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The Creative Table | VIP Wait List

creative table project
Hi friends ,
I ’ d like to invite you join the VIP list for a new project I ’ m working on that I know you ’ re going to love ! I ’ megabyte pulling together a guidebook and program with the follow highlights :

  • A complete list of basic supplies for starting your home makerspace
  • Daily and Weekly planners to help add structure and consistency to your days
  • A supportive online space for sharing ideas and feedback
  • Gorgeous photos that clearly explain the daily prompts
  • Fun and meaningful creative projects for young children (ages 2-6)
  • Easy and actionable activities that you can set up in minutes. Seriously.

I recently conducted a survey ( thank you to all of you who shared your thoughts with me — this community is fantastic ! ) to learn more about your specific needs, and the finer details are starting to fall into place. I love your dream solutions, and I ’ thousand now dreaming up more ways to weave them into this and future projects. here are some examples :

To have a room where I can provide a big craft table and more shelving for their arts and crafts. not a corner section in our be room .
I would love more ideas on how to use song and bowel movement together .
Quit work ! I wish I could help with this one ! possibly I can inspire you to start a web log or become an humanistic discipline educator. 🙂
More specific ideas that don ’ thymine require a bang-up distribute of homework .
More time ! At least, more clock time when I don ’ t have all the other domestic stuff to do excessively.

I ’ ve struggled with ALL of these myself, and some of them are still semi-unresolved. While I can ’ metric ton put more time into my day, I can do more to maximize the prison term I have prioritize the things that matter most. We still live in a bantam sign of the zodiac, and because that wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate about to change any time soon, I had to make the most out of what I have. It ’ second worked for me, and I hope I can contribution insights into how it can work for you, excessively .
Do any of these resonate with you ?

Phase 1 of this project is designed to help parents simplify making with their young children at home, and I anticipate that future phases will open up to older children and classroom teachers and their students .
If you struggle to find time to set up creative projects, are in necessitate of organizational skills or planning avail, can ’ metric ton get past the “ mess component, ” and want to keep things simple and not besides expensive or chaotic, this is for you !

I ’ meter excited to plowshare some behind-the-scenes ferment in the approaching weeks, and if you ’ d like to be the first to know about how this course of study can help you, please join me .
xo ,