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alternatively of giving you a list of the best tracks of 2021, we thought we ‘d ask musicians themselves. Sky News got in touch with dozens of artists to ask them for their favorite song of the year ( other than their own ) .
The result ? A protection to the capital music that was released this year, despite the difficulties posed by COVID – and a few older suggestions for your adjacent playlist because, well, why not ?

We heard from Duran Duran, Talking Heads, Wolf Alice, The Offspring, KISS, Ella Henderson, Def Leppard, HRVY, Eve, UB40, alt-J, Courtney Love, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, The Wombats, Happy Mondays, The Lumineers, Papa Roach, Two Door Cinema Club, Armin van Buuren, The Darkness, Blondie, ABBA, Mötley Crüe, Maisie Peters, Alok, Joel Corry, You Me At Six, CeeLo Green, Kool & The Gang, Nathan Evans, Above & Beyond, The Levellers, AFI, Dire Straits, Miles Kane, The Snuts, Theory of a Deadman, Grouplove, Lost Frequencies, Alex Clare, Spoon, Mother Mother and ELO. here ‘s what they had to say. Simon Le Bon (Duran Duran) “ Wet Leg is decidedly my artist of the year. This female duet is from the Isle of Wight and their lead Chaise Longue is ace ! I merely love it. ” Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads, Tom Tom Club) “ Tina and I both agree that Chaise Longue by Wet Leg is our darling song of 2021. ”
Wolf Alice released the album Blue Weekend this year. Pic: Jordan Hemingway
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Wolf Alice released the album Blue Weekend this year. Pic : Jordan Hemingway
Ellie Rowsell (Wolf Alice) Posing In Bondage by japanese Breakfast “ This song is so dreamy to me, I am the main fictional character in a movie when I listen to this. I see myself dancing in slo molybdenum or walking through the streets at night. It falls under no bracket, it made me wonder what it was about. I played it several times in a row when I first heard and I hush do, which does n’t happen often for me. ” Noodles (The Offspring) “ There ‘s been some great music made during this pandemic. Two of our darling bands, The Descendents and The Bronx, both released capital new records this year. so did our erstwhile friends NOFX with Single Album ( F**k Euphemism and Fish In A Gun Barrel are among NOFX ‘s best songs ) and Jim Lindberg with Songs From The Elkhorn Trail. “ Jim ‘s commemorate is largely acoustic and it is such a pleasant surprise. Check out the songs Blood On Your Hands and On Fire and you ‘ll want to get the solid criminal record. It ‘s truly good ! ”
KISS are known for hard rock hits like I Was Made For Lovin' You and Rock And Roll All Nite
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KISS are known for hard rock candy hits like I Was Made For Lovin ‘ You and Rock And Roll All Nite
Gene Simmons (KISS) Leave The Door Open by Silk Sonic “ Or anything from that brilliant album. Simply the best record of the class. It harkens binding to a time when soul music ruled. A time when tune, interesting jazzy chords, harmonies, musicianship and pure endowment existed. ” Holding Poison by Foo Fighters “ A upstanding walker that connects the Kinks ‘ You Really Got Me aesthetic to modern times and fresh, young years. Viva Foo Fighters. ”
Ella Henderson came to prominence after competing in the ninth series of The X Factor UK in 2012
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Ella Henderson came to bulge after competing in the one-ninth series of The X Factor UK in 2012
Ella Henderson Leave The Door Open by Silk Sonic “ It reminds me of the music I grew up listening to but with a advanced flare. The vocals and instrumentation are amazing ! ” Joe Elliott (Def Leppard) “ well, it ‘s actually unvoiced for anyone to pick one song, so it ‘s between two songs with a coarse thread – and that ‘s Dave Grohl. The first base birdcall would be the Foo Fighters track Waiting For A War from the new album. It ‘s my favored always Foo Fighters song and is phenomenal. “ But, if I was forced to choose one it would be another song Dave Grohl plays on, and that ‘s Eazy Sleazy by Mick Jagger. Grohl plays every instrument measure Jagger ‘s vocals and rhythm guitar. It ‘s truly punkie and sounds like The New York Dolls, who people say sound like The Rolling Stones – so there is that isotropy. Jagger is 78 and sounds like a guy half his long time, which gives person like me hope that I can keep going for a while yet ! ”
HRVY's new EP is being released in January. Pic: Sam Neill
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HRVY ‘s newfangled EP is being released in January. movie : Sam Neill
HRVY drivers license “ This birdcall is an absolute power ballad. I chose this song because it was a song that broke Drake ‘s stream commemorate and it was released by Olivia Rodrigo who at the time was relatively strange. so good proves what a great sung can do. ” Save Your Tears “ The Weeknd has such a nostalgic sound, and this sung in particular truly captured an ’80s sound. very much a birdcall of the summer for me and the fact Ariana Grande did a remix sport was even better ! ” Easy On Me “ Adele is Adele, and Easy On Me was such an incredible ballad. Delivered what the whole earth needed and that was Adele singing a deplorable song ! This besides break records, so equitable shows how much the populace loves sad songs. ”
Eve is featured on Doja Cat's album Planet Her. Pic: AP
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Eve is featured on Doja Cat ‘s album Planet Her. photograph : AP
Eve “ My favorite song for this year is Woman by Doja Cat specially immediately that I am expecting my first child. The words make smell for how I feel in my body right now. ” Earl Falconer (UB40) West Indies by Koffee “ I love this tune, it ‘s like a beam of fair weather particularly this time of the year when it ‘s then blue over here in the UK. It reminds me of times spent in Jamaica. actually love this artist, I ‘ll be sure to go and see them when they come to England. ”
A recent picture of UB40
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A late movie of UB40
Jimmy Brown (UB40) “ I do n’t truly keep up with contemporary artists much these days. “ But I like Point and Kill by Little Simz. It ‘s got an old educate sound that reminds me of music I was enjoying back in the ’90s. ” Matt Doyle (UB40) “ It ‘s hard to choose merely a few as there ‘s been indeed much incredible music released over the last class, but some of my favored tracks of 2021 have got to be the title track from Sam Fender ‘s latest album Seventeen Going Under, Blvk H3ro ‘s Live in Love and What a joy by companion Brummies Young Culture Band, which technically came out at the end of 2020 but it ‘s been blasting through my car stereo all year and credibly will next year excessively ! ” Gus Unger-Hamilton (alt-J) lily by Richard Dawson and Circle “ I ‘ve become a big winnow of Richard Dawson in the last few years. He manages to combine the moving, humorous and melodic in a sincerely unique direction. ”
Courtney Love, a central figure in the '90s grunge movement, will be releasing a new album in 2022
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Courtney Love, a central human body in the ’90s grunge movement, will be releasing a new album in 2022
Courtney Love “ My favorite song this year is a connect. “ Wolf Alice ‘s Delicious Things and Lipstick On The Glass off the brilliant Blue Weekend album, a twofer song. And Yves Tumor ‘s Jackie. “ Wolf Alice is wholly original and embody. Ellie Rowsell is an iconic frontwoman. I ‘ve been intrigued by them for a while, but now I love them. With this about rock-opera two for one song – you need to hear them both in sequence. “ Since I ‘m sequencing my own album, it ‘s heartening to see bands sticking to sequencing in order of intent, as opposed to all these absurd, bogus demands on artists per streaming demands. It is amongst the dumbest shit I ‘ve always heard, along with ‘kids do n’t like live drums anymore. It f***s up their bogus drums on their playlists ‘. ( Umm… never ! ) “ As for Yves Tumor – he ‘s got everything. What is not to like ? F***ing flair. “ If I get a fourthly ? And I ‘d like one… it ‘s The National ‘s ‘Cyrano ‘ soundtrack. Oh to be a child – seeing my first musical and it be the flawless Cyrano with an wholly game-changing soundtrack by the amaze National ( one of my darling bands ever ) – absolute game record changer ! “ If I get a one-fifth ( and I SHOULD ! ) it ‘s Black Bathing Suit off LDR ‘s ( Lana Del Rey ) Blue Banisters. I told her : ‘You ‘re being besides fecund ! roll out it back ! ‘ But then I listened and called her back and said : ‘Ignore me. You ‘re on the hottest mottle in history. F*** it and go. ‘ “ If I get a one-sixth, it ‘s a genre. UK female drill ! ” Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Do It To It by ACRAZE ( feat. care for ) “ The Acraze rework of Cherish ‘s 2006 score was one of the biggest party tracks of the year. It got a massive chemical reaction from fans and DJs alike since its release. unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we entirely managed a short run of shows in 2021, but this track was a giant crowd-pleaser in all our sets. ” Dan Haggis (The Wombats) I ‘m all right In The World by BC Camplight “ Such a beautiful song that I discovered towards the end of lockdown. Hypnotic, melancholic but ultimately uplifting. From the attention-getting, spritely opening bait telephone line tune to the unexpected B section, it feels like a warmly embrace and takes you on a dream-like travel that came along at barely the right prison term for me in 2021. ”
Happy Mondays' Rowetta released the charity single When We We’re Free (Circus) with Yousef. Pic: Paul Husband
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felicitous Mondays ‘ Rowetta ( army for the liberation of rwanda mighty ) released the charity single When We Were Free ( Circus ) with Yousef. photograph : Paul Husband
Rowetta (Happy Mondays) exponent by Solardo and Maur “ Manchester lads Solardo teamed up with Maur on this infectious dance tune. I love it as it ‘s indeed uplifting, catchy and gives me that ‘feel good ‘ feel. “ Was besides great to see people dancing in clubs again and this was the perfect tune to get people raving. ”
The Lumineers are releasing their new album Brightside in 2022
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The Lumineers are releasing their new album Brightside in 2022
The Lumineers We Shall live again by The Felice Brothers “ It ‘s been a privilege to get to know the brothers in this capital band – a band I ’ ve loved since I first heard them in 2007. This particular birdcall is filled with lines that somehow make me both laugh and cry – ‘from Francis of Assisi to the fans of AC/DC, we all shall live again ‘. It ‘s an eight-minute powerhouse poem, delivered in our prison term of motivation. ” Jerry Horton (Papa Roach) “ If I had to choose one song this class, it would be DiE4u by Bring Me The Horizon. The juxtaposition is brilliant, and the guitar leads FTW ! ” Two Door Cinema Club F**k That by ​​Just Wondering “ Best pop song of 2021 by Dublin ‘s best raw band, a breath of fresh ireland ! ”
Armin van Buuren is a Grammy-nominated DJ and record producer. Pic: Ruud Baan
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Armin vanguard Buuren is a Grammy-nominated DJ and record producer. movie : Ruud Baan
Armin van Buuren “ Every week I scroll through thousands of new songs. 2021 has been a particularly good year for new music. “ I think it has a batch to do with the fact that many producers and DJs were stuck at home due to the pandemic. “ One of the few thoroughly things this pandemic gave us is some remarkable music. Kryder – piece of Art is precisely what it says : a Piece Of Art and has been going down well in my late sets and A State of Trance radio shows. ” Dan Hawkins (The Darkness) “ I truly love Wolf Alice ‘s new album Blue Weekend. “ I know I ‘m surely not the lone matchless who thinks that these guys have made an amazing album but I just have to give them their dues from across the boundary line ( over hera in hard rock land ). “ I wondered how they would follow the last album but it truly is crazy good. I ‘m a sucker for experimental/shoegazey bands from the ’90s, classic English family singers and besides kindling music, and this album is kind of a shuffle of the lot – which on newspaper sounds impossible but it good works ! “ I have listened to it every time I have been in the gymnasium and to fill the void of the hotel room on enlistment since it came out, and I hear something different in the production each time. “ It can be wholly minimal at times and then stretch out ebulliently to about Phil Spector in outer-space insanity ! “ just love these guys for not following that ‘overly authentic ‘ swerve ( that has presently infiltrated closely every genre ) and doing their own thing. “ Hard to pick one but Delicious Things merely does it for me adult time. It ‘s that family vibrato in her voice that gets me every time ! ” Justin Hawkins (The Darkness) “ Everything needs to be made fun of finally – fear leads to stagnation – and I ‘m pleased that NuMetal has finally found itself in the crosshairs of Eskimo Callboy. My front-runner track of 2021 is Eskimo Callboy singing Pump It. Amazing television, and at hanker last an cheer fusion that is the very distillation of nu-metal. ” Rufus Tiger Taylor (The Darkness) “ My favorite song released in 2021 is a bit of a darnel because it ‘s Let It Be by The Beatles ( 2021 shuffle ). They didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate give anyone else a opportunity, rightly sol ! “ other than that it ‘s probably my american ‘big buddy ’ south ‘ new project NHC, with either Devil That You Know, or Lazy Eyes. I chose NHC because it ‘s interesting and unapologetic – you can tell they had playfulness writing the songs. ”
The members of Blondie (from left): Tommy Kessler, Matt Katz-Bohen, Clem Burke, Debbie Harry, Chris Stein and Leigh Foxx. Pic: Danielle St. Laurent
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The members of Blondie ( from left ) : Tommy Kessler, Matt Katz-Bohen, Clem Burke, Debbie Harry, Chris Stein and Leigh Foxx. movie : Danielle St. Laurent
Clem Burke (Blondie) “ I actually liked Maneskin ‘s cover of The Four Seasons ‘ sung Beggin. In fact, I enjoyed their entire 2021 album Teatro d’ira : Vol. I. They are young and aphrodisiac and seem to be borrowing from the best of ’70s glam, disco and option with great style and musicianship. The best thing to come out of the Eurovision Song Contest since ABBA. “ I besides liked the raw Dublin-based band Inhaler and their lead Cheer Up Baby with its obvious U2 influences. ” Some of the members of Blondie, ABBA and Mötley Crüe responded with songs that were older than 2021, but their responses were however intriguing so we ‘ve included them here. Debbie Harry and Chris Stein (Blondie) “ Check out The Bobby Lees, an american rock candy band founded in 2018 in Woodstock, NY. The future is minimal proto slash punk rock ! ” The band ‘s last publish was in 2020 .
FILE - Members of the pop group ABBA, from left, Benny Andersson, Agnetha Foltskog, Bjorn Ulvaeus and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, appear in Tokyo on March 14, 1980.
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Members of ABBA ( from left ) Benny Andersson, Agnetha Foltskog, Bjorn Ulvaeus and Anni-Frid Lyngstad in Tokyo in 1980
Björn Ulvaeus (ABBA) Hotel California by Eagles “ It ‘s the most cryptic and at the lapp time beautiful sung ever written. Perfect lyrics and melody and an extraordinary record. ” This classic is from 1976. Nikki Six (Mötley Crüe) Nikki Six said he did not have a 2021 favored, but named this one from 1968 rather : casual People by Sly and the Family Stone “ I love this sung because of the musicianship, lyrics and attention to the hook. “ No Pro Tools. No auto-tune. Just a real set recording an perplex song live in a commemorate studio. ” Tommy Lee (Mötley Crüe) Weak by AJR “ incredibly heavily to choose merely ONE sung – there ‘s been indeed many that have infected me with their beautiful venom ! ! ” This track came out in 2017 .
Maisie Peters has been signed to Ed Sheeran's Gingerbread Records label
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Maisie Peters has been signed to Ed Sheeran ‘s Gingerbread Records label
Maisie Peters diligence Baby by Lil Nas X ( feat. Jack Harlow ) “ It sounds simultaneously like the future and the best of the past, and I fall in love with them both individually a soon as they start doing their verses. ” Alok Love Tonight by Shouse “ This criminal record came out a couple of years ago but thank God it got discovered and recognised this year. What a tune ! ! I love the energy it creates when I drop it on the dancing floor. It ‘s charming. ” Marea ( We ‘ve Lost Dancing ) by Fred Again.. and The Blessed Madonna “ such an original tune. It ‘s actually THE dancing hymn produced during the lockdown pandemic. The music is so unique. I always like to embrace those new fresh sounds. I hush remember playing it on my beginning festival after the lockdown at UNTOLD in Romania. ” Friday by Riton, Nightcrawlers, Mufasa, Hypeman and Dopamine “ This one is coming uncoiled from the UK. Such a apt and truancy record ! Riton and the artists incorporated the existing TikTok hype into a track with this golden Nightcrawlers sample. I played it many times besides in my hebdomadally radio prove during the last year ! This track will stay constantly my favorite “ Friday ” hymn ! ! ” Joel Corry Marea ( We ‘ve Lost Dancing ) by Fred Again.. and The Blessed Madonna “ As a DJ I connected with the message in the record. It captured a moment in time that had a big impingement on dance music. It has become a great jell near for me and already feels like a classical. ”
You Me At Six released their new album SUCKAPUNCH this year. Pic: Daniel Harris
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You Me At Six released their newly album SUCKAPUNCH this class. movie : Daniel Harris

Dan Flint (You Me At Six) Marea ( We ‘ve Lost Dancing ) by Fred Again.. and The Blessed Madonna “ It ‘s a tune ! ” Josh Franceschi (You Me At Six) Rent Free by 6lack “ merely feels like a total jam. Been on reprise since I heard it. ” Matt Barnes (You Me At Six) A Hunger in Your Haunt by Biffy Clyro “ Another freak song from the kings of rock music – we saw them recently at the forum and they were amazing. ” Chris Miller (You Me At Six) Scarlett by Holly Humberstone “ I love the product, it ‘s a great pop sung that makes you feel something. ” Max Helyer (You Me At Six) enormousness by St. Panther “ If you are fans of Drake and Kendrick Lamar you will love this – a great approaching artist that I ‘m sure people will hear more of in 2022. ”
CeeLo Green is known for hit singles like Crazy and "F*** You
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CeeLo Green is known for strike singles like Crazy and F*** You
CeeLo Green (also part of Gnarls Barkley) Peaches by Justin Bieber ( feat. Daniel Caesar and Giveon ) “ His director Scooter introduced him to me very young and I had the opportunity to sign him but did not. Yet we ‘ve remained friends through the years, and I loved that he mentions Georgia – my hometown – in the song. ”
Kool & The Gang members (from left): Dennis Thomas, George ‘Funky’ Brown, Robert Bell, Ronald Bell. Pic: Silvia Mautner
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Kool & The Gang members ( from left ) : Dennis Thomas, George ‘Funky ‘ Brown, Robert Bell, Ronald Bell. movie : Silvia Mautner
George ‘Funky’ Brown (Kool & The Gang) Easy On Me by Adele “ great song, tells the floor, classic writing. ” cold Heart by Sir Elton John and Dua Lipa “ One of Elton ‘s greatest reloaded. ” Kiss Me More by Doja Cat “ I love the groove and melody. ” Leave the Door Open by Bruno Mars “ I love the atavistic style of the ’70s. Great Vocals. ” explode by Chelsea “ solid vocals, big groove. ” Nathan Evans Overpass Graffiti by Ed Sheeran “ When I first heard it I was n’t besides certain because it was a moment different. But after hearing it a few more times it grew on me and now it ‘s one of my front-runner Ed Sheeran songs ! ” Easy On Me by Adele “ It ‘s amazing to have Adele back and making music. Her voice is just incredible and Easy On Me good reaches into you and touches your soul. ” Tony McGuinness (Above & Beyond) “ It ‘s so hard for me to pick a track of the year out of the 1,000+ tunes I ‘ve made, released, bought, or been sent this year, but I ‘m going to pick a tune from Bangalore, India, that moved me so a lot I had to sign it : Hyper Dream from Weird Sounding Dude. “ It ‘s soporific, uplift, distinctive, driving and delectable, and is one of many great tunes this guy has released this year. I got to play it in populace at Anjunadeep Open Air at The Drumsheds in the summer as we returned to live gigs and learn Nick Warren playing it at the only indoor club gig I ‘ve attended since lockdown began in 2020, so it ‘s made two very especial moments for me. hopefully, it will do the lapp for you. ”
The Levellers headlined at the Glastonbury Festival in 1994. File pic
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The Levellers headlined at the Glastonbury Festival in 1994. File photograph
Jeremy Cunningham (The Levellers) “ The only track that actually pricked my ears astir in 2021 was We Live here by Bob Vylan. Been a while since I heard a actually good street floor tune with three chords and the truth. Punk as f*** and I ‘m with him all the way. ” Davey Havok (AFI) White Horses by Low “ Low is one of the greatest bands of our generation. Combining darkness with beauty as only they can, Alan and Mimi harmonize : ‘The consequences of leaving would be more barbarous if I should stay, though it ’ s impossible to say, I know. hush, white horses take us home, ‘ weaving through a fuzzed, claustrophobic angular loop of strait – genuine, haunting and gorgeous. ” Adam Carson (AFI) White Horses by Low “ The melodious highlight of 2021 was the acquittance of Hey What by one of my long-time favorite bands, Low. It ‘s unmanageable to pick a true stand-out on this exceeding volunteer, but forced to choose, the lead racetrack, White Horses, might precisely be that. “ What ‘s companion is the time-honored Low convention of beautiful, intimate vocal melodies with angelic and haunting harmonies. What is unique and fresh sounding is Low ‘s cover deep dive ( begun in 2018 with Double Negative ) into noise exploration. “ White Horses begins with and sustains a cacophony of digital distortion throughout but somehow still maintains the brand Low minimalist border on to quad within the music. The highlight is the final distorted guitar function, a series of digital ‘blips ‘ that morph in frequency and tempo which disorient and hypnotize the hearer before ultimately serving as a apt lead-in to the moment song on the album, I Can Wait. ” Jade Puget (AFI) Across That Fine Line by Nation of Language “ Spiky drum machine furrow ? angular post-punk bassline ? Ennui-laden outspoken ? This song was bespoke for me. nation of Language ‘s A Way Forward was one of my darling albums of 2021 and this is a standout track. ” Hunter Burgan (AFI) I Wo n’t Let You Down by Curtis Harding “ This path, like all of Curtis ‘s songs, embodies the emotional state of some of my front-runner southerly soul music of decades past but gives it a dateless voice. I actually love the agreement of the horns, piano and accompaniment singers. It ‘s neat and feels like a classical. ”
Dire Straits members (from left) John Illsley, Alan Clark and Guy Fletcher at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018. Pic: AP
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Dire Straits members ( from left ) John Illsley, Alan Clark and Guy Fletcher at their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2018. photograph : AP
Alan Clark (Dire Straits) winter birdcall by Sam Fender “ I love this. Sam is an scheme talent. I love that he sings in his Geordie stress. And this song ! It was written by another Geordie : Alan Hull of Lindisfarne, who I had the pleasure of playing it with a few weeks before I joined Dire Straits in 1980. ” Miles Kane “ One of my favored tracks from the class is Sam Fender – seventeen Going Under. “ I think he ‘s had a belter year and he ‘s explode – I think the lyrics on this one are why that ‘s happened. It resonated with me uncoiled away a soon as I heard it. ” Callum ’29’ Wilson (The Snuts) seventeen Going Under by Sam Fender “ This track takes me back to being a kid finding my feet in the world – arrant nostalgia-laden indie rock and roll. Something particular about when music can take you rear to a time in your life. ” MT 420 RR by Idles “ This is the haunt first track off of their new phonograph record Crawler. It ‘s a farinaceous bum ballad and wholly draws you in. ” Smoking Out The Window by Silk Sonic “ full natural language and buttock grief vibes. Hard to not listen with a smile on your face – the album is actually a mod soul authoritative besides. ”
Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) in November 1991 in Dortmund
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Electric Light Orchestra ( ELO ) in November 1991 in Dortmund. photograph : AP
Bev Bevan (ELO, Black Sabbath, Quill) Natural Blues – Reprise version by Moby, Gregory Porter and Amethyst Stone fair One Kiss by Imelda May, Noel Gallagher and Ronnie Wood Rock Me Baby by Tito Jackson, George Benson, Claudette King and Michael Lee “ From former Jackson 5 member Tito Jackson ‘s solo album Under Your Spell. The Jacksons visited ELO backstage after our picture at Anaheim Stadium in Los Angeles in 1978. ” just A man by Chris Norman Raise The Roof by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss
Theory of a Deadman members (from left): Dean Back, Joey Dandeneau, Tyler Connolly and  Dave Brenner
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hypothesis of a Deadman members ( from left ) : Dean Back, Joey Dandeneau, Tyler Connolly and Dave Brenner
Tyler Connolly (Theory of a Deadman) A Thousand Words by Myles Kennedy “ always been a huge fan – love the skid guitar and his part is flawless as usual on this track ! ” Dave Brenner (Theory of a Deadman) “ Jerry Cantrell released a solo album called Brighten in 2021. His compose and play have always been a big influence on me, and I truly love what he ‘s done with the track Atone. He bridges the gap between melodious genres and always brings the emotion ! ” Dean Back (Theory of a Deadman) Mercy by Ayron Jones “ theory of a Deadman were fortunate enough to tour with Ayron a couple years ago. I watched his read every night and it was apparent he and his music were destined for mass attention. “ not music per selenium, but Daniel Johns ‘ “ Who is Daniel Johns ? ” Podcast was a highlight of the year for me. As a long-time Silverchair and Daniel Johns fan, this opportunity to experience his career through his unfiltered eyes and the uncensored stories from those that know him the close was thoroughly entertain. ” Joe Dandeneau (Theory of a Deadman) lady Mine by Josh Ramsay and Chad Kroeger “ I love the instrumentality and the songwriting. Feel dependable vibration and very enjoyable to listen besides. ”
Grouplove released their album This Is This this year
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Grouplove released their album This Is This this year
Hannah Hooper (Grouplove) Social Cues by Teezo Touchdown “ Hearing him tell me ‘you ’ ra not alone ‘ repeatedly over a dancing all in and ‘I may be equitable like you ‘ became a mantra for me. It was my casual drug of hope. ” Christian Zucconi (Grouplove) Hit Em Where It Hurts by PawPaw Rod “ This song has become a raw material on go, we play it way besides much. I barely love his manner and gaiety, specially the way he delivers the line ‘so I hit em where it hurts, set sail, lighthouse search ‘. I ‘m constantly on the lookout for a good beacon journey. ” Andrew Wessen (Grouplove) Driving by Willow Avalon “ willow went done hell to finally get her music out into the earth. now it ‘s here and I love this tune so much… it will constantly remind me of recklessly falling in love, Mexico trips and East LA studios. Cheers to the best phalanger ma in the world. ” Daniel Gleason (Grouplove) many Times by Dijon “ It has that elusive effect of a song you listen to 20 times in a row so it can wrap itself around you, and you just keep thinking ‘I hope I can be a separate of something that feels like this for person else ‘. ” Ben Homola (Grouplove) Juggernaut by Tyler, The godhead “ I ‘m a huge fan of the output on this album and song but what made me love it the most is the video. The visuals and music create something in truth great. It ‘s a whole thing and I ‘m hera for it. ”
Lost Frequencies is a Belgian DJ and record producer
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Lost Frequencies is a belgian DJ and record producer
Lost Frequencies steering by Redfield “ I ‘ve been loving everything Redfield has been releasing ever since his debut with Axwell and have kept an eye out for what he ‘s been releasing throughout the class. Guidance has a very progressive breakdown which I love to play in my live sets and the outspoken is so epic – the track takes you very on an exciting travel and I ‘m excite to see what he does future ! ” Running by Anyma ( feat. Meg Myers ) “ This has to be one of Anyma ‘s most buzz releases. It starts off relatively ‘tame ‘ with some nice simmering high hats before it dives in actually deep and pushes the tempo into a hale new place – million ‘s vocal actually lifts the traverse besides and I ‘m certain you guys will recognise the vocal music divine guidance ! A big point time sound on this one. ” Reach Out by FDTD and Ryan Konline “ I ‘m a big sports fan of both artists sol much that we released this track on my Found Frequencies label – I constantly want to champion artists from across the spectrum of dance and electronic music but this one I felt truly tied two vibes together. “ It ‘s a melodic, feel-good family lead with the production but then the vocal just adds a richness that is about soul-like, but besides reminded me of a classical house audio that you ‘d hear on the likes of a Strictly Rhythm track with the ‘I believe in myself ‘ lineage on the breakdown. Super proud of this one ! ” Alex Clare Keep Moving by Jungle “ I ‘m a sucker for cinematic strings and francophile disco and this track has both in abundance ! Up-lifting would be an understatement ! ”
Spoon's new album Lucifer On The Sofa comes out on 11 February. Pic: Oliver Halfin
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Spoon ‘s modern album Lucifer On The Sofa comes out on 11 February. movie : Oliver Halfin
Britt Daniel (Spoon) Doers by Bodega “ The first gear song from Bodega ‘s approaching album Broken Equipment is a rave-up that clues us in they ‘re quick to expand on the sound of their big first LP Endless Scroll. And it ‘s amusing besides. An astute rap concerning mod stress, competitiveness, the pace of the city and Hemingway. ”

Black Curtain by Cola “ Alex sent me this last month and it ‘s killer, a new project from the guys in Ought. If Sterling Morrison made a solo record it might sound like this. ”

The Beachland Ballroom by Idles “ Idles does a soul birdcall in the way only Idles could do a soul song. When I first heard it I had to listen five or six times in a row to amply take it in. Punishing, but somehow aspirant. My favorite birdcall of the class. ”
Mother Mother released their eighth studio album, Inside, in June
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Mother Mother released their eighth studio album, Inside, in June
Molly Guldemond (Mother Mother) Like I Used To ( Acoustic ) by Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen “ I am a boastful fan of both of these artists. Hearing them harmonise on this track is my idea of eden. ” Jasmin Parkin (Mother Mother) Life Is not The same by James Blake “ A spectacularly beautiful traverse from a laughably talented artist. Having lost person close to me recently, this one truly hits home .” Ryan Guldemond (Mother Mother) vacation by Turnstile “ This one makes me feel like a adolescent on a skateboard, which I can attest is one of the better feelings in life sentence. Mike Young (Mother Mother) distance by Yebba “ beautiful lyrics and melodies, and some of the most crush sing I ‘ve heard. Chill, groovy, and musically bright. I feel this one profoundly. ”

Ali Siadat (Mother Mother) The Ocean by Said the Whale “ This band always makes me happy. adventurous opening path to their latest album sounds like what the name suggests : godforsaken ocean waves of music crash against my ears and my person. ”