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Before you say hello to a new year, you ‘ve got to bid farewell to the former one. There are so many ways to say adieu, but posting about the past 12 months and pairing them with some witty Instagram captions that say goodbye to 2020 might be the best route to go. After all, there ‘s no better way to sum up a class than with a great picture, a short wag, and a relatable subtitle. 2020 was truly an unexpected year with the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns keeping you safe at home for most of the time. But, you made the best out of an unprecedented time, and there are many things you are grateful for. Whether you were able to spend extra time with your family or roommates, or pick up hobbies at home that you never had time to enjoy before, you made singular memories this year. Some of your 2020 highlights might include learning how to make banana bread, tie-dye loungewear, or mastering TikTok dances. You might want to post a collage showing what you did this year, or possibly just a New Year ‘s Eve selfie. Either way, show your followers that you ‘re celebrating the conclusion of the class and looking forward to a fresh startle with these apt Instagram captions that say goodbye to 2020 .A happy woman holds up a two and one balloon while celebrating the new year at home. Lucia Romero Herranz / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

1. “ 2020, do n’t let the door hit you … ” 2. “ Ew, 2020. ” 3. “ You say adieu and I say hello. ” — The Beatles, “ Hello, Goodbye ” 4. “ I normally hate goodbyes, but in this lawsuit, I love ’em. ” 5. “ I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you. ” — Lauren Conrad 6. “ Out with 2020 and in with the raw. ” 7. “ 2020, I would give you a adieu embrace, but we ‘re supposed to stay 6 feet apart. ” 8. “ Peace out, 2020. ” 9. “ Hindsight truly is 2020. ” 10. “ Bye bye, see you never. ” 11. “ I want to see you out that door. Baby bye adieu adieu. ” — *NSYNC, “ Bye Bye Bye ” 12. “ We were very up Schitt ‘s Creek this class. ” 13. “ I ‘m like 2020 % done. ” 14. “ I would say it was courteous to know you, but … ”

15. “ This class was substantial Schitty. ”Two happy friends hold up wine glasses and sparklers for new years. martin-dm/E+/Getty Images 16. “ Best wishes, warmest regards. ” — Schitt ‘s Creek 17. “ Some goodbyes are actually easier than others. ” 18. “ Definitely wo n’t see you tomorrow. ” 19. “ 2020, you are therefore haunt. ” 20. “ This is truly a *good*bye. ” 21. “ Cheerio. Chex you late. Sorry, I ‘ve got snacks on the brain. ” 22. “ Fork off already. ” 23. “ Catch you on the flippity interchange. ” — The Office 24. “ Goodbye, do n’t cry. We wo n’t. ” 25. “ Hey, 2020, I would say ‘we ‘ll meet again, ‘ but I know we wo n’t. ” 26. “ Farewell, 2020. I know it ‘s been a pleasure hanging out with me, but I must move on. ” 27. “ Sorry to do this, but I got tantalum go. It ‘s not me, it ‘s you. ”

28. “ Zoomin ‘ out of this class like … ” 29. “ alone keeping the mems I like. ” 30. “ After watching sol much ‘Emily in Paris, ‘ I must say gold revoir. ”