’ s WhatsApp status, it shows them who has viewed it. In this tutorial, we show how you can view a WhatsApp status secretly without anyone know .
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1. Official Method

Let us begin looking at how you can view a WhatsApp status secretly with the official method acting. This is besides one of the easiest methods .
first, open WhatsApp, then tap on the three-dot picture on the top-right corner of the screen. Click on the Settings menu option from the drop-down menu and head to “ Account – > Privacy. ”

Whatsapp Status View Settings 1Whatsapp Status View Settings 1 Under Privacy, tap on the “ Read receipts ” option and disable it. This will allow you to view the WhatsApp condition of your contacts secretly, and your name will never appear on the opinion list of your contact .
View Whatsapp Message SecretlyView Whatsapp Message Secretly There is one drawback of this method. once you have disabled this adjust, you besides won ’ t see who has seen your condition. This set will besides hide the read receipt ( gloomy tick ) in normal messages .
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2. Using a File Manager

This method requires you to have a File Manager application installed on your smartphone, particularly a File Manager that has the option to view concealed files. There are plenty of File Manager apps in the Play Store that you can install, or follow our recommendations here .
here we use the native File Manager app on a OnePlus device. Open the File Manager app and locate the WhatsApp folder in your device ’ sulfur storehouse, then go to the booklet named “ Media. ”
Whatsapp Folder StepsWhatsapp Folder Steps Under the Media folder, tap the three-dot icon and head to Settings. Inside the Settings menu, you need to enable the “ Show hidden files ” choice. once you have done that, you will see a new booklet – “ .Statuses ” – visible inside the Media folder. here you will find all the pre-loaded or WhatsApp statuses you have already seen .
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3. Airplane Mode

This is another simple method and does not involve multiple steps. All you need to do is open the WhatsApp app and question to the Status check. Once you are there, you need to pull down the telling bar and hit the Airplane mode icon. It will disconnect you from the Internet .
Tap on the status that you wish to view. When you are done, conclusion WhatsApp and open all the check. In this way, you will be able to view a WhatsApp condition secretly without anyone acknowledge .
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4. View Before Expiry

This method requires your brain cells. As you may already know, a WhatsApp condition remains live for 24 hours. If you wish to view a WhatsApp condition secretly, then you can keep traverse of the time when the target person ’ s condition was uploaded, and good before the death, view it. many people don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate bother to check how many people have viewed their status that late. It is not a fullproof method acting, but it is worth a try on .
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Wrapping Up

bill that these are the methods that are presently working to view a WhatsApp condition secretly. personally, it isn ’ t a problem if your appoint shows up on the viewer ’ sulfur list of contacts, but it could come in handy if you want to stay anonymous .
If you are looking for WhatsApp alternatives, check out Signal or Telegram.

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