Human For Sale Doesn’t Mean a Damn Thing Lyrics

Human For Sale Song

Doesn’t Mean a Damn Thing

Lyrics to Doesn’t Mean a Damn Thing

It doesn’t mean muchWhen You look me in the eyeNothing left to do but cry

Nothing left to say but goodbye

No, it doesn’t mean a damn thing at all
When I push it down inside
To that deep dark place where you still hide

I lost myself
Somewhere in the space between
What you used to mean to me
And what I know can never be

Pick up my shattered hopes
Recite these worn-out, tatter poems
Just for you, just for you

No it doesn’t mean much at all
When you just sit back and watch me fall
No it doesn’t mean a goddamn thing
Won’t you give me one sad song to sing?

Doesn’t mean much
When you look me in the eye
Got no more tears left to cry
Patch these broken wings and fly

Away from you…

Doesn’t Mean a Damn Thing Lyrics

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