Dizzy Wright Work A Lil Harder Lyrics


Dizzy Wright Song

Work A Lil Harder

Lyrics to Work A Lil Harder

Yo, I’m a quick learner
Trap it up, don’t let the bitch burn ya
If you smokey, don’t be playing with me

On Fridays I be big worming
On Sundays I think I’m Richard Sherman

Block the pass and then I make the earnings
Bounce your head and that’s for every person
From the hood up to the damn suburbans
I’m getting fly bitch, close the curtains
Me, you and this Hennessy got me Lil Durkin’
Tryna make it perfect, is it working?
Making money got me waking early
I don’t even gotta throttle my hand, I continue to grow while y’all walk around me
That’s just motivation, send a notification like
“Bitch what the fuck is you talking ’bout me?”
I’m the man, little baddie getting slammed
Bumping Jarren for the jams
Take a dab and then I dab
Then I go HAM with the band, nigga you ain’t got a chance
Vegas the land, I’m a candidate
Groupies on tour sucking a dick for a laminate
Dizzy OG for the cannabis
Tear up the spot, promoters can deal with the damages
I’ll be damned if I’mma do it
I’m a father and a student, I see what you niggas polluting
I’m twenty-fivin’ throwing deuces
You better watching who you shooting
Man, this weed done woke me up
Only time I smoke sativa you niggas in luck
We still can’t trust ’em and we still going up
And we still moving to the grave
Spread your legs like the J’s
Dizzy Hippy is the wave, unlimited flow
Making more than what I’m missing
I should play for Golden State
I’m Kobe Bryant number eight
Put the city on my back, 702 where it’s at
I’m legendary, that’s a fact
But I ain’t satisfied until I sell out the Thomas Mack
Yo, it’s non-negotiable
Couple niggas hating on me, don’t be emotional
Y’all was sleeping, it was noticeable
Now me and the greats going toe to toe
Causing trouble, fuck a motto
Where the focus is, results will follow come tomorrow
[?] or get a nigga killed
So every day we go a lil’ harder

Work a lil a harder
Go a lil a harder, work a lil harder
Work a lil harder, go a lil harder
Go a lil harder, work a lil harder
Work a lil harder

Yo, this is more than tryna fight the [?] or swipe the bar
Fuck a psychic
I’m associated with a psycho, so I’mma psychiatrist that’s tryna do it all
There’s two kind of people in the world
When you fall, you lay there or play it off
In 20-16 I’m taking off
Make it count, I mean to take ’em out
Black and proud, a nigga standing outside of Raven’s house
Like “Damn, home girl – you done made it out”
“There ain’t no need to be slaving now”
Anyways, I designed a journey
I should be the vice president right beside to Bernie
Having conversations with my attorney
So all that fuck shit don’t concern me
Malcolm X with the pen
Only thing different I went and put it on my skin
A lot of knowledge, [?] a lot of gems
Dizzy Wright, there’s not a lot of him
Niggas gotta recognize and they will
I’m a couple years in the making
So I wake and bake waiting for the scrambled eggs and the bacon being patient
Bitch I’m getting married, I ain’t dating
Got some stoner bitches, no relation
Bitch you tryna get saved
I’m Ty Dolla $ign with the saving
I told her “A lot of niggas wanna switch me places”
Just in case I’m always staying dedicated
Discipline over desperation
Yiggity Yamp! with the exclamations
A couple mil is what I’m estimating
Do it for my son and my daughter
Everything I taught them everyday it only make me wanna go a lil’ harder
Working …

Go a lil a harder, work a lil harder
Work a lil harder, go a lil harder
Go a lil harder, work a lil harder
Work a lil harder

Work A Lil Harder Lyrics

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